"Last night I found myself in front of a mirror big dream that I do not have at home. I was afraid because person in the mirror was not me. Last night I saw a beautiful mirror shining and I was thinking in there. What is this dream? Why I dream often mirrors? Last night I dreamed of looking in the mirror". Which means see themselves in a mirror that is located in our house? Why you can dream of a mirror chipped, broken, or breaking into a million pieces? What does it mean to dream of seeing our reflection in a mirror in the bathroom or in the bedroom? What does it mean to dream of seeing the figure of a boy or girl in a mirror? And what it means to wear makeup, combing hair in the mirror? And what interpretation to give to the dreams in which we see an elderly person in a mirror? Many people dream of having a baby in the mirror and say they have them when they were little. Some men dream of seeing a girl in the mirror. Let's understand the significance of this piece of furniture very common in our homes and in our dreams.

The mirror in the dream is always very important and you should never underestimate this object because it can have several meanings. First you have to remember if the mirror is broken, chipped, or is full, beautiful, bright and shiny. If it is broken then most likely in our lives there is something wrong. In fact often the mirror reflects our mood, our situation and our inner experience. A beautiful mirror that reflects our personality is a good sign of a life that is going as we want, a life that is giving us what we want and also indicates that we are facing a period of maturity and spiritual evolution. But if the mirror of dreams is broken or dirty and dull? In this case we must try to understand what is not good in our lives, what troubles us and especially what we fear. What we are afraid of ourselves? What aspect of our character we are afraid, we do not like, and we would like to change?

Often the person in the mirror is ourselves but almost do not recognize ourselves because we are the most ugly, bald, with wrinkles, but when older in real life we are young. Why then do we see an elderly reflection in the glass of the mirror? This dream can be beneficial because it may mean that we are maturing, we are becoming wise but can also mean that some sides of our character make us afraid. If we are older in real life and in dream we see a handsome guy in the mirror then we have nostalgia for the past, or we feel very good physically and mentally. In short, we feel younger than we are. But among the most common dreams and tied to the mirror there is to see a boy or a girl, a child. Especially if we are older we think that that child or that child is always ourselves, represents sides of our character that we should pull out as the sweetness, simplicity, frivolity, lightness typical of an age that can not return.

Sometimes these children are a good sign of luck that is coming, indicating that novelty can get and can be positive for us. Of course when the dreamer is a woman, a girl who is in front of the mirror and is observed and makeup, combing then most likely indicates vanity, pride, narcissism and therefore must reflect the dreamer, when awake, trying to soften this selfish side of his character. But this type of dream also has a meaning very favorable since stand in front of a mirror and make himself look good may mean that we take care of us and interpersonal relationships that we establish with other people in real life.


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