Caves and caves in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of entering a small cave near the house? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see some animals taking refuge in a cave? Why can we enter a very dark cave full of labyrinths, holes, ditches, dangers, beasts, bats, snakes, birds, worms, insects and flies? What does it mean to dream of going out of a huge cave and seeing the light of the sun again? What does it mean to dream of a cave with a statue of the Madonna or Jesus? What does it mean to dream of being inside an illuminated cave full of ice and very cold with our mother, father, son, nephew, wife, husband, friend, work colleague, grandfather, cousin or deceased relative? What does it mean to dream of a cave or cave full of water, then flooded where we risk drowning? What does it mean to dream of sleeping in a cave full of salt, on the sea, very dark? Enter the grotto of Lourdes to pray and ask for a miracle. How many times have you had a dream like this. Why can we dream of losing ourselves in a huge cave and not being able to find a way out? Find yourself in a sea cave or live in a very hot, humid cave, sleep, light the fire and kill animals that are found and are hidden in the depths of its labyrinths. What does it mean to dream of discovering a large cave under our house or near our house? And see a cave that collapses? What does it mean if we dream of destroying or burning a cave? Which and how many numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we play the lottery if we dream of meeting a strange animal in a cave, to look for a win by following what we find written on the guide and the book on dreams? "This night I remember dreaming of having entered a very small cave under the house really very dark. The other night I dreamed that I was with my parents and we entered a cave in a forest full of giant spiders. Last night I dreamed of finding a treasure chest with lots of money inside a very narrow and dark cave. Last night I dreamed that I was dying after the collapse of a cave in which I had entered to look for my boyfriend". Well today we try to understand and understand the meaning of this environment, of this very particular place that in a dream could be very scary because the caves are often dark, with little light. What kind of dream message does our subconscious want to communicate to us?


Certainly each of you will have dreamed, at least once in your life, to enter a cave or to find a cave, a cave. Often these places can be very scary because they are usually very dark, without light and can also contain terrible animals. Many people can confirm that they dreamed of entering a very dark, black cave and having seen strange eyes pointing at them. Maybe animals, beasts or people hidden in the shadows ready to attack. To understand the meaning of these strange gazes we have to start from the meaning, precisely, of the cave. This place is usually an inviolable place, that is a place where it is not easy to enter, perhaps because it is in an area very difficult and difficult to reach. In fact, you can think of the caves that are under the ground or under the sea where it is not easy to arrive. These caves can even be present under our house, under the churches of our city, under the roads we walk every day. Precisely because of the difficulty of being able to reach a cave, it, in our dreams, can represent a very important secret that is hidden from our eyes but that we have nevertheless perceived. If we can remember some details of the dream we can certainly try to understand what secret the dream is referring to. For example, if we are at the entrance to a cave difficult to reach or with a very small opening that does not allow us to enter and with us remember to have a friend, a colleague, a relative, then the secret may relate to this person or we ourselves may have hidden a secret from this friend, work colleague, relative and our subconscious wants to make us understand that perhaps the time has come to tell the truth, since we can no longer hide some information. If this cave is in an area that we know, for example inside our home or in the workplace, at school, the very obvious thing is that these secrets must be about the family, work or school sector. So the cave is the symbol, above all, of a secret.

But if we dream of entering a cave to escape from someone or something that scares us? Among the most terrifying dreams we can find the one in which the dreamer is used by a terrible beast and decides to take refuge inside a cave. This kind of dreams clearly conceals a very important meaning that we must be able to interpret to avoid living a particularly complex phase of our life. To flee and hide means to be afraid of something. Here the dreamer, after having made this kind of dreams, must absolutely understand the type of fear, from where it comes from. A child may be afraid of a schoolmate and therefore he may dream of running away from an animal and entering a small cave. A girl might be afraid of getting fat or not being accepted, appreciated in love or she could still be afraid of being rejected by a man and so here in her dream she runs away from a shadow that wants to assault her and seek shelter in a cave. We could give many examples of the fears that each of us has in real life and that in dreams become fugues with the attempt to find a shelter. The animals that attack us often represent uncontrolled instincts, a part of our character that can not be mastered and a danger that must be governed so that it does not turn into aggression that could damage interpersonal relationships and situations. But the cave does not only indicate secrets and the attempt to escape from its fears. In many cases it can also symbolize the arrival of really sensational news, wonderful news that can be useful to solve a problem, to progress in our life, to get a job, a huge profit, a success. If we enter a cave full of treasures, gold, precious objects, coins, very bright, perhaps with a very clear little sea or a river that flows with fresh water and remember to have experienced a wonderful feeling, then it is very likely that a fantastic news will come into our lives and will bring much happiness.

But if we dream of going out of a very dark cave? Certainly going out of a dark place like a cave in which we were risking dying, drowning or being eaten by an animal, means to say something. We no longer want to keep a small or big secret inside ourselves and we are finding the strength to react to speak and say everything we want. These dreams often indicate a strong inner struggle that the dreamer lives and that does not allow him to be particularly serene, happy, calm and balanced. So, at a certain point in his life, he has to find the way to reach this serenity and tranquility, perhaps by talking and not hiding interior problems that do not allow him to live well. Exploring a cave in a dream is something that can be very scary but it is also an event that can allow us to find a treasure, an ancient object, an old writing on the rocks. Remember to have wandered inside a cave and then find a treasure, a very old treasure chest with many precious objects, very often signals the possibility of obtaining great successes and gains, especially if inside the casket is found gold or otherwise objects of gold. Often this oneiric symbology does not concern a concrete event but an inner event, a spiritual evolution, an evolution and maturation of our soul, of our conscience that therefore allows us to progress, to improve and of course also to obtain better results in our life. We have often said that the house represents our mind and the cellar that we can see in a dream, inside our home, represents our unconscious. Even a small cave can be inside our house, a cave that maybe does not really exist but that identifies an even deeper aspect of our unconscious and that is not easy to interpret without the help and support of a psychologist or psychiatrist. We also conclude this subject by talking about those dreams in which the person enters a cave and in which he finds the statue of the Madonna or of Jesus and stops to pray. Desire to solve a problem, the hope that never dies, the trust in an aid that can not currently arrive.


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