Meat and fish in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Is it true that dreaming raw meat is a clear sign of bad luck? What does it mean to dream of giving so much meat to their children, to their husbands, to their fianc├ęs or to a deceased relative who has been dead for so many years? What does it mean to dream of cooking and browning the chicken breast, chicken thighs or roasting a large rib of pork, wild boar, veal, cow? What does it mean to dream of eating meat of being human? Why can we dream of throwing salt and spices on barbecue meat? What does it mean to dream to invite friends to have a party with meat roasted on the barbecue grill? Cook, brown, toast, toast, au gratin. Eat very good and juicy roasted sausage or cook a nice roast of pork, horse, sheep, cow, lamb. What does it mean to dream of roasting and eating cooked or raw meat and fish? Roast in dreams and meat in our dreams. What meaning to give the raw meat spoiled, spoiled, with mold and worms that appears in our dreams or cooked meat? What does it mean to dream of buying meat in a butchery or fish shop with peppers, chicken sausage, potatoes, turkey, rabbit, mouse, cat, dog or to taste swordfish, salmon, mullet or frozen and minced meat? Even in dreams, food is important and even in our dreams we can dream of tasting meat of animals and fish. What does it mean to dream of roasting meat or fish? "What numbers is it possible to pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to try to win the lottery if in a dream I roast a nice slice of meat, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of going fishing and catching so many fish with which I cooked good soup. Last night I dreamed of being with my father, my mother, my grandfather, my brother and my sister and together we ate so much good lamb meat. This night I remember eating a lot of fish that were very good and without thorns. Last night I dreamed that I was with a friend and colleague of work and we went to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant eating fish and meat". Let's try to understand the meaning of dreams in which fish or animal meat appears.


Therefore, food in our dreams always plays a very important role and should not be underestimated because through food our body becomes stronger, it can grow and not die. The meat contains proteins and fats that are fundamental for our body, for our muscles and eating meat means getting a good deal of very important elements to live and survive. Even the fish meat with its presence of omega 3 and other essential substances, is very useful to combat some diseases of the cardiovascular system. Each of us should eat moderate amounts of animal and fish meat during the week. If in dreams we dream of eating meat we are certainly facing a period of our lives where we need so much energy to face some obstacles or even to be able to carry out work that requires a lot of physical and mental effort. Ingesting meat in a dream means therefore nourishing our earthly existence with positive energies that can improve the inner path, spiritual but also material. Of course we must remember if the meat we eat in dreams is a good meat and it is not spoiled, smelly, rotten. Eating healthy meat means being able to regain strength after a difficult period, even if very often, we can dream of meat right in the moments of life when we are struggling so much and in this case our subconscious wants to make us understand that we still need a lot of strength to to be able to face the various situations. Generally eating meat is a very positive thing and rarely these dreams are negative. Only if the meat is not good, has a bad taste or is poisoned, then the meaning may be unfavorable to the dreamer who must therefore be very careful in his life and not exaggerate in the things he is doing. Some people say they dream of eating fish meat or various animals but raw and uncooked meat. Many people think that eating raw meat is a sign of bad luck but in reality it has an equally positive meaning.

In fact, raw meat very often identifies a great sensitivity of the dreamer who is therefore going through a period of his life in which, thanks to his talent, he can solve some situations. And indeed raw meat takes on another important meaning, that is, it can represent the dreamer's desire to go all the way to a problem, to go to the root of a situation that is being faced in order to understand many things. Obviously you know that every detail of a dream can be very important and change the meaning of it in a very influential way and therefore objects that we see and use, people we meet, places where we are, feelings and emotions that we ourselves experience in the dream world they are really details not to be overlooked if we want to provide a correct interpretation. And here, eating cooked meat means trying to analyze a situation and not trusting appearances and usually after having dreams of this kind, we can solve many problems and we can also arrange some interpersonal, social, family, sentimental, working relationships. In fact, very often the food represents and identifies in dreams the relationships that we establish with other people and here, for example dreaming of eating excellent pork, veal, turkey, chicken, along with other people, means to establish good relations, excellent collaborations with people. We must never forget the people with whom we eat meat because they are important details to understand which of our social relationships will be able to evolve positively. It must be said that according to the studies of Carl Gustav Jung and Sigmund Freud, raw meat in a dream can have a meaning strictly connected with the sexual sphere and therefore with the erotic desire, with the desire precisely, to come into physical contact with the body of another person to vent their animal instincts. Certainly this type of food in our dreams can not only highlight a biological necessity linked to sex but also a strong propensity to develop interpersonal and emotional relationships with those around us in real life and that is why it is essential to remember all those who eat meat with us.

Another difference that could be useful to the dreamer when he has to interpret dreams in which meat is a very present thing, is its color. If the meat is red, then full of blood, then it refers to physical strength and the need to regain a good energy in order to face various situations. When we dream of eating a lot of cooked meat, then we are developing a strong propensity to analyze our problems and therefore we are able to analyze a situation in every detail to find the right solution. But what is the meaning of the meat that is roasted in a pan, on a barbecue or in the oven or meat that is first ground to become sauce? The way we cook meat symbolizes the way we face a problem, a situation that could become very positive for us. Generally every time we dream of roasting meat pieces of any animal and fish, we are living a very positive period and in which we can very easily solve every detail, analyze everything without losing concentration. Usually meat that stinks, poisoned meat or meat with a bad taste could represent the possibility of falling into a trap. In fact many times eating raw meat, cooked, roasted of any animal or fish can also have a meaning connected with positive events, lucky, with important business opportunities that can come and often even with significant gains, even if this last thing is much rarer. Many people say they have received a good job offer or the opportunity to demonstrate their qualities, a few days or weeks after having dreamed of eating meat. But if the meat is spoiled, poisoned or putrid, then someone wants to deceive us and we have to open our eyes very well so as not to fall into a trap because a possible opportunity could hide big problems. Finally, we conclude this article by describing those dreams, often very scary, in which the dreamer eats human flesh or flesh of dead people, who have died for so many years. Feeding on human flesh refers to the meaning of physically coming into contact with a person in order to externalise the sexual perhaps while eating meat from dead people means wishing for some changes in our lives.


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