The fine in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of receiving a big fine? What is the meaning of dreams in which a policeman stops our car and makes us pay a very important fine? Contravention, pecuniary penalty, fine, penalty, are all synonyms of the word fine. What does it mean to dream of seeing a fine on the windshield of our car? And dream of having fined on the train, on a bus, on a plane? Why can we dream of not making a plane ticket and taking a terrible penalty? Many people dream of receiving a fine at home for non-stop. What is the meaning of dreaming of a traffic policeman or dreaming of a fine while sitting in the car? What does it mean to dream of a policeman who gives us a fine at home for the motorcycle or bicycle that has exceeded the speed limits? Dreaming of someone who's stung because you've passed a crossroads in your city with a red light and get fined by mail. What does it mean to dream of paying a fine that has come to our mother, father, grandfather, boyfriend, friend, work colleague, relative, son, husband, wife, sister, uncle, brother? Have you ever dreamed of not being able to pay a fine? Weld, liquidate, pay, compensate, reimburse, indemnify, grant, provide, a fine. Why can we ask a policeman to make many fines for cars that are parked on the street? And dream of refusing to pay a big fine? Sometimes we can even dream of having paid a fine instead of another person. Pay for the fault of an unknown man, read and fill out, go to the post office to pay. What kind of numbers can we play from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we dream of being stuck in the street by the police who makes a fine, trying to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember being fined because I crossed a street in counter-sense. Last night I dreamed that I received a very small fine at home. Tonight I dreamed of writing a penalty for my brother who was riding his motorbike. Last night I dreamed of being fined by a policeman and I was very scared". Let's try to understand the dreamlike messages that are hidden behind this kind of dreams in which we can be stuck in the street by the police or police to pay a penalty.


So we have all been fined at least once in our lives driving our car or our motorcycle or maybe another means of transport like a truck or a bus or maybe a train. Being without a ticket or going too fast, traveling without belts or talking on the phone. Fines can arrive for many reasons and represent an economic punishment that must serve as a deterrent to not commit any more crimes but must also be a lesson of life, a teaching because because of our distraction driving we can also hurt or kill people. In the meantime, to be able to interpret this type of dream, it is necessary to start from the concept of punishment. Since the fine is the consequence of a wrong act that we have committed, then, when it appears in our dreams, we must try to understand if we have something wrong in our life. In essence, our subconscious, during dreams, brings out some events that we underestimated in everyday life and this situation has created some complications. In reality, the mistakes we make during the day do not concern the driving of cars and therefore road traffic offenses but refer to many other mistakes we can make. Since we said that receiving a penalty in a dream is equivalent to having committed an error, a sin in real life, then when you wake up, try to remember what you did wrong. A boy may have disobeyed the orders of a mother or father or he may have done something wrong at school, maybe he mistreated a schoolmate, a friend, and here in the dream some policeman stop him on the street to make a small or great fine. So feelings of guilt are hidden behind these dreams that are also very worrying when these sanctions are very high, with truly disproportionate figures. But you do not have to be fearful because after having had a dream like this it will not, in fact, be fined, you will not have to pay anything but surely you have a dirty conscience.

Did you betray your wife in real life? Then your conscience understands the mistake and in your dreams shows a repentance through the arrival of a fine. Obviously if the dreamer only remembers having received a fine he can not understand the sector of his earthly existence where he has made a mistake and therefore it becomes essential to remember every detail of dreams. For example we must remember the place where we are, the objects we see and use, the people who are with us and with whom we speak and also the feelings and emotions we feel. For example, a boy stole money from his sister's wallet and dreams of receiving a penalty just as a result of this action and in a dream, perhaps, his sister is with him. Although it seems very strange, our feelings of guilt for the many mistakes we make during the day, return as boomerang in our dream world but obviously we do not take these things into account and often forget our dreams, thinking that they were too trivial dreams. In reality, as you may have guessed, even a simple fine symbolizes something very important that should not be underestimated. So dreaming of getting a fine means having come to the point of considering your mistakes thanks to a small or large examination of conscience. Admit their faults and pay for their mistakes. Here is what lies behind this kind of dreams that are really widespread among people and in fact and the gesture of accepting a penalty and immediately pay everything means wanting to remedy their mistakes. If we analyze well what we have said so far, then we must come to the conclusion that these dreams are very positive for the dreamer because they identify a reality in which he understands he has made a mistake and puts in action to make up for mistakes. But in the dream we can also run away when a policeman comes to get us to sign a report and deliver a fine or we can decide not to pay anything.

Understanding this kind of dreams is quite simple. We commit a crime, we make a small or big mistake in our life but we have no intention of correcting the error, we do not want to find a solution and maybe we did not even understand where we were wrong. Often our obstinacy and the discourse of wanting to be always right does not allow us to understand the mistakes we make in daily life and therefore our subconscious tries to manifest this our obstinacy through dreams in which we receive a fine but it is thrown away. torn, it is not signed or even when some policemen or policemen come true of us to fine us, we run away. We flee not only from responsibility but also from a situation of extreme hardship that we have created ourselves but that we can not solve. The escape into the dream world can indeed represent superficiality, the desire to consciously or unconsciously reject responsibilities and therefore even a mistake can not be accepted. And therefore refusing to pay a small or large economic penalty means refusing to have made some mistakes or it means not being able to understand that some mistakes have been made and we should make up for it. And if we ourselves deliver a fine to a person? A widespread dream is one in which we offer a fine to be paid to our fiancé, husband, wife. According to this type of dreams, the dreamer does not accept all the conjugal responsibilities that are then rejected, giving the blame of a sentimental problem to his partner. Other widespread dreams are those in which we are driving a car, a motorcycle, a truck or we are inside a train, an airplane or a bus and we are traveling. The means of transport indicate, in a dream, the tools we possess in real life in order to move forward. If we receive a penalty when we are traveling, for any reason, then we can not use the potential in the best way and this especially in the business sector.


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