The goat in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of killing a goat to eat its meat? And to dream of seeing a black goat, white, brown, dead, biting, wounded, hornless, attacking, chasing you and with very long horns, cut, short, broken, broken? Why can we dream of a goat suffering with so much pain, crying or wounded and losing blood? Have you ever dreamed of a tiny little goat laughing, running along a meadow, grazing with sheep and lambs? And find a very aggressive goat that chases us to hurt us? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a large goat coming towards us and wanting to be caressed? What does it mean to dream of shooting a goat with a gun or a rifle or gathering many goats in a stable or in the country? Some people dream of having many goats at home, with a cloak of a strange color yellow, green, blue, red, pink, light blue, blue, brown. Why can we dream of giving a goat to our mother, father, grandfather, boyfriend, friend, work colleague, relatives, son, husband, wife, sister, uncle, brother, pope, actor or famous singer? What does it mean to dream of milking a little goat to drink its milk? What does it mean to dream of a goat killing and eating another goat? What does it mean to dream of meeting a tiny newborn goat with a broken leg and limping. Goats that bite, with big sharp teeth or no teeth are very common in our dreams and nightmares. What does it mean to dream of buying a kid and eating his meat? What does it mean to see a slaughtered kid, who loses his head after being killed? Which numbers can you pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we dream of being chased by a goat, to try a win by following the advice of the guide and the book on dreams? "Last night I remember seeing a very big billy goat that was hurt and was dying. Last night I dreamed that a friend of mine gave me a small goat. Last night I dreamed I was drinking goat's milk and it was very good. Tonight I dreamed of being with my father and mother while we were feeding so many kids at home". Let's try to understand the dreamlike meaning of this type of animal that apparently seems to be a harmless animal.


The goat is a harmless and very nice animal. In order to understand its dreamlike meaning we must start from its character, its physical characteristics, its attitude when it addresses certain situations. So, first of all his meat can be very tasty and valuable but also his milk is really very good. When we dream of drinking goat's milk or even dream of milking the udders of this animal, we must think we need energy but above all we can feel a strong need to return children or in any case to relive a period of our childhood, in which the role of our mother was fundamental. Often these dreams indicate melancholy, depression, distrust in life, perhaps because we no longer feel the presence of our parents and here the milk of this docile animal tries to get us closer to some memories that for us have been very important. Certainly to understand these memories we must try to remember the people who are with us. If at our side, while drinking milk, we find our parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, then many events of our past return to torment our soul and our lives. In addition to milk, we can eat goat meat. His meat is not exceptional but it is still meat. Food in a dream is often a good time to recover energy but also a phase of our life in which good business and professional successes can come, as well as economic ones. And here, eating goat meat means being able to live a wonderful time and be able to carry out many projects. Usually, after having made these kinds of dreams, we can feel a great trust in ourselves and we can feel a great optimism, a great physical and mental strength. Obviously if his meat is too hard, not cooked, raw, full of blood or it has a bad taste, then the time of realization of our projects are still far away.

The colors we observe in dreams can often attract our attention. And here a goat can have its hair white, brown, black, stained. The white color often indicates innocence, purity, sincerity and when we are faced with a white colored animal, then we can draw out two meanings from our dreams. Meanwhile, that goat can represent a very good person, innocent, sincere and pure that we know and that therefore is very important in our life but another meaning, often widespread is hidden behind these dreams. In fact, that goat could represent ourselves and a part of our character. In fact, often very good, sincere, innocent people can be symbolized, indeed, by very docile animals that have a blanket of white color, a symbol of purity. Maybe the dreamer is not always a sincere person but in a certain period of his life this characteristic can come out. Another thing is very interesting to say about the white color of these animals. When we dream of caressing the hair of a goat and that goat represents our character, our instinct, then we are living a period in which we are absolutely very strong, very confident in life and know how to control our animal instincts. And here the goat can often symbolize a period of serenity and self-confidence. If instead the goat has a very dark and therefore black color, then a change is necessary in our life and should not be underestimated. Obviously even an animal of this type can be hurt, suffer, feel pain, limp, lose blood. When this docile animal loses blood from a small or big wound, then we must think that we are in a phase of our life where we are really very tired and we are not able to face some problems of our earthly existence. In essence, the suffering animal symbolizes our own inner suffering, a very complex period that we are experiencing, devoid of energy and from which we are unable to go out.

But a goat can also try to chase us. We can be bitten, wounded or this animal, which has horns, can hurt us severely. Dreaming of being hurt by a goat means running away from some problems, from some responsibilities that are not particularly complex but that can make us very afraid. In fact, when we flee from an animal, then we can escape from a danger, from a very complicated situation or from a person. Examining the details of a dream we can try to understand if the goat indicates a person we know in our life or a situation from which we flee or one side of our character that is not useful to our progress or a part of our character that we do not we accept in real life and from which, therefore, we flee. Generally to see a beautiful goat that grazes in a huge meadow full of grass and very serene, happy, quiet, means that we ourselves are living a beautiful period, full of tranquility, balance, passion, a phase of our existence in which we are at peace with ourselves and with the world and sometimes, this dreamlike representation, symbolizes a spiritual evolution, interior, a great maturation of our soul. Very often these animals can symbolize our economic and financial situation. In fact, goats often report gains or economic losses. Seeing a head of goat that has been slaughtered, means losing money or losing work opportunities and probable debts while dreaming of seeing lots of goats eating, grazing freely along a country or mountain meadow, means we can have excellent opportunities and we can increase our earnings. Usually the black color of their hair, can make you think of an economic loss while the white color suggests a small or big gain that can also be confirmed by the birth of small kids. Killing a goat means removing the possibility of carrying out some projects and gaining something.


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