The policeman in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being together with so many policemen? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a policeman being shot and killed during a chase? What does it mean to dream of a policeman in uniform or with civilian clothes, on horseback, in a car with a flashing light that rings very loudly? Why can we dream of the police chasing you, stopping you, talking to you and leaving you a fine? What does it mean to dream of a terrible policeman who cries, who cries, who laughs, who kisses you or caresses you on the face? What does it mean to dream of kissing, hugging, killing, investing many policemen along the way home? What does it mean to dream of being a policeman or being arrested and taken to the barracks to be locked in a cell? Seeing a dead policeman in a dream or dying with a wound that loses a lot of blood and asks for help. Have you ever dreamed of being in the midst of a shootout between thieves and policemen and also seeing mother, father, brother, sister, nephew, son, grandfather, husband, wife who are injured? And see a man in uniform who shoots at us and kills us? How many of you have ever dreamed of meeting a policeman who runs away, runs away from us, without a uniform? Policemen with dogs seizing drugs, foiling a robbery, saving our lives. State figures who defend or arrest us, who seek us, call us on the phone or chase us. Why can we dream of so many men playing at the door and making us sign a lawsuit or a complaint? Which numbers can you pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we dream of being stuck on the road by a police patrol to try to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "Tonight I remember being stuck in a police car and being handcuffed. Last night I dreamed that I was with a friend and colleague of mine who called the police to arrest me. Last night I dreamed of being fined by a policeman. The other night I saw a man I do not know was running away after being chased by a police patrol". Let's try to understand the meaning of these dreams that can be widespread and leak very important messages.


The policemen in our dreams can represent many things but above all they can be the symbol of protection or fear. This figure in our life serves to protect people from attempts of theft, robbery, sexual assault and other dangers in which we can fall and be a victim. When we remember having seen and met a policeman in a dream we must always try to remember the feelings and emotions we felt because, for example, if we feel a sense of security, of inner serenity, of tranquility then, most likely, in our life, that policeman can identify a very positive period, a very quiet period in which we do not feel in danger and we do not have the fear that bad news or bad events may come. So a sense of protection, tranquility, serenity but only if this oneiric figure does not stop us and does not take us to jail. In fact, only if we dream of talking peacefully with a policeman, if we dream of being rescued by a carabiniere, if we dream of eating with these people, we can pull off a favorable meaning, otherwise almost certainly, we have problems to solve. In fact, the policeman serves to solve the problems of citizens and moves along the streets, on foot, on horseback or using his car with a flashing siren just to make sure that everything is under control. And here is to see running a police patrol that seeks to chase and arrest us, certainly identifies a problem that we are experiencing and that could be really important, not to be underestimated absolutely. Even many people remember having dreamed of being joined by policemen, being handcuffed and taken to the barracks to be locked in a cell. Very scary dreams, almost nightmares that can make us wake up at night with great anxiety, with great fear and apprehension. Many dreamers think, after having made these kinds of dreams, that they will be really arrested and punished for some crime but this will not happen.

But what is very true is that behind these very scary and apprehensive dreams, we can hide some of the dreamer's fears about something that has been committed in life. So maybe we feel guilty for something but during the day we do not pay attention to this. In the dream the subconscious leaks our concerns that then come to the surface and disturb our soul. What did we do? Why do we experience this feeling of guilt? A child may have disobeyed his parents and in a dream this disobedience can come out through pursuit and arrest. So the police are not only protection but also small or large feelings of guilt to which we must find a solution. The fine that a carabiniere or a policeman can do to the dreamer confirms the fact of having understood the mistake, the error for which we know we have to pay something. Being able to escape a checkpoint of a police patrol, running away from pursuit, is not a very positive dream at all because it means not accepting one's guilt feelings that are then rejected, increasing a sense of melancholy, sadness and a possible involution in life. The situations we face during our daily lives are often symbolized by men in uniform and a widespread dream is precisely that in which someone rings at the bell of our house or knocks on the door to give us a complaint or a lawsuit. These dreams confirm that the person has serious problems, serious fears to be faced but from which he flees while he must absolutely look for useful solutions, because the final result, then the complaint, symbolizes defeat. Other people remember being in the middle of a shootout between thieves, robbers and policemen. Maybe someone is hit by a bullet and dies or is seriously injured. A policeman who dies during a shooting in our dreams certainly means that we will have to face an inevitable change, a necessary change and that will probably take away some of our certainties from us.

If the policeman does not die but is seriously injured and our attention falls on his blood, then we must think of being in a phase of life in here it is necessary to recover energies to face and overcome difficulties because, never forget, blood in the dream world it always represents the necessity of having to regain physical and mental strength in order to be able to take the exams of life. Being chased in dreams by policemen or carabinieri means, very often, being chased by our conscience that perhaps has not been heard during real life and therefore comes out during the phases of sleep. Very often these dreamlike characters who still have an important power in society because they can decide to arrest a person, are the symbol of a block, of an unconscious repression of a state of mind that could otherwise cause trouble, serious damage. So here we can be faced with a very severe but very useful conscience that is able to block all those primordial instincts, not only sexual obviously, that could cause quarrels, discussions, separations, even, in extreme cases, homicides. Moments of weakness, phases of strong indecision, fear and mental confusion that must be fought. Of course, the oneiric figure of the policeman often also indicates order, authoritarianism, sense of justice, moral rules to follow and which are at the basis of the dreamer's thinking, which can therefore be a very irreproachable person, correct, precise, a person to whom to give extreme trust especially in the business sector. However, after analyzing thousands of dreams or nightmares in which these dream figures appear, we can say, concluding, that we are often faced with a warning, a feeling of danger that could make us avoid falling into a trap. In short, our consciousness includes a problem even before it can manifest itself and therefore allows us to avoid doing damage or suffering damage. If we dream of a person we know who is arrested then our problem concerns precisely the relationship with that person.


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