What does it mean when a snake goes out of the mouth in dream? But can thing mean to dream a viper that us on a leg or an arm? Why can the serpents be dreamt, the snakes that crawl verse of us? For which motive we can see in dream snakes of black color, white, yellow, red or with very vivacious colors? What it means to dream sea snakes, snakes of earth as snakes boa, rattlesnakes, anacondas, pythons, cobra, etc...? What does it mean to dream to see a snake in water that quickly swims or a snake that changes skin? What meaning do have the dreams in which there is a snake that wants to attach us, that it wants to bite and it stuffed to die? "This night I have dreamt a very big snake and of white color that wanted to bite me but me I succeeded in running away. The past night I have dreamt so many small black snakes that came verse of me but me I succeeded in crushing under them everybody my feet. Why do I dream to see some very great snakes that are poisonous? The other night, last night a snake pursued me and I raced but I was afraid. If a snake enters my bed in dream thing does this mean? If I see in dream a snake that loses blood and it is dying this is a positive or negative dream for me? I have dreamt that a snake attacked and my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my aunt, my grandfather, one work colleague of mine or one dear friend of mine". But which is the meaning of the dreams with the snakes? The symbol of the snake in the world of the dreams is very diffused and can represent as things. We see therefore to analyze this oniric symbol and to give a correct interpretation to the dreams in which this animal is present.

The snake, in the christian tradition, it represents the Evil, rather it represents really the origin of the Evil and all the sins that the man commits in the World. Clearly therefore the snake in dream doesn't almost never have a favorable but negative meaning for the dreamer. Certainly however it needs to remember the people that meet him, the feelings that try him, in our dreams to understand if the meaning can be ugly or beautiful. However the thick snake points out envy, jealousy, desire of revenge and deception. When we dream a snake or so many snakes we must think that someone wants it stuffed some evil, it wants to deceive us. A snake that crawls in silence and it draws near verse of us to bite us and to inject his poison can mean that in the real life a person that we know feeds a sense of envy or very strong jealousy in our comparisons. We owe therefore to try to understand who this person is before attach us and hurt us. When the snake that comes verse of us is very big then the danger the person is very great that it don't take well is very powerful indeed, strong, astute because you remember that the snake is a very cunning animal.

To dream so many small snakes that even they are not poisonous it means that perhaps quelcuno is envious of us but it is not able anything it stuffed because we are stronger. It needs to watch out a lot of for the snakes of black color as the vipers and to the snakes that have very vivacious colors as the yellow, the red, the celestial one. These snakes point out a very imminent danger, very near and from which cannot easily escape. A rattlesnakes that it moves the tail and that therefore it sends forth a sound wants to say that someone is telling us of a bad situation in which we can have involved. A snake as an anaconda or as a python can also come verse of us and to tighten our neck up to stuffed to suffocate and to die. This type of dreams points out that the dreamer doesn't have the abilities to resolve a problem avoid to fall in a trap that others are preparing. In dream we can also see and to recognize a viper or a cobra. Generally these snakes are poisonous and if in dream they attach us and they then us in the real life it is about to arrive indeed an important danger that doesn't need to underestimate.

Up to here it seems that the dreams in which the snakes are present, are all negative ones but it are not always so because in the dreams a snake can be killed by us or can also be captured and envoy in the cage. Besides a snake can also bite but bite and poison don't do anything. These dreams are very favorable because points out that we are stronger than the people that want it stuffed badly in the daily life. To stamp on snakes means that we are ready to the struggle and we are sure to win. In last analysis we must speak of the dreams in which we see a snake that changes his skin and of the dreams in which the snake that we meet is of white color. A snake that changes the skin in dream is indeed a positive symbol for the dreamer because points out that something is about to change in his/her life, he is leaving a non beautiful situation for one that is very favorable instead. If the snake is then instead of white color this can mean an evolution a maturation of the dreamer.


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