Mustache in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What is the meaning of dreams in which we have long mustaches? What does it mean to dream of using shaving foam? What does it mean to dream of hair, hair, hair, beard and mustache, masculine, feminine? Why can we meet a woman with a mustache or a man with a very long beard in a dream? Give shaving fragrance to people in a dream. What does it mean to dream of cutting the thick mustache that falls or shaving a big mustache? And to dream of losing, of tearing one's mustache? Have you ever dreamed of seeing a girl, a woman, an elderly lady, an old woman with a mustache? What does it mean to dream to see a man or a child with a very short mustache, almost invisible, that can not be seen, that pinches? And what does it mean to dream colored, white, black, brown, blond mustache? What does it mean to dream of a mustache? What does it mean to dream of meeting our parents, mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, brother-in-law, uncle, grandfather, work colleague, friend or an unknown man or a deceased relative who has a very special mustache on his face? What kind of numbers can we play from the Neapolitan grimace if we want to play the lottery when we dream of being big-musted, to try to win, following what the guide and the dream book says?" Tonight I remember dreaming of being with someone who had very strange mustaches. Last night I went to the barber to fix my mustache. Last night I was stopped along the way by a very old man who had a very long, scary and even dirty mustache. The other night I dreamed of having huge mustache that I could not cut". So let's understand and understand the meaning of whiskers in dreams, an element that appears quite often and not only in the dreams of men but also of women. In fact, the mustache can be particularly present even in the dreams of girls and ladies because they can represent our virility, virility that can be masculine and feminine. Behind such an apparently innocuous symbol it is possible to find important messages that our subconscious wants to communicate to the dreamer.


So the mustache can have a very important meaning and almost never, when they appear in our dreams, have trivial meanings. In fact, they can first represent our virility, that is our physical and mental strength, our creativity and therefore the imaginative potential that allows us to create many things in our life. In fact, we must not forget that to make ourselves grow a long mustache and to keep it tidy, it takes a long time and we need to take great care every day of it. From this small detail we can understand that the presence of a very long whisker but above all very in order in our dreams, offers the possibility to live a period of our life particularly positive and lucky but above all full of creativity and with the possibility of reaching excellent goals and achievements. In short, the mustache can represent our creative potential and to dream of having very beautiful, healthy and very clean mustache means that we will be able to live an extremely interesting period at a working level. Many people say they have earned a lot of money or have had some important working arrangements after having dreamed of being in the mirror with a long mustache. But this hairy element can have and take on other important meanings. The mustache is part of our way of being and of our lifestyle. We have said many times that when we dream of seeing ourselves in the mirror, when we dream of being particularly beautiful and well-dressed, our level of self-esteem is probably very high, and a very neat, precise whisker can also indicate a good level of self-esteem. it is possible to live in the following days. But if we have a dirty mustache, badly cut, a mustache that loses hairs and then not very well taken care of? Well, we can live a period with little self-esteem, a period that does not allow us to live our lives easily because maybe we have to face some problems that we can not solve. So even this element of our body can indicate a malaise we are experiencing.

But the whisker may have another important meaning, that is, it can represent our sexual energy, our virility but not only the male, because even though it may seem strange and not very aesthetic, women also have a mustache and in dream a beautiful a woman or a girl can find herself with enormous mustache sprouting between her nose and lips. A woman who dreams of having a very long mustache is a woman who is living or is going to experience a particularly positive situation in love, an area in which she could show all her potential that can also turn into great creativity. A man who finds himself with some very long mustache, very thick and above all strong, could live a good period on a sexual level with an attitude that is perhaps selfish and narcissistic but definitely winning. But in our dreams it often happens to meet people who have strange mustaches and it is not we who own them. Meet a person we do not know who has a long mustache and in good health means that thanks to that person our life could change and improve, so this individual can be a turning point in our life and also represent a starting point for the realization of some of our projects. Often, however, the mustache can also symbolize interpersonal relationships with people. For example, if we dream of seeing a parent with enormous mustache, then our relationship with them can improve, perhaps after having lived a particularly difficult period full of misunderstandings and discussions. To dream of seeing a co-worker with a mustache can be the symbol of an event on a professional level that can be very favorable for the dreamer. Dreams that can be more frightening are those in which we meet a deceased person with a strange mustache. The dead often indicate a change in our life and the presence of the whiskers can indicate a very interesting and profitable change for the dreamer but only if the hairy element is well cared for.

But if we dream of going to a barber and cutting our mustache? Cutting the whiskers can mean living a particularly complex period in work with low self-esteem and with a very low level of creative potential. In short, the dreamer can find himself in a condition of extreme difficulty without the ability to know what to do and how to solve some problems but cutting the whiskers may also represent the need to understand that we are experiencing a problem and that this problem must be addressed. Women who dream of shaving mustache instead must try to understand what is not accepted within them because almost certainly something in their earthly existence is not absolutely favorable for their progress. A woman who has a mustache and wants to cut it has certainly understood that we must face a problem that can no longer be underestimated. The mustache can also be very colorful, have a strange color but above all can be completely white or black. The black color often signals the possibility of a change and this change may concern the relationship with the person who has this mustache or be the symbol of an event that is about to arrive and which could be very positive. In fact, the mustache can often symbolize good news, incoming fortune and this especially if they are white. White indicates purity, innocence but also positive changes and events in the dreamer's life. A shabby whisker, dirty, badly cut and that maybe it stinks, obviously it is not a good sign and can indicate a period of great mental confusion, a period of indecision, a phase of our life in which we are not in good shape and we are disappointed things we are doing and we are doing. Here we always return to the concept of self-esteem. We conclude this article also saying that often to the mustache, especially when they are very strange, we can reconnect a strange event that can happen in our life, to a very particular meeting with a very strange, ambiguous person and that we must try to avoid.


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