"Last night I found a pearl necklace in a dream and I wore it, I put it around my neck and was very nice. What does it mean? Last night I dreamed of and have put on him, to slip and wear a beautiful bracelet and gold ring. What does it mean to dream of putting a necklace around the neck or a bracelet on the wrist or even a ring or multiple rings on the finger of the right hand or the left box, and on the thumb, index, middle, ring or little finger? Last night I dreamed of wearing a beautiful necklace precious, full of diamonds and gold, which shone so. I dreamed that I found and I put on my head, on my head a crown of pure gold and silver with precious swarovski crystals. What is the meaning and interpretation given to dreams in which we see ourselves slip, wear or remove, remove, remove bracelets and necklaces? I've seen pull off, take off my, take off, steal a ring from her finger. Because I've dreamed of this?" Why can you dream to enclose a scepter and a crown to have him, to bring bracelets, rings and necklaces of gold?

These dreams can be very favorable to the dreamer or not. Let's see, starting from the crown. The crown that you wear in a dream and that is seen to be very valuable may mean that there will be given a very important task that will make us shine in the workplace or in society. Largest and most valuable is the crown then it will be the most important role that we have in office. But the crown can also weigh heavily in a dream and this means that we will hear a lot of the weight of responsibility that will come with the job that we will be given. We will also probably be much appreciated by other people. A positive dream unless the crown in a dream, it is removed or stolen by the head or by our hands. In this case there will be a post removed, there will be entrusted or we will not be up to it.

The ring has a different meaning in dreams. In reality, we know that it is a symbol of unity and faith. On the altar the couple exchange rings and promise eternal love. The ring in the dream world takes this meaning and tells us that we are going to meet a person with whom we will start a relationship if not love, at least at the level of working. So the ring indicates the beginning of a new life, a new project, a new path together with others. If the ring is very valuable, perhaps of gold with precious stones then we can really hope for a great union is sentimental and professional. But be careful, because as for the crown, if the ring is pulled us from the fingers, hands, and then there is stolen then you will lose the encounter with destiny, an opportunity to start a project, to join together with a person emotionally. Inolte if the ring is too bright and dazzles us not allowing us to see so we're careful not to fool ourselves, we are aware of a possible trap in which we can fall. Generally, if the ring is on your finger thumb, index or middle then it is a working collaboration, if it is worn on the ring finger is a union of love, a new love match. A pinkie ring can sinboleggiare greater strength, greater desire to do and to live.

Instead wear necklaces and bracelets of gold can be a sign of a period in which we live or will live very favorable in many areas especially in the workplace. We feel more appreciated, more admired, more serene and at the center of attention. But wear too many bracelets and necklaces may mean that we are not very modest and indeed we put too much on display. Even if bracelets and rings are too bright can mean that we may be deluded about anyone or anything.


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