Forks and spoons in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of picking up forks and spoons falling on the ground? What is the meaning of dreams in which we try to wash and clean knives, spoons, forks that are dirty? Because we can dream of buying so many silver forks or breaking spoons with the strength of our mind. Sometimes it may happen to dream of giving a box full of forks or dropping a fork on the ground or on the floor. What does it mean to dream of using a very sharp knife to cut bread? Why can we dream of cutting ourselves with a fork or a knife? And why can we dream of killing someone with a large iron or wooden spoon? Table knives, spoons and forks for eating meat, fish, pasta, broth. What does it mean to dream forks and spoons broken, crooked, made of plastic, of paper? Dreaming of having a dirty fork in hand, full of oil and sauce or to be washed in water or in the dishwasher with detergent. What does it mean to dream of being in a small or large Chinese restaurant, along with many friends and eating without forks and spoons? Which numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can be played in the lottery if at night, during sleep, we dream of finding a big spoon of gold, to look for a win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "Tonight I remember dreaming of using a big knife to eat with my mother and father. Last night I was invited to dinner at a restaurant where I ate with a plastic fork. Last night I dreamed that I was with a friend and colleague who gave me a package full of forks, spoons, knives very expensive and expensive. The other night I dreamed of sticking a big iron fork inside my leg". In this article we want to make clear the dreaming importance of some objects that we often use during the day, objects that are apparently useless but that can have an important meaning not to be underestimated and that can provide a fundamental message to improve our lives.


Certainly when knives, forks, spoons, dishes appear in our dreams, we can not give much importance to these objects, but we have always said that every element in our dream world is fundamental. So even a simple spoon could have a fairly trivial meaning or a particularly important meaning. In the meantime, in order to understand the dream message present in these objects, we must always start from their real meaning. Obviously these objects are useful for eating. In fact, humans do not eat using only their hands but take advantage of some objects that facilitate the entry of food into the mouth. The man invented spoons, knives, forks and other useful tools for cooking, to prepare food and to taste them when they are ready and then with a knife we??cut a slice of meat that otherwise we could not eat in one bite, with the fork we eat spaghetti and with the spoon we can taste and enjoy a chicken broth. These objects that apparently may be insignificant because they are used every day, are used precisely to make life in the kitchen much simpler and here is that from this first concept we have to start when we dream to see and use forks, knives, spoons. When we dream of eating something with one of these objects, then we are facing a period of our lives where things are going very well and very easily. Basically we have all the tools to be able to continue in a quiet way and to get good results, considering that these objects are used for eating, then to bring food in our body and food in a dream is the symbol of energy, physical and mental forces of which each of us needs to live. Sometimes objects like the spoon can symbolize a period in which we receive affection and understanding from someone and obviously other details of dreams can tell us those who can give us these emotions. And never forget the importance of other elements that appear in dreams, never forget the people who are with you, the objects you see and use, the places where you are and especially the emotions you experience.

So, for example, if you remember having dreamed of being seated at the table with one person and both eating with a large spoon, then it is very likely that affection and understanding between you and this person can arise. Although it may seem very strange these dreams may represent the birth of a feeling, the birth of a working collaboration, the need to ally with someone in order to progress in their earthly existence, thus being able to mature on a spiritual and inner level. Unfortunately, even these objects can have a negative connotation. For example, a kitchen knife can be used to hurt or kill and even a fork can be used to offend someone because it is a very sharp object. If in a dream we use knives and forks to hurt a person, then we must be very careful about the feelings we feel towards this person with whom something, clearly, does not go as it should go in real life. Communication problems, family, work, economic contrasts. All these things can hide behind these dreams and behind these objects that we use differently from their actual use. And have you ever dreamed of buying or finding forks, spoons, knives of gold or silver or plastic or paper? Eating with knives and forks of plastic or even cardboard, it is absolutely not a very simple thing and in fact here that behind these dreams hides an important meaning. The weakness of our actions, the fragility of the things we are doing, the uncertainty of life we??are facing carrying forward ideas and projects that have no concrete basis but are very volatile. If paper and plastic indicate fragility of thoughts and actions, gold and silver indicate instead a period of extreme security in reference to our way of thinking. Eating with cutlery of gold and silver means, in fact, living a phase of our life full of so much abundance and serenity. Obviously gold is even more important and confirms this meaning.

The forks can also have another less positive meaning but in reality it must be said that this meaning that we are going to describe can also be referred to knives and spoons. We have said before that we can use knives, forks and spoons also to hurt a person much, to hurt, even kill and this in real life but also in our dream world. Here these objects can symbolize the offenses we suffer or the offenses that we address to someone. Obviously in these dreams the person who offends us or whom we offend is always present or an object or a place connects it with us. Let's take a quick example to understand. We can dream of being at home while we are eating with our husband that at some point try to kill us using an iron knife. When we wake up we try to remember if we have committed something that has hurt our husband or if he himself has hurt us through some strange behavior or with the use of some words that have struck us deeply in the depths of our soul. A widespread dream is one in which we collect forks, knives, spoons that have fallen on the ground. We need, in our life, to find the right ideas to move forward because we are facing a particularly complex period in which we are not able to realize our projects. So cutlery can be seen as extremely useful objects to rediscover our creativity, our creative potential and our imagination. We conclude this topic also talking about those dreams in which we give a pack of knives, forks, spoons to someone or we ourselves receive this gift. Usually this dream symbolizes the need to live a phase of our life in which we want to help someone for whom we experience feelings like compassion and charity or we ourselves feel a strong need to be helped in a period that is not very creative and very apathetic, monotonous.


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