Animals in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream dogs and cats together? What does it mean to dream of finding animals? Pigs, horses, geese, ducks, hens, calves, lambs, sheep, cows, deer, foxes, tigers, lions, leopards, cheetahs, mice, giraffes, gazelles, peacocks, birds, eagles, hawks. How many types of animals can we dream? Killing, slaughtering, slaughtering an animal to sell and eat its meat. What does it mean to dream of a pet, unknown, a small animal in a pregnant house that gives birth to her puppies, who speaks, who chases you? What does it mean to dream of turning into a ferocious animal? Why can we dream of an animal that bites, strange, that makes the poo, which turns, black, white, that does not exist, speaking, wounded and bleeding? Why is it possible to dream of an animal that guides us along a path? To dream of ugly, terrible animals, with a frightening physical appearance or a savage, bad, killer, bloody, violent, brutal, ruthless or good and sweet animal who wants to be caressed or even sad and crying. What does it mean to dream of seeing animals dying, dead, asking for help, crying, laughing, coming towards us, wanting caresses, cuddles or very aggressive animals and beasts, who want to bite us, attack with a rope, with a chain and leash? What does it mean to dream of seeing an animal? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace must be played to try to win a little money if you dream of finding yourself in front of a fierce beast, beast or a beautiful animal, according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of being on a farm with my mother, my father, my brother, my sister and some of my relatives including grandparents. Together with all of us there were so many beautiful animals. Last night I remember seeing my boyfriend in a dream, a friend of mine and a work colleague riding a beautiful horse along a vast green prairie. Last night I dreamed that I was with a famous singer and actor in a stable with lots of cattle and pigs. This night I dreamed of being with my son and my husband but also with a deceased relative for many years, while we were killing a pig to eat his meat". The dreams in which the animals appear are really widespread among the people and very soon you will understand the reason. Let's try to understand the dream message of this type of dreams.


So the animal has a very important characteristic and a fundamental difference with human beings. First of all, animals act using their natural instinct and not the reason as it happens for human beings. Here, instinct is a very important concept to keep in mind when we dream of animals. Even men and women possess an instinct that is often blocked by reason. So a person prefers to think rather than act instinctively. And when in real life, then in everyday life, our instinct is blocked by our mind, then by reason, then its energies, its potentialities come out in the dream world. And here in the world of dreams we can meet, see so many kinds of strange animals or very common animals. A dream that very easily identifies the use of reason to the detriment of instinct is the dream in which we see an animal half man or woman and half animal in fact. In mythology we can find these strange animals that had part of their body similar to the human one. If we dream of this kind of animal then our instinct is fighting with our mind, our reason. In short, in our daily life we??do not know whether to trust a natural instinct or a mind that thinks and does not allow us to act before a valid solution arrives. So the animals signal our instinct in a dream. The instinct that we could also call an uncontrolled impulse that can come naturally, spontaneously, is something that happens without much thought. Animals act in this way and therefore in dreams an animal can represent ourselves and exactly a part of us that acts using this natural impulse. But animals and beasts in a dream do not only indicate a period in which we need to exploit these innate qualities. They also represent some sides of our character. How many times have we identified a person by comparing his behavior to an animal. For example, a cunning man like a fox, a woman with a hawk's eye, an innocent child like a peacock. How many times have we identified men as pigs, as pigs in the sexual sector.

From this concept and from these comparisons we can start to try to interpret those dreams in which an animal greatly influences the dream scene. But animals can represent ourselves or other people. For example, a fox could indicate our cunning, dowry that we are using in our lives or indicate the need to be smart, cunning not to be cheated by anyone but this animal could identify another person. Never forget that in dreams, objects we see, people we meet, places we visit and above all the emotions and sensations we experience, are fundamental for understanding the meaning, the message that our subconscious wants to communicate. If we dream of being in the workplace and notice a fox, then we must think that maybe a work colleague is much smarter than what we think and can damage us and that this kind of dreams warns us, is a useful signal for to draw our attention to some situations we are experiencing and to some people we know. The pig could indicate a very dirty person, a person who exploits his sexual instincts disproportionately, while a horse is synonymous with a person completely independent, free and able to move forward alone. As we have already said, each animal can represent a part of our character as well as a person in real life. If at our side, in the dream, we see a beautiful white dog that wants to be caressed and with the tail wagging it in sign of happiness, then probably in our life, we have a person at our side, a friend who loves us very much . However, a very happy, peaceful, serene dog also signals a period of our life in which we ourselves are calm and peaceful and therefore we are living a period in which we manage to dominate our instincts and we are able to control anxiety, tension inner problems. An animal in dreams can be calm or very agitated, furious and maybe try to bite us, to chase us to kill us.

Animals that want to bite or chase us to harm us can always represent ourselves, but instead of knowing how to dominate our instincts, our innate qualities, we let ourselves be overwhelmed by them. A snake that chases us and that is very poisonous, may indicate envy from a person or the need to escape from situations in which jealousy and betrayal can be very dangerous but often, this animal, a religious symbol relating to sin, signals that we ourselves are behaving like snakes, then in a subtle way, in a way that is particularly dangerous for others and for ourselves. To caress a very ferocious animal, is a good sign because it means that we can control our instincts that become a weapon for our success and the achievement of our goals while trying to caress an animal that instead tries to bite, means that in we can not control part of our character at some point in our lives. These dreams are never trivial and in fact animals, beasts, birds that chase us can be very scary. In a dream emotions are fundamental and if we dream of a terrible animal, a ferocious beast that reaches us and bites us, scratches, then during our daily life we??fear ourselves or someone who lives with us or works with us. Concerns, anxieties, fears, fears, tensions and various mental and physical illnesses can be represented by many types of animals in our dream world. And what does it mean, then, to capture, kill, eat the meat of an animal? Capturing, chasing, killing a beast simply means managing to dominate our instincts that can not manifest in real life. If we eat meat from a pet like a pig or a cow, then we are experiencing a period of rebirth in which we need a lot of energy and animal meat contains many proteins that provide energy to our body. We must never underestimate the presence of a person next to an animal in our dreams because the person can tell us in which area of??our lives the dream can manifest all its symbolism. So, just to give an example, to dream of being at home and find a snake, it means that in our family there can be a very envious person or we ourselves are jealous of our father, our mother, brother, sister, of any relative.


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