The crucifix in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Why can crucifixes cause a lot of fear in a dream? What does it mean to dream of talking to a crucifix? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see some broken and burning crucifixes? See a crucifix, made of gold, of wood, of plastic, of silver, of iron, of steel, which moves, hanging upside down on a wall of the house, in the school or at work. Why can we dream of not finding the crucifix at home? And to dream to see the crucifix that falls and breaks? Jesus Christ nailed to the crucifix that loses blood from the forehead and from the abdomen is a very powerful symbol that does not always refer to Christianity. How many times have you dreamed of observing a tiny crucifix from which drops of blood fall? What does it mean to dream of a crucifix nailed over our bed? And have you ever dreamed of crucifying someone or being crucified, impaled to a cross and waiting for death without anyone helping you? What does it mean to dream of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the cross? And find an unknown man or woman who died hanging on a cross? often it can happen to dream of entering a shop to buy a very old crucifix that is broken, chipped, broken. Dreaming of a black crucifix on the contrary and burning. What does it mean to dream of giving a wonderful crucifix to a brother, sister, cousin, nephew, grandmother, son, husband, wife, friend, work colleague? What types of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace is it possible to play the lottery if we want to try to win when in a dream we see a crucifix that loses blood, following what the guide and the dream book says? "This night I dreamed that a person I do not know gave me a very nice crucifix. Last night I dropped a small crucifix in a dream that broke into pieces. Last night I dreamed of finding many rosaries on the street with some crucifixes. The other night I remember dreaming of eating a piece of crucifix". Today we try to interpret the dreams in which this object appears and is an object that attracts our attention. We must never underestimate the dreamlike presence of this object as its symbolic value, its powerful meaning is lost forever and ever.


So we have already talked about the cross and its meaning in the dream world. We have also said that the difference between the cross and the crucifix exists and is also very important. But what is a crucifix? The crucifix symbolizes the figure of Jesus Christ placed on the cross. Obviously here we are faced with a religious object, full of religious and spiritual spirit and that obviously not all people can dream but only those who believe in the existence of God. In fact only in the Christian religion has there been a God who sent to Earth his son as a sacrifice for the redemption of the sins of all humanity. These sins were paid for with the blood, with the death on the cross of Jesus, in fact the son of God. And from that moment on the symbol of the crucifix that reminds us of Jesus' sacrifice towards us, towards our sins. So many of you will be thinking that the people who dream of this object are simply very religious people and the meaning is to be found only in this sense. Absolutely not and in fact the crucifix is??full of many meanings even when it appears in our dream world. Sacrifice, sin, suffering, expiation, guilt, hope, faith and we could go on with so many other words that make us understand very well the concept that can be hidden behind this kind of dreams. So when we dream of wearing an object of this type, for example a necklace with a very small crucifix with Jesus inside it, then we are living an extremely complicated, difficult period in which we can not be very effective. Generally this object symbolizes a moment of small or big difficulty, a moment of extreme indecision in which we do not know what to do to fix a situation, we do not know how to solve a problem and we do not even know which people to ask for help and support. Hard commitments and obstacles to overcome that for some people can be so insurmountable to seek help in the Christian faith, then in God and here is the presence of the Christian cross in many dreams.

Very often people who dream of wearing a crucifix or buying an object of this kind are about to face a phase of their lives in which they have to sacrifice themselves for something. Beware because this sacrifice could also be very positive. The sacrifices can, in fact, lead to the achievement of many successes and goals that we had in our head. So we decide to reach a certain milestone in work and therefore we face a series of obstacles and sacrifices before we can achieve professional success. And these dreamers, even though it may seem very strange, dream precisely to find a cross with Jesus, just as a symbol of their enormous physical and mental efforts. Analyzing the second word that we have listed before, we can also say that this object represents sin. Perhaps the dreamer has committed a sin? Perhaps you dream of crucifixes because you make mistakes and then feel a strong sense of guilt inside you? We all commit small or big sins but we can decide to pretend nothing. Our subconscious, however, brings out our weakness and makes us understand that we must ask for forgiveness, we must resolve a situation that does not make us happy. And here many people dream of seeing a friend or relative who gives a small crucifix. This dreamlike gesture can indeed symbolize the possibility of redeeming one's sins. Of course we must not forget that faith, hope and charity are the symbols of Christianity and we find these symbols behind the concept of a dreamlike cross. And here also faith and hope can be particularly important in this kind of dreams. In fact we can dream of having a crucifix to our neck because we are living a period in which we are very strong, concrete and we are determined to overcome enormous difficulties. In short, those who dream of wearing a crucifix can have a great inner strength that can allow them to mature and move forward without problems. And when do we dream of praying at the feet of a great crucifix?

Praying is another very important concept that should not be underestimated. Prayer serves man to find harmony with God and with his deepest part of the soul, with that part where we find the divine light, the divine spirit which is the essence of the human being. But we can also pray because we are experiencing a period of great difficulty that we can not solve and that's the only solution is to ask God for help, ask for a miracle. Usually praying towards a crucifix can have a very positive symbolism because, in fact, it is possible to receive good news, we can solve a big problem maybe thanks to the help of a person who comes into our life just like a miracle. If Jesus on the cross cries, then it is possible to be in an extremely complicated phase and in which suffering and pain can reach very high levels but it is always faith that can save us. And if we look at a cross that is burning? The flames that surround a crucifix and that burn Jesus Christ. All this represents the possibility of not being able to control certain situations in our lives and even our instinct. In fact, the flames represent a primordial instinct that we can not tame and that ruins every interpersonal relationship, our projects, our ideas. Some people even tell to destroy a crucifix, other people throw it away in the trash. To reject our religion or to reject what we are struggling for and therefore our own life. When we throw away an object with an extremely full symbolism of spirituality, then we are adrift, that is, we no longer know what to do to fix a situation, to solve a problem that has now become enormous. Even some people dream of having eaten a crucifix. Terrible dreams but that can have a very favorable meaning for the dreamer who can be in a period in which he possesses all the energies to progress. Faith, hope now are qualities that he possesses and through which he can realize every project and even mature, evolve on a spiritual level.


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