Confession in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of going to confession with a priest but not being accepted? What is the meaning of dreams in which we receive the secret confession of someone we know? Confession from the Pope, from a priest, from a nun or from a friar. Trust, tell, manifest, reveal, unveil a sin, in a Church asking for help and support to the Holy Spirit or to God, Jesus Christ, Our Lady. Why can we dream of entering an ancient and dark Church to confess a terrible sin we have committed against a person? What does it mean to dream of repenting for a sin and asking for confession and absolution before God, Our Lady, the angels, the Holy Spirit? Guilt, transgression, violation, fall, vice, perversion, misleading, perversion, scandal, crime. All words very in connection with sin. What does it mean to dream of shouting one's innocence, purity to someone like our mother, father, brother, sister, dead relative, cousin, children, husband, wife, grandfather, uncle, friend or work colleague? What does it mean to dream of confessing for having committed a crime? Have you ever dreamed of confessing your love or a betrayal to your boyfriend or husband? Reveal a tremendous secret or confess the sins of impurities committed during the marriage. What does it mean to dream of being punished for committing impure acts? What kind of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace is it possible to play the lottery if we want to try to win money, when in a dream we see a priest who confesses us in a small church, following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night, in a dream, I was condemned by a judge because I committed a mortal sin. Last night I remember dreaming of having confessed to a large church near my house. Last night I dreamed that I was with a famous actor who told me a little secret. This night I dreamed that I was alone in front of the statue of the Madonna and asked for a miracle and my absolution". The sins that we commit in real life can return to our dreams to make us understand what we have done wrong and the repentance that becomes necessary to evolve. But let's better understand this kind of dreams that are widespread among people.


In your life at least once you will have gone to church to confess you. But what is confession? Usually it is a gesture connected to the Christian religion, Muslim, etc ... So we are in the presence of a God to whom we ask forgiveness and this forgiveness can be asked saying everything we have done and that we think may be wrong but with extreme sincerity . We can ask for forgiveness by coming into direct contact with God and then with the universe or through a person like a priest or a priest, even with the Pope. In different religious cultures, confession is a moral gesture that consists in recognizing one's own sins or mistakes. In the Catholic religion confession is a sacrament and is also called penance or reconciliation. Here are two key words: penance or reconciliation. Starting from these two words we can interpret many dreams in which confession is a gesture that we do or see someone doing. Reconciliation with ourselves, with our soul, with our life or with someone, with one of our parents, relative, business colleague, friend, boyfriend, husband. When we make a mistake, we make a very serious mistake then our divine spirit can come out and a very religious and fearful person of God can think of going to church to ask for help and support and to confess his sins to a priest. But even if the person is not very religious he can dream of sinning and asking for forgiveness. Obviously behind these dreams or nightmares there is a real fault that has been committed, a very important fault or a very slight mistake. Trying to understand the mistake we made is of course very important to provide a fair interpretation of this kind of dreams. So when we dream of confessing a fault, we must remember the words we said to the priest or priest and we must also try to understand if in our daily life we??are sick because of a serious problem in which we are involved. Many people betray their sentimental partner. In their daily life this conjugal infidelity can take a back seat but in their dreams the subconscious is working.

The faults, the mistakes, the betrayals, the mistakes we make in our lives can be hidden from our mind and our heart but not from our soul. So that a serial traitor dreams of going to Church and confessing or dreams of kneeling near his bed or in front of the statue of the Madonna, of Jesus Christ, of a saint and praying, asking for support and divine help to solve problems of his soul, problems that afflict his interiority. During confession in the Church the priest or priest can also bless our soul and atone for our sins. Beautiful dream that can symbolize a maturation of the dreamer that can evolve after understanding the mistakes he has made. Of course, these dreams are never banal and hide a very deep meaning that rarely identifies a real problem and that we live in everyday life, but rather signals an inner problem, spiritual, a malaise that obviously also affects the people who we love. If we enter the Church but the priest does not want to confess then the mistakes we have committed are still very serious and we ourselves have not yet understood, we have not yet understood these mistakes and here is a path of maturation must be born within us. Unfortunately it is not easy to understand the real dream message that comes out of these gestures because each of us commits, during the day, small or big mistakes and our sensitivity then transforms these errors into very special and personal oneiric attitudes. But in a dream we can also see another person confessing. Perhaps we see one of our relatives repenting for having committed something and asking for help from us instead of going to a priest or priest. In these cases we must try to interpret our relationship, our interpersonal relationship with this person. Probably we will find a small or big problem of communication that must be solved and that's why the one who confesses comes to us to seek forgiveness.

If we remember to ask forgiveness from a person we do not know, then in our life we??need to be heard and understood by the people we love and who could appear in a dream, maybe hidden behind something or very far from us. Never forget that every detail of the dream world is fundamental in order to correctly interpret everything and therefore the objects we see, the people we meet, the places we are in and the feelings and emotions we experience must not be underestimated. And here we dream of confessing and the person who confesses us is a man we do not know. We have made some mistakes and seek comfort and support in people who, however, at the moment, seem to be very far from us and do not seem to understand our needs, our discomfort, our fears and anxieties. The friend then has another meaning. Usually in the dream world the friend represents loyalty and asking for forgiveness, feeling a sense of repentance towards a friend, means that we can trust a person who may know how to keep our secret. Here is another very important word in this kind of dreams and that is secret. When we remember seeing a person who confesses, most likely we can discover a secret, someone will be able to reveal to ourselves something surprising news. We conclude this subject by talking about confessions and repentances that occur towards a mother or a father or in any case towards a person of our family with whom we have an important relationship for many years. Often behind these confessions lies a period of great misunderstandings that we are experiencing. A son perceives that he is not understood by his parents and dreams of confessing himself to his mother or father. A brother lives a phase of alienation from his sister or his sister is very distantly affectionately from him and then these two people in a dream confess demonstrating this lack of affectivity. Until we resolve these uncertainties, these misunderstandings, we can not be serene in our earthly existence.


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