Delivery in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of finding a big parcel outside the door of our house? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see delivering a letter? Why can we dream of receiving a favor or dreaming of wrapping gifts? What does it mean to dream of receiving a rosary or dreaming of receiving a present? Have you ever dreamed of receiving a pen or necklace as a gift or some packets of flour or pasta? What does it mean to dream of opening a package and finding inside it a dog, a cat, a rabbit or another animal? What does it mean to dream of delivering a package that is really very heavy? Give custody, assign, entrust, deposit, deliver, take, accept, collect, send a package. What does it mean to dream of sending a message or delivering a lost item to a person we do not know? Why can we lose a parcel sent by mail or deliver keys, money, precious jewels in a sealed envelope to our father, mother, friend, work colleague, fiancé, brother-in-law, uncle, brother, sister? What does it mean to dream of delivering something? Why can we dream of seeing so many packages behind the door of our house? What does it mean to dream of many packages that can not be opened? Close two or three parcels and go to the post office to send them or receive an empty package, full of paper, with a joke. Dreaming of giving a package to a dead person, a dead person or giving a closed object in a huge package. What kind of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we use if we want to play the lottery when we dream of picking up a big package from the post, following what the guide and the dream book says? "Last night I remember dreaming of closing a small package that I had to send to a friend of mine. Last night I dreamed of sending a big package but I did not remember what was inside. This night I dreamed of receiving a huge package from the postman and I was very happy. The other night someone sent me an envelope with a very precious object and gold". Packages in a dream that are shipped and delivered can be very common. Let's try to understand this kind of dreamlike messages.


When a parcel arrives in our house and we hear from the postman that the package is for us, we can be surprised and happy. In the package we can find something that we ordered ourselves or something we did not want. Generally when we dream of receiving a parcel in a dream, we could really have a good or bad news, we might have a surprise in our life. We have talked many times about gifts that appear in dreams and their meanings. The gift can symbolize the arrival of good news or simply a very serene state of mind, optimistic of the dreamer or even a possible invitation to a party. In fact, many people say they receive something as a gift and then, after a few days, they are invited to a birthday, a wedding, a baptism, or any party. But a package that we have not yet opened obviously has other meanings. First of all, the size of the package can make us understand if we can receive a small or great news. If the package is very large we could receive great news or we could face a very positive situation and be in a very favorable period for our evolution. But the package can also be empty and an empty package often symbolizes the emptiness of our life, an unbridgeable emptiness that can refer to any existential sector. We must therefore try to understand who is the sender of the package, then the one who sent us the package because so we can understand the link between gift, then between what we find inside the envelope or the box and the person. In fact, if the person who wanted to give us something is our fiancée, our wife, our husband, then the situation concerns the feelings, our love life and the bond that might need support or not. If our girlfriend gives us a package or sends a small empty package to our house, then our relationship is going through a fairly complex period and it is possible to ruin everything.

But one thing that must not escape the very careful dreamer is the shipment of a parcel. When we send a letter or something much larger than a letter that we put in a box, it means that we want to let someone know something, we want to communicate with someone and the name of this person could be written right on the letter. Many people dream of sending parcels or letters very often and verify that in their life they are facing a very anxious period, a very tense and perhaps even nervous period. So we have to ask ourselves, when we wake up, after having dreamed of delivering a package, if we are experiencing a stressful period or if we feel a strong need to talk to someone in our lives. Dialogue, communication, here are two words that hide behind these very special dreams that are very common. Sometimes behind these dream scenes we can find other kinds of meanings. For example, the desire to reject the responsibilities that are too heavy for us and then decide to delegate to someone and here is sending the package to another person. For example, our parents ask us to be more responsible, to study, to find a good job but we prefer to think of other things more superficial and here we dream to send a letter to our brother, sister, in short to another member of our family, as a gesture of refusal of responsibility. In fact, this meaning is even more true when we receive a letter but refuse to open it or sign its delivery. At this point the dream makes us understand very well that we are rejecting something in life, perhaps some responsibilities or perhaps the possibility of dialogue, of communicating with someone in order to solve some problems. If we can not open a package that is sealed then the risk is to be really too hermetic in manifesting our emotions so they can not get out. In fact, the closure of a letter, the attempt to open it and read it and the difficulty in understanding what is written inside it, can highlight a closure of our heart towards someone, a period in which our mind, our reason command on feelings.

We have said that very often the reception or delivery of parcels is related to a lack of communication or good news, to a beautiful event that can come into our lives. Have you ever dreamed of delivering a package to a person you know very well in your life? What relationship do you have with this individual? What binds both? Maybe you have a romantic relationship, maybe you have a working or family relationship. In this case you are asking yourself, unconsciously, the possibility of being able to dialogue, to be able to communicate with this person. The delivery therefore indicates our need that can be urgent if the package is very large and if there are very precious objects inside. In fact, finding in a box a necklace of gold, a diamond, a ring or another very expensive object, means having the need to communicate something urgent, to find a serenity with the person receiving the gift. We must never underestimate the details of a dream and therefore every thing we see can be very useful to be able to interpret everything well. So the people we meet, the places we are in, the objects we observe and the emotions we experience. Being happy to have received a package obviously has a completely different meaning from a dream in which we receive a package that generates concern rather than joy, surprise, optimism. Dreams that can be very scary and make the dreamer wake up with a great deal of tension, are those dreams in which we give a box to a deceased relative or he himself gives us a package. What lies behind this kind of dreams? The fear of news that can lead to change and in fact many people prefer not to make changes in their lives because they are afraid of the future. But why the deceased? He is the symbol of death and death symbolizes the need to accept an ineluctable change in your life. So that package represents the need to make a change in your life without being afraid of the future and of what will come.


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