The bag in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of a large colored bag of black, red, yellow, green, white, brown, pink, light blue or even transparent? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a small bag that is stolen by someone we do not know and who runs away? What does it mean to dream of stealing a bag from a friend or colleague or his sister, brother, sister-in-law, wife, cousin, aunt, grandmother, mother-in-law? Why can we dream of giving away a small purse, empty or full of money, a handbag for women or men, a travel bag or a lawyer? What does it mean to dream of a shopping bag full of many good things? And win a scholarship? Dreaming bags full, empty, broken, torn, with lots of money or very dirty or even fake. What does it mean to dream of a big, huge bag with lots of clothes, clothes and objects inside? What does it mean to dream of a bag that is too light or too heavy? Why can we dream of finding a purse stolen on the ground, along a road or dreaming of someone who commits a bag theft in a store? Which and how many numbers can we play using the Neapolitan grimace to have fun in the lottery if we dream of buying a very old and precious bag to try to win, following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I dreamed that someone would steal my purse from my hands. Last night I dreamed that I was alone with my bag and I was about to leave for an unknown city. Last night I dreamed of being in a store and wanted to buy a very spacious bag but I had no money. Tonight I remember dreaming of losing my bag on the street". Bags in dreams are a very common object because they are also very common in real life but they are not trivial and meaningless symbols when they appear in our dream world. In fact, today we see that we understand the message that our subconscious wants to communicate when strange bags, colored bags, very expensive, torn, ruined appear in dreams. We can say that sometimes the meaning is really fundamental to find a good balance in our life and solve some problems.


Meanwhile, the bag is a container and from this concept we must start to try to interpret many dreams in which it can appear and be a fundamental object or not. In a bag or in a large bag we can put clothes, objects of various kinds such as keys, telephones, documents, make-up for the face. The bags can be women's bags or men's bags. Here, this apparently very simple, almost useless and trivial object in our dreams, can instead take on a very important meaning and be particularly fundamental to give a proper dreamlike interpretation. The stock exchange can represent our life in a certain period. Our life can be full or empty like a bag. If in fact we dream of having a bag full of many objects with us, then, probably, our life is really full of events, emotions, situations that allow us to fill our days. Very often a big bag full of many things can symbolize the possibility of having all the qualities to face a challenge, a task that presents itself at a certain moment of our existence. If the bag is a container of useful things to be able to live and face our day, if it is empty then, we are probably living a very monotonous period, full of pessimism, perhaps with few stimuli, with little desire to do and with little desire to move forward in things, in projects. This item is a very useful accessory and no woman leaves the house without her personal purse. So if the dreamer is a woman then her purse could symbolize vanity, pride, a sense of superiority towards another person, a person who could appear in dreams. This symbolism, however, is not always negative but often has much more positive meanings. For example, if someone gives us a handbag, then it is very likely that a good job opportunity will come especially if inside the handbag we find many objects such as rings, bracelets, necklaces that are the symbol of unions, collaborations.

The bags can serve for various things and be completely different from each other. Meanwhile, travel bags can signal the possibility of doing some very interesting meetings in our life. To dream of filling a bag or a suitcase to leave, in fact, can indicate that we are ready for a new adventure, we are ready to make decisions that can change our lives and dream of leaving by taking a train, a plane, a taxi, means precisely preparing for a new life that can be full of interesting news and favorable meetings just symbolized by the stock market. Some people remember having dreamed, at least once in their life, a purse, a suitcase for a lawyer. This type of objects may have a slightly negative meaning and symbolize probable fights and discussions in the family or at least with people we see every day and who may appear in the dream world. For example, we can dream of seeing a lawyer carrying his bag full of documents and seeing our mother, father, sister, brother. Here the stock symbolizes a problem of communication, of understanding with a person of our family but we must not think that we can fight, it could simply be that we are living or we are going to live a period of agitation, a phase of our life in which we do not understand what is happening and we do not share the ideas of other people. But what does it mean to steal a purse from someone? Among the most widespread dreams we can find just this and that is we can dream of stealing ourselves a bag, we can see someone we do not know who steals our bag or witness the theft of a suitcase that is not our suitcase. The theft of objects in the dream world very often indicate some of our fears, the possibility of not being able to face any situation, the fear of not having the sufficient energy and ability to overcome an obstacle, a problem, face a challenge.

If an empty exchange means experiencing a period of difficulty and in which pessimism can ruin some moments of our life, a scholarship instead indicates new possibilities that come, probable promotions that can come and that are particularly interesting for our inner evolution. In fact, buying a very expensive bag very often can also mean being able to mature, evolve, improve on a spiritual level and not on a material level. Another widespread dream in which suitcases, handbags are very present, are those dreams in which we can find a bag full of money, coins, money. If this money is not false then we can hope for a great job opportunity that could arrive and that could improve our earthly existence but if the money contained in the suitcase is false, then we must be very careful to a trap, a trap, to a situation in which we could lose something. Fake money, in fact, are often connected with a period in which we are not very concentrated, not attentive and we could make mistakes or trust a person who wants to harm us. The handbags can be for men or women. If a man dreams of wearing and carrying a woman's purse, perhaps full of typically feminine objects, then he is living a period in which his feminine side must necessarily come out. Very often this need remains blocked and here men become aggressive. The same thing we can say for all those girls and women who dream of having a men's bag. The need to pull out one's male side is evident and it is also necessary if we feel we want to reach a particular goal. We conclude this topic talking about those bags, handbags, suitcases that are broken, torn, dirty, maybe they stink, so they smell bad. If the bags represent our life, being containers of objects, then the dreamer is probably living a period full of confusion, a period in which it is not easy to go on without the help and support of someone.


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