The cross in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of speaking to a cross on which we find Jesus Christ? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see many crosses written on the walls on the street or in our home? What does it mean to dream of carrying a cross on or dreaming of seeing a big cross? What does it mean to dream of carrying a big cross to the chest or buying or giving a small colored cross, red, yellow, green, black, white, transparent, glass, to our children, to our husband, wife, nephew, brother-in-law, father-in-law , mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, work colleague? Why can we dream of seeing Jesus Christ or Our Lady on the cross weeping so much? What does it mean to dream of a cross on our hand or on our face that burns and catches fire? How many times have you dreamed of holding a tiny illuminated cross in your hands. And have you ever seen a Christian cross turned upside down on the wall of your house? Many people say they saw the drawing of a cross in the sky, in the clouds, a fiery cross or a beautiful fragrance. Have a cross-shaped tattoo on our skin or wear a necklace with a pendant in the shape of a strange iron-satanic cross. In a dream, the crosses we see can be broken, of gold, of silver, of lead. Pain, suffering, trouble, torment, torture, calvary, affliction, misfortune, worry. This emblem and Christian symbol can have multiple meanings. Which and how many numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we play the lottery if we dream of hanging a cross on the wall, trying to win by following the advice of the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of meeting a friend of mine who gave me a beautiful cross. Last night I dreamed of buying a cross-shaped amulet. Last night I remember losing my necklace that had a cross pendant. This night I dreamed I was wearing two wonderfully beautiful earrings that had two crosses". Today we see the meaning of this symbol and of this object that often appears also in the dreams of those people who are not very religious and do not believe in God.


Many of you will have dreamed of seeing, finding, wearing a small or big cross in their dreams. We have already talked about the Abbiamo giĆ  parlato del crucifix and its dreamlike symbolism. The difference between the cross and the crucifix is??obviously very important because when we speak of the crucifix we identify a religious concept, because Jesus, according to the Christian tradition, was killed on a cross. This difference is crucial in order to interpret dreams in the right way and we must always try to remember whether we have seen the figure of Jesus on a cross or not. But what does it mean to dream of seeing a cross? It must be said that this object was not born in the Christian period but it was already present many centuries before the advent of Jesus. In order to form this symbol we must intersect two objects, these objects form four points that are often related to the four elements of the World, that is air, water, fire, earth or with the four directions of space, ie North, South, West, East. It must then be said that the intersection of the two objects forming a cross also generates the number four and since these two elements intersect each other in opposition, they can represent many other things, good and evil, the earth and the sky, matter and spirit, etc... So already from these meanings we can understand how the cross that appears in our dreamlike way it can represent the union of two opposite things, the union of two people with a completely different character, the union of two types of human behavior in contrast with each other. Pure different ideas that a person can have. But these two opposing forces unite and give life to a new energy, to a focal point that corresponds to the center of the cross and in its center, this object finds its strength and its stability, in essence also its center of gravity. All these words are not simple to understand to say that the cross, when it appears in our dreams, can represent a crucial moment of our earthly existence in which it is necessary to find a meeting point between two ideas, between two different ways of thinking, between two people, both at work and at work.

Let's make an example to be concrete. A cross can appear in the dreamlike life of a man who has met a woman he has fallen in love with, a woman who is very different in character. But the two opposites attract each other and this thing in love is heard very often. But the meanings that we can attribute to this oneiric element can also be others. For example, sacrifice, redemption and redemption. Trying to analyze these three words we can understand other important meanings that hide behind these dreams and especially behind the appearance of a small or large cross. Many of us believe in God and therefore the symbol of the cross that appears in dreams is often connected to religion, to a moment of psychophysical suffering that does not allow us to live peacefully. Here, perhaps, the dreamer is experiencing an extremely complex period and can not solve his problems. This difficulty can manifest itself in a dream through the discovery of a cross, even without the symbol of Jesus Christ who may bleed. In fact, the blood confirms an extremely complicated period but above all a period in which it is not easy to go on because of the lack of physical and mental forces. If the cross is very big, then we can think we are facing an extremely difficult period in which we need help in order to move forward and resolve every situation. So here is the sacrifice represented by this symbol that every man performs in his life because every man is forced to live many complex moments in his earthly existence. But once we have atoned for our sins, once we have overcome the problems, then a period of peace can come, a period in which we redeem ourselves and then redemption comes. In fact, Jesus, after suffering during his earthly existence, died on the cross, being reborn. Here it can also be a very positive symbol of rebirth after a long period of difficulty. Certainly in our dreams and nightmares we must always pay close attention to the other elements that appear in order not to get out of the track and make mistakes in this interpretation. So if we find a cross and with us there is the person we love then we must expect a difficult moment in love.

In dreams, the cross can also be the symbol of a trial, an obstacle that the dreamer has to face alone or together with other people, an obstacle that could also simply be a pain that he can experience because of a tragic event like the death of a dear relative. This suffering, however, this pain can lead to a future reward and that is to a spiritual growth, interior, to an evolution and maturation because after a period of crisis and pain, often man can rediscover the light. The moments of suffering, in fact, make our character much stronger. In deeper and meaningful dreams, this oneiric symbol can represent the union of two different aspects of one's character that shape our personality and in some cases these differences lead to the creation of a dual personality, a paranoid personality, eg. In short, those who dream of wearing a cross, of building a small or large cross, of buying it, of finding a cross somewhere, must try not to fight what is inside of them that instead must escape trying to bring to a very personality more constructive and creative. Whenever we see a cross in a dream, we must think that we are in a particularly demanding phase and where the path can be very complicated, but its appearance as a symbol of suffering and sacrifice must also be seen and interpreted as a symbol of change. necessary and useful for our evolution. After this very difficult moment, in fact, it is possible to live a great period. We conclude this subject by also talking about those dreams in which this object is held in hand as a symbol of protection against evil. Some people say they have cast demons and devils through the use of a cross that they hold in their hands. These dreams symbolize the rejection of all that we do not accept in our lives and that we are able to move away from us.


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