The cup in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of drinking red wine or animal blood from a goblet of gold, silver or bronze? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a large cup in the hands of a priest, priest, pope? What does it mean to dream of seeing a beautiful chalice on the altar of a deconsecrated Church? Why can we dream of a chalice, empty or full of water, beer or wine? What does it mean to dream of drinking inside a cold, dirty, ruined, cracked glass, which loses liquid and gets drunk? And give a great glass of white wine to someone we do not know? What does it mean to dream of a big glass, glass goblet? Why can you dream that they give you so many ancient and glass goblets? What does it mean to dream of celebrating with sparkling wine and champagne poured into a huge cup full of diamonds and money? What does it mean to dream of a very heavy chalice of steel or iron or even wood? What does it mean to dream of being together with our mother, father, son, wife, husband, grandfather, nephew, friend, work colleague, fiancé, uncle, long-dead relative and drinking with them in so many golden glasses? Which and how many numbers can we play using the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery if we dream of drinking from a glass to look for a win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember dreaming of buying a very old goblet. Last night I dreamed of being invited to a party where we would toast in very fine cups. Last night I dreamed that they gave me a transparent goblet full of alcohol. Tonight I got drunk drinking beer from inside a big glass". Well we try, in this article, to understand the meaning of those dreams in which this object is very important and represents the central part of our dreams. The glasses can have various meanings but in any case they are always meaningful enough because its symbolism is linked to ancient religious and even non-religious rites, to sacrifices made to the ancient Gods". So let's understand the meaning of these dreams and understand exactly why we can drink from these vessels.


To understand the meaning of this object we must start from its meaning and its use in everyday life. First of all, the glass is a glass, precisely it is a container, a container that can have, inside, wine, water, beer, alcohol and many other liquids, even blood or various objects. The glass generally consists of glass but can also be made of plastic or metal if we think, for example, the glasses that the priests use during Mass and the various religious rites. When we dream of this object it is obviously important to remember what is inside it and those who are with us. Being a container this type of glass can symbolize the need of the dreamer to give a form to his project, to his idea. In fact the liquid that enters a cup takes its form and does not escape. Maybe we are living a period in which we have many ideas, many projects to be carried out but we can not do what we want, we are not able to realize, precisely to give shape to our thoughts, but a concrete form, reliable. When we talked about glasses we said that their transparency identifies the need to look, to observe, to understand very well what we are doing and this oneiric meaning is even more important when this glass is a glass. When we do this kind of dreams, therefore, we must find a way to get to the bottom of things we are doing to avoid the risk of suffering damage, not to lose important opportunities and not to feel a feeling of defeat. And this feeling of malaise, of defeat, of little understanding of the things we are doing, can be symbolized by the fall and break in a thousand pieces of a glass goblet that maybe we had in our hands and therefore could not hold it back. An object that falls always indicates weakness of their ideas, and in this case, the glass, being full of liquid that is poured, symbolizes ideas, energies, which are lost in the street and lead to a bitter defeat.

Some people say they have dreamed goblets of gold or silver or in any case very precious, ancient. The very ancient objects can symbolize a deep memory that has never been forgotten, a memory of an event from the past or of a person who is no longer on this earth but who has left a very important sign in our life. Hence the chalice can be seen as an object that unites past and present. For example we can dream of having, in our hands, a very ancient and precious glass, full of blood. Maybe by our side we find our mother, our grandfather or anyway a person who has been important for us but who has died recently or for many years. These dreams symbolize the memory for the loss of this person, a memory that is still very present and does not go away from our mind. Drinking blood from this container means just trying so much pain, so much suffering that it can also make us live a very complicated, difficult, sad, melancholic earth existence and in fact many people who do this kind of dreams, live a phase of great physical exhaustion and mental and blood represents a lack of energy. But one must not underestimate a very important concept related to any container. Very often, when we dream of having an object in our hands like a cup or a cup that is filled with a liquid like wine, liquor, water, we can hope to be in a profitable phase of our life, a phase in which it will be You can get a small or big opportunity, a favorable job opportunity, professional, economic. In fact, if we drink from a large glass, then we can achieve our project and we can achieve a good result, especially if we remember drinking water, which is a fundamental element in life, regenerates, quenches and allows us to recover psychophysical energies. Do not forget that every detail of our dreams is fundamental because it can make us better understand their meaning.

So try to remember every detail, every person, every place and above all emotions and feelings that you feel in addition to every tiny detail on the glass. If the glass falls to the ground and breaks into a thousand pieces also pouring its contents on the floor, then the risk is to lose a good opportunity while if we can hold the object firmly in our hands, then we will surely get small and great advantages. But with a cup we can also toast. In fact, during a wedding the bride and groom celebrate by toasting with two glasses full of sparkling wine or champagne. They are celebrating their marriage, their sentimental union. And here, to dream of toasting with someone, means being able to reach a goal, it means being able to achieve success, to realize a project thanks to the collaboration of another person. For example, if we dream to drink together with the person we love, almost certainly our relationship can proceed without problems and we can do some projects together with the person we love. A man and a woman who dream of toasting, most likely will be able to go to live together, have a child, can still do something together. And if we dream to drink together with a work colleague? Excellent partnerships, the possibility of being able to join forces, our ideas with a person who will be essential to achieve the success that in this case could be working and economic. And if we dream to toast and drink from a glass alone? Even if we are living a period of great solitude, melancholy, we can, without a doubt, reach important goals, goals that will therefore only be achieved thanks to our merits. In the most banal dreams, we can drink liquor or beer. Probably we will be invited to a very funny party where we can enjoy ourselves, without thinking about the problems of our life. Give a very precious glass means to give a good opportunity to someone while if we receive this gift ourselves, then we will have to thank a person who can offer us a good opportunity.


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