The rope in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of seeing a big rope on the ground? What is the meaning of dreams in which we wear a long rope around the neck? Suicide with a cable, steel wire, plastic, iron or with a rope, hawser, sartia, line. Why can we dream of finding a big rusty and very big rope? What does it mean to dream of cutting a rope or clinging to a long, very thin rope so as not to fall into a ravine or to climb a mountain? Some of you have dreamed of clinging to a rope that breaks when climbing up a mountain. What does it mean to dream of breaking and burning a small rope cut or with many knots that do not melt? What does it mean to dream of a rope and play with some children in a funfair? Find a small rope close to the neck, throat, hands, legs, ankles, very tense and impossible to dissolve. What does it mean to dream of a very tight rope that breaks and is used to climb a house? What does it mean to dream of throwing up a rope or even swallowing, eating a rope? Have you ever dreamed of tightening a rope around a person's neck to suffocate and kill her? Why can we dream of a man, a woman we do not know who holds us and blocks a tree or chair with a small knotted rope? What it means to dream of hanging from the window, to a wall, with a rope. Strings coming out of the mouth, tying a person to dream of walking and being tied up. Dreaming of climbing using a braided rope, rolled up, cut red, yellow, blue, green, black, white. Which and how many numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we play the lottery if we dream of seeing a person hanging from a rope, to look for a win, following what we find written in the guide and in the book on dreams? "The other night my mother and father gave me a little rope to play with my children. Last night I dreamed of buying very long ropes to spread clothes. Last night I dreamed that I was with a person who lent me a rope to be able to tighten a bag. Tonight I remember dreaming of throwing a little rope that was no longer useful". Let's try to understand the meaning of dreams in which the rope can have a very important symbolism.


Very often when a small or big rope appears in our dreams we can think we are in grave danger because this object is often used to commit suicide, to hang itself. But we must not think about this when we find an object of this kind in our dream world. Never forget, in fact, that every detail of our dreams is fundamental and an object that appears can have a thousand meanings based on the people who are with us, the places we visit, the other objects we see and use and then, a fundamental thing it is the emotions and feelings we experience. So we start from the concept that the rope is a very useful object to do many things. With it we can tighten something, we can connect two elements, we can cling and climb on a mountain and we can do a thousand other things. According to the analysis of many dreams when we find a rope on our path, then we have to face specific commitments, we have to go some roads and so here we are faced with probable promises that we have made and that must be carried forward without any doubt. But a rope also serves to hold on and not fall down. During some relief efforts it is used to save people in need and here when we see this object in our dreams we can think we are in a situation where we need help. In fact, if we tighten a rope in our hands to be able to climb or not to fall into a ravine, then we certainly need to be supported, to find a valid help in relation to a situation that may affect many areas of our lives. Remembering the people who are with us is very important. In fact we can be with our boyfriend or our husband who pulls the rope to save us. So our sentimental situation is perhaps in slight difficulty and we need help. If in the dream we are with our parents then they may need our support or we ourselves will find ourselves in a situation in which to ask for help to them while the presence of a work colleague shows some moments of difficulty in the work.

But the rope also indicates a union and in fact with this tool we can combine two things, two objects, two places. Think of the ropes that hold a bridge that connects distant places, perhaps the two banks of a river, a stream or a lake. If we remember those who are with us, then we can understand which link that rope refers to. If we dream of pulling a very strong rope, very resistant, together with a friend or this same friend throws a rope to save us from a fall, then our bond of friendship is very strong and we must not be afraid of the feelings that this person try for us. But the rope can also break as it is pulled and therefore its meaning changes completely. A rope that breaks up symbolizes a working, family, sentimental, friendly bond that can not stand for various reasons and that risks, therefore, having to break, to go into a serious crisis. Every detail of dreams can be very important and must never be underestimated and therefore the places where we are, the people we meet, the feelings we feel and the emotions we feel in our heart, as well as many other objects that we can see and use, they can provide numerous elements for a correct interpretation. And here we can dream of tightening the rope around the body of a parent because in our life the relationship with our mother or our father has become too oppressive and therefore trying to tie this person means to understand this state of mind that does not allow dreamer, to live a life in a peaceful and free from obligations. Tying to a chair or a bed the person we love means being jealous and possessive or having enormous difficulty in expressing their feelings towards this person. Many people dream of finding a rope with many knots or a very large knot, difficult to melt because it is very tight. The nodes represent situations that have not yet been resolved and therefore must find a solution as soon as possible.

An element that should not be underestimated in these dreams is the length of a rope that can therefore be very short or very long. If the rope is really long then it is very likely that one of our projects needs a lot of time to be able to realize while a short rope can symbolize the imminent arrival of excellent news regarding a professional situation or anyway a project that interests us so much but which requires a very rapid choice, it requires a decision to be taken quickly. Let's not forget that before we talked about the bond and the bond that breaks, in love as well as in work, symbolizes the possibility of closing a sentimental bond, a work agreement, a financial contract, real estate. Finding yourself tied up with a big rope, evidently means being very bound to a situation that does not allow us to be particularly free, and if we can untie the rope then we can find independence and serenity. And the rope around his neck? Unfortunately, even this type of dreams is widespread. In fact, some people remember having dreamed of wearing a very tight rope around their necks and attempting suicide. The weight of life, the weight of responsibility, the burden of having to submit to the orders of some people. Very heavy situations that do not allow us to live quietly and this feeling of anxiety, nervousness, tension that grows within us, can precisely manifest itself with terrible dreams in which we want to die by hanging. Obviously we need to find a solution in the shortest time possible to these events and we must be particularly attentive to the situations we live in and that can escape us from our hands. If instead we dream of being hanged by someone or even by many people in the square of our city, then we do not feel understood and suffer from a period of solitude that can be extremely complex to solve. We conclude this topic talking about those dreams in which we play with the ropes, perhaps with some children. The desire to return children and the carelessness of that period that can no longer return.


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