The horse in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of riding a huge white horse flying in the sky above the clouds? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a wonderful, beautiful, beautiful black horse running along a lawn full of grass, flowers, plants and trees? Why can we dream of a horse kicking, kicking and hurting us? What does it mean to dream of seeing a little horse that suffers and is dying? Dreaming of a foal that dies, that paws, that gallops very strong along a green lawn of a forest. Dreaming of seeing many wild horses or obeying our orders, calling a horse or entering a stable with many brown, black, white horses along with our parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, brothers-in-law, relatives, uncles, grandparents, grandchildren, wife, husband, children, friends or work colleagues. What does it mean to dream to tame a terrible and furious horse or get on a horse and run away from the city? Why in a dream we can not tame a crumbling white horse, which neighs and which is very hungry and thirsty? What does it mean to dream of a horse with wings and a horn on the head that speaks with us? Why can we dream of killing a horse to eat its meat or giving a young girl a colt? Have you ever dreamed of seeing a horse that eats straw and hay or very skinny, undernourished or still very fat? What does it mean to dream of seeing a broken, wounded and bleeding hoof? What does it mean to dream of finding a horse that can not get up from the ground because it is very tired and dying? Very often we can dream of seeing a horse that makes pregnant another horse or we can dream of being on a rocking horse or playing with a small horse, stallion, nag, steed. What does it mean to dream to see a horse race, to bet and win a lot of money? What numbers can you pull out of the Neapolitan grimace if we want to play the lottery when we dream of being on a beautiful white horse, to try to win, following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I dreamed of being on a huge horse on which I rode for many hours. Last night I remember caressing a wonderful stallion in a stable. Last night I dreamed that I was with my children asking me for a newborn horse as a Christmas present. This night I dreamed that so many horses were pulling a hearse and running towards me and I was fleeing". Let's try to understand the dreamlike meaning of this symbolism, of this marvelous animal that sometimes, in dreams, can take on terrifying aspects.


The horse is an animal. Here we must start from this word to understand the dreamlike message of a horse. Animals in dreams often represent our instincts that can be good or bad in a certain period of our lives. We can even attribute to some animals a characteristic of the human being. A fox in a dream could represent a person's cleverness. A dog the loyalty of a friend, a bird the independence, the desire for freedom of a person, of the same dreamer perhaps. And the horse? We can identify three qualities in this beautiful animal. Intelligence, harmony, balance. A horse is a very intelligent animal, with a body full of muscles in harmony with each other and with a strong inner balance and in fact it is used for competitions. To these very positive characteristics we can however add other unfavorable characteristics, for example, aggressive instinct, excessive desire for freedom and independence, the need to live without rules. In fact, a horse can be spoiled, not accepting the orders of the master, kicking and running away. All these qualities and defects that we find in this marvelous animal can be characteristics of man. So a horse in a dream can, first of all, represent the dreamer himself who is experiencing a very positive, peaceful, calm and balanced period in which the energies are present and allow progress in life and in every sector, without problems. Obviously every detail of our dreams is fundamental in order to provide a correct and then positive or negative interpretation. The places where we see the horse, the people who are with us, the objects we see and use, the sensations we feel. Everything is very important and allows us to bring out a right interpretation of the dream. For example, dreaming of riding a big white horse and flying in the sky is a wonderful, wonderful, fantastic thing that often symbolizes a very happy period of the dreamer.

Ride a beautiful horse along an immense prairie and feel the wind coming towards us. Gallop with our husband, our boyfriend, the person we love. This kind of dreams, very rare, however, is the symbol of a very positive, favorable period, full of successes that are not necessarily material and therefore work and economic successes but also inner successes, with the achievement of a maturation and a spiritual evolution very important. Of course galloping along with the person we love also means going through a great time in love, a time when feelings are really very important and allow us to live a very fulfilling love relationship. While we ride we may be very afraid of the strong speed of the horse or we might be afraid of falling. The feelings in dreams are fundamental and therefore being afraid can simply mean having the fear of not being able to live fully your inner well-being or a very beautiful phase of life. And so a man can dream of galloping with his girlfriend but be afraid of falling and then can go to an extremely beautiful period but in which the fear of losing serenity and sentimental happiness is always present in his mind. Also the color of this animal is of extreme importance. First of all, the white horse is a symbol of purity, innocence, sincerity and if it does not represent the same dreamer, it could indicate a person who lives with him, an individual who works with him maybe. In some cases the white horse symbolizes a very pure phase of our life, in which we ourselves are in harmony with the world because we exploit qualities such as sincerity, purity of soul, innocence. If the horse is black, many think they have to live a particularly complicated and negative period and some people even think of a bereavement. In reality it is absolutely not true that the black color can indicate the death of a person or a very negative period.

The black horse simply symbolizes a phase of our life in which it is necessary to accept some inevitable changes so that our path can evolve, mature. Certainly change can be very scary because change is something that has yet to come and therefore represents the future. But a beautiful black horse is absolutely not a symbol of mourning, misfortune, misery, poverty. Certainly we can dream of being on a horse that kicks, very crazy and who wants to hurt us and maybe does not allow us to gallop, to get on the saddle. Most likely the dreamer is living a very unreasonable and inconsistent period, a phase of his life in which the choices are not made thinking attentively to all the details but they are at the mercy of chance, luck, instinct and indeed it is the instinct that makes a horse run wild. However see grazing an animal of this type, being able to caress, get on the saddle and gallop without problems indicates a good time, a very peaceful, very quiet and in which the dreamer has achieved a fantastic inner balance, a great spiritual maturation that can to be even more true when the horse has wings and flies in the sky over the new ones. We have not yet paused before those dreams in which this animal risks dying, is wounded and loses blood or dies after being shot. Blood often signals loss of energy, lack of strength, and a wounded animal can also indicate one's pride that has been hurt by someone in whom we had complete trust. And so we can see blood and have a friend or a work colleague at our side. We are experiencing a strong phase of stress or we are experiencing a period in which we are so tired and we can not proceed with our projects. We conclude this topic by talking about those dreams in which we eat horse meat. A very good meat, full of blood and very nutritious. Eating meat means finding the energy to face a difficult period but also means being able to progress in life, being able to evolve and become even wiser and smarter because do not forget that before we said that among the qualities of a horse we can find its extreme and ductile intelligence.


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