The meat in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to throw away a lot of meat that is not good and has a bad taste? What does it mean to dream of buying a lot of pork? What does it mean to dream of eating cooked meat, raw or freezing many pounds of meat in the freezer? Why can we dream of buying fresh lamb meat, sheep, cow, chicken, horse, veal, beef, pig, ox, donkey, fox, snake, dog, butcher's cat? What does it mean to dream of seeing rotten flesh, which stinks, with worms and insects, with a bad or good smell? What does it mean to dream of eating one's own flesh, human flesh or killing animals to cook their meat? Why can we dream of roasting snake meat or buying lots of pounds of frozen meat, minced, with the sauce? What is the meaning of dreams in which we cook so much meat with oil and onion? What does it mean to dream of the flesh given to us by our father, mother, husband, wife, fiancé, uncle, dead relative, grandfather, nephew? Why do we buy pounds of canned meat in a dream? What does it mean to burn meat or to roast slices of meat with potatoes? What does it mean to dream of putting salt on cooked meat from which smoke comes out? What numbers can be extrapolated from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we remember to have dreamed of buying a lot of meat, to look for a win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I dreamed of being with my parents and my friends and they ate so much good meat. Last night I dreamed of being with a colleague of mine at a party where there was a lot of meat to eat. Tonight I remember dreaming of giving away many kilos of fresh meat to my cousin. Last night I dreamed I was in a butcher shop to buy pork". Today we try to understand the meaning of meat in our dreams, a meaning never banal because we do not forget that food in the dream world often takes on very important meanings that should not be underestimated and from which lessons and lessons can be learned.


We can already say that meat in our dream world often has a symbolism, a very important, fundamental meaning that should not be underestimated. Certainly eating meat means nurturing your body but above all our soul. If we dream of eating a slice of very good meat, full of blood and really tasty, tasty, then we are spiritually evolving, we are maturing internally, on a spiritual level. But in our dreams as well as in real life, meat can be good, it can be ugly, it can be rotten or it stinks a lot and it's full of worms. If the meat we eat is very good and has a good taste then we are living a very positive period of our lives and in which beautiful events could happen and in fact behind the symbology of this type, often hide very fortunate work situations, positive opportunities at a professional level and also at work. These dreams, however, are in low percentage because, in most cases, the meat signals the need to recover psychophysical energies as well as the rest of the food. We eat because we need energy, we need to bring oxygen to the blood, to the organs of our body and in fact blood is our vital force. Here, eating a slice of meat with lots of blood is the symbol of an urgent need to recover physical and mental energy to face a difficult period. And if the meat contains worms? If the meat stinks? If the meat is rotten? If we ingest a piece of meat that is not good and even vomit then we are experiencing a very stressful phase and in which anxiety and tension can ruin many things, especially our projects because only with a good body and a good mind we can progress in real life . Worms and insects can be a very bad thing to see in food even in real life. In dreams they are the symbol of disturbances, annoyances, complicated situations that do not allow us to live peacefully. Obviously if we dream of buying a lot of meat then we need a lot of psychophysical energy.

Precisely because it is a very tasty and full of blood, the meat that is eaten in the dream world can represent the overcoming of psychological problems that up to a certain point in our existence have blocked our path and progress in life. We must not exclude another possible meaning hidden behind the symbol of this food. Meat as sexual desire. Although it may seem very strange, often this food in the dream indicates that we are living a phase of our life in which sexual desire, erotic drives are very accentuated and the need to find carnal satisfactions is very evident. If these satisfactions do not find a safety valve then it will not be possible to be calm and find a good balance in everyday life. Let's not forget that meat was the main food of the ancient peoples who hunted for food, killing animals and that the symbolism of repressed instincts, not only sexual, primordial instincts, comes out very clearly in this type of dreams which is common among men but also among women. The repression of these instincts in the dreamer or the way in which they are satisfied can show a clear imbalance in his life of the dreamer that can also lead to some illness, to some diseases especially related to the nervous system. Another concept that should not be underestimated is related to raw meat and cooked meat. Why can we dream of eating raw meat or cooked meat? Why can we dream of cooking, cooking, roasting meat? Obviously, buying and eating raw meat is the symbol, often, of the strong need that the dreamer has in a certain period of his life, to get in touch with his primordial instincts, which are not necessarily sexual ones. In short, we need to nurture our soul with something fundamental, primordial, with very powerful unconscious energies to find, perhaps, a balance that we have now lost.

When we bake or roast meat then these instincts are processed by our mind and do not present themselves in a primordial way. In short, cooking symbolizes the need to accept the most hidden part of our being but trying to understand, understand and improve these inner and often superhuman forces that are at the basis of life itself. In some peoples of antiquity, meat as well as being the fundamental food for survival, was also considered an object of sacrifice and therefore some animals were killed and symbolically their blood and their flesh was a sacrifice in honor of a God at which the people asked for a miracle, a favor, a help. Unfortunately, this food can also have negative connotations. For example, dreaming of binge eating a lot of meat means having a deficiency at the level of our spirit, of our subconscious, the lack of something that is becoming vital, important and to which we must immediately find a solution. One of the most terrible dreams we can make is to dream of eating human flesh and even someone has even dreamed of biting their bodies, eating their own meat. Terrifying dreams that can make us also feel a strong physical pain that ends with the awakening. Why do we eat the flesh of our body or a friend, a colleague, an enemy, a relative, a parent? If the flesh identifies energies, potentialities, instincts, sexual desires, then if we dream of eating our own body, we are losing our potential, we are having a very strong drop in psychophysical energy that does not allow us to be serene. In short we have the strong fear of losing what we are building. If we eat the flesh of a person who is alive and that we know then the roads for a right interpretation are two. We have a strong sexual desire towards that person, so we are magnetically attracted by his body, by his attitude or we feed envy, jealousy and we want to block his progress in life. Here we are talking about love and hate, which in the end are always two primordial drives with which the human race continues its journey in the world.


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