The bracelet in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of receiving a beautiful bracelet from someone we do not know? What is the meaning of dreams in which we buy an expensive and luxurious gold bracelet in a shop? What does it mean to dream of giving a box with a bracelet to our mother, father, wife, husband, lover, fiancé, brother-in-law, friend, co-worker, son? What does it mean if a man or a woman gives us a beautiful bracelet of silver and full of precious stones? Why can we break a small bracelet into pieces? What does it mean to dream of keeping a precious bracelet with diamonds, sapphires, pearls of green, black, white, blue, yellow, red, pink? What does it mean to wear in a dream a very tight bracelet that does not fit in the arm or too wide? What does it mean to dream of a bracelet that breaks when we are wearing it on our right or left arm? Dream two, three, four, five bracelets woven together with pendants and necklaces. What does it mean to dream of a small broken bracelet, of lead, very heavy or very light, transparent? And what does it mean to see a date, written in a women's or men's bracelet? What does it mean to lose an important bracelet given by my grandfather or a deceased relative for many years? In a dream it is easy to dream of bracelets that do not come into our wrist or find strange bracelets on the floor. What kind of numbers can we play from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we dream of seeing a big bracelet, to look for a win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "Tonight I dreamed of going into a store to buy a big, very expensive gold bracelet. Last night I dreamed of being with a dear friend of mine who gave me a wonderful bracelet. Last night I dreamed that I was together with my parents who lost a very important bracelet. The other night I remember having dreamed of throwing away or losing in love a bracelet that was slipping away". These objects are very common in our dreams and we must try to understand their meaning. Finding, giving, wearing, breaking, throwing a small or large bracelet can have important meanings and we must always try to remember every detail of our dreams to avoid making a mistake.


Well, in order to understand the meaning of this accessory, this object that can be very precious and cost a lot or be very simple, we have to start from its meaning in real life. A bracelet is an object that can be fastened and tightened to the wrist of the right or left hand but also on an ankle. It is an ornament like a necklace, like earrings, like a brooch. The first meaning we can attribute to this object is a meaning linked to a bond, a bond that can be sentimental, family, work. Obviously we have always said that when we wake up after having dreamed we must try not to forget all the details we have dreamed of and even the most seemingly insignificant ones. So if we dream of being with our mother who gives us a bracelet or helps us to wear one of these accessories or still remember to have dreamed of entering a store to buy a bracelet with our mother, then interpersonal relationship, this relationship family that we have with her, can evolve, mature and improve if we have had in the past some differences, discussions, misunderstandings. So in this case the dream bracelet is a very strong symbol of peace and serenity but above all a great symbol of bonding. And here is the reason why many guys but above all many girls, a lot of women, dream of wearing bracelets of various types, of various colors that are perhaps given away by their partner or someone with whom there has been a discussion before. And here dreaming of wearing a small bracelet can symbolize the possibility of finding an agreement with a person with whom we had a fight, with a person who has ideas different from ours. Many people think that the bracelets in the dream world can represent new encounters of love, new possibilities to find a person to love but in reality this does not always happen because very simply this object indicates peace after a difficult period lived with a person. Of course we can dream of finding a bracelet on the street, pick it up and put it on and maybe in our life we??can make an important meeting of love but we are not always faced with this kind of meaning.

So never forget that dreaming of finding a bracelet is almost always the signal of a reconciliation with someone but also with ourselves because we could dream of finding a bracelet and wear it. But every detail of our dreams is fundamental. So the bracelet can be broken, broken, very expensive, gold, silver, very precious, maybe made with diamonds and very precious stones, have a strange color, be very tight and therefore could also hurt your wrist. Wearing a very narrow bracelet often signals the possibility of not being able to find a serenity and balance due to a problem that has not yet been solved and that does not allow us to live peacefully. If this bracelet is given to us by a person we must absolutely remember this person because it can be the key to a correct interpretation. If someone gives us a very tight bracelet then dialogue with this person may not be very positive and particular communication difficulties may arise. A very large bracelet that then emerges from a forearm, means to live a relationship, not necessarily loving, with a person who does not have our own ideas and these differences can create complications. The very expensive bracelets, then the gold bracelets, full of diamonds or precious objects, have a very positive meaning because they can indicate the arrival of an important opportunity at the working level. We must not forget that these objects, as well as rings, necklaces, earrings, even if they are often a symbol of femininity, can also be the symbol of a union, a collaboration that can be born and be very profitable. And here is that if we find a gold bracelet and with us is our employer, a colleague of work, then it is very likely that we will be able to get a big professional advantage and maybe make a big profit. If the bracelet is too bright, bright and dazzles our eyes then we must be very careful about the opportunities that come and that could be dangerous.

But we must say that very often these objects have a meaning related to love, to our romantic relationship or to the desire to live a love story. In fact, very often buy a bracelet, then go to a store, find a bracelet that we like and buy it, means having the need to love someone, to try new emotions that maybe we can not live because we are, instead, living a period of great inner solitude. If someone gives us a bracelet and we are very happy, then it could really happen to meet a man or a woman that we will like a lot and that we could even woo or simply we will be courted by one person. Losing a bracelet or seeing a bracelet that breaks, breaks and falls on the ground means that the risk of our love affair from sinking is very high. In fact, after having dreams of this kind we can live a difficult romantic relationship, we can argue, discuss, have differences of ideas. And even wearing a very tight bracelet means living a difficult time with the person we love. Rarely, this object can also indicate the possibility of a marriage or in any case a very important engagement for the dreamer, especially if the object is made of gold or full of diamonds and other very precious stones. Inexpensive, plastic, paper wristbands can instead symbolize simple moments of fun. The color of an object in our dreams can be fundamental in order to better understand the dream. For example, to dream of a bracelet of black color means to meet a necessary change in our life and related to a collaboration with someone. The white color indicates innocence, purity of our feelings or feelings that a person feels for us while a bracelet of red color is obviously the symbol of a strong erotic charge, of a great passion of love that can be vented in real life. In conclusion we can therefore affirm that this object, when it appears in our dreams, almost always has a very positive meaning and offers messages of evolution and maturation.


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