The candle in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of giving a candle to someone we do not know? What is the meaning of dreams in which we dream of eating candle wax? Why can we dream of finding a small lit or extinguished candle in our bedroom? What does it mean to dream of a candle that does not light up or melts with a big flame? Why can we dream of a big candle that catches fire? What does it mean to dream of holding a candle in your hand and burning your skin because of the falling hot wax? What does it mean to dream of entering the Church together with a deceased relative of mine, a friend of mine, a colleague, cousin, brother-in-law, wife, husband, lover, son, grandfather, nephew, boyfriend, with lots of candles burning? What does it mean to dream of seeing the wax of a melting candle? And be at a birthday, at a party with lots of colored candles, white, black, red, blue, blue, yellow, green, pink on the birthday cake that go out of their own, without blowing? What does it mean to dream of a crooked candle that can not stand up? What does it mean to dream of celebrating at a party with very large and long candles? Find broken or broken candles at home. Buy or be given a big candle, a lamp, a torch, a torch. What numbers is it possible to extrapolate from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we remember to have dreamed of walking with a candle in hand, to try to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "Tonight I remember dreaming of buying a candle to take to the cemetery to put it on my father's and my mother's grave. Last night I dreamed that I was with my brother and my sister who gave me a big light with a candle inside. The other night I dreamed of dirtying the table with the wax of a candle. Last night I burnt my hands with a few drops of a burning candle that was being consumed". Let's try to understand the meaning of candles when these objects appear in our dream world. Even these dream symbols can have a very important meaning and try to make us understand a useful message to improve our lives.


Certainly dreaming a light, a candle, a candle is not a very widespread thing, but even these objects can appear in our dream world and have some meaning that should not be underestimated. Meanwhile, many people think that the candle may have a close connection with love life or with the dead. These two concepts are quite common among many populations. In fact, when two people in love want to spend a nice evening together and in intimacy, then they can decide to have a candlelit dinner, a widespread custom. Another very common custom in the world is to light a lamp, a candle, a candle in the Church or in the cemetery to remember the dead people who lived with us. So in fact when a person, especially a boy or a girl, is in love, he can easily dream of lighting a candle or he can dream of extinguishing his flame. The flame is the feeling, the desire we have while the candle represents love and that is the object of our desire. Even people who already live a romance can dream candles. Clearly this object can also symbolize unrequited love or a love that is ending or still a love that is about to begin. If we dream of finding a candle with the flame on but that threatens to go out then our sentimental situation is in crisis and we could go through a marital separation. In fact, a very weak flame that goes out is the symbol of a feeling that is not very strong and therefore can end at any moment. Being able to keep that flame burning means finding a solution, finding a way to remedy a phase of stasis, of monotony, of apathy in our love life. To dream of seeing a big flame, very powerful over a big candle or a big candle, certainly identifies a great sexual desire because fire is the symbol of desire, of sexual energies as well as of sin, if we remember the famous infernal flames.

But candles also have other meanings, some very macabre but have a symbolism connected to many religious traditions. In fact, when we go to church we can often decide to light a candle in honor of Our Lady, Jesus Christ or a person who is dead and we think so much. The pain, the suffering, the melancholy, the sadness, the lack of optimism are all feelings that can hide behind the lighting of a candle or a large lamp in the Church or in the cemetery, on the tomb of a dear person now recently deceased or a long time. To understand the meaning of these dreams you could do an experiment. Try to light a candle in the evening, in a dark or completely dark place, and concentrate your gaze and thought on its flame. Very easily your thoughts will go to the people you love and who may still be alive or not. Furthermore, a small or great feeling of melancholy can take hold of you. With this little experiment you can understand why candles in dreams are often the symbol of the dead or even simply of a very difficult, complicated, melancholic period that we are experiencing. Love and death but also hope. In fact, if we light a candle in the Church for a saint or for the Madonna, we do it because we are asking for a grace, perhaps a miracle, in short we still have the hope of solving a serious problem that haunts our mind during everyday life. This strong desire for hope is hidden behind the candles and their feeble flame. If the candle of dreams has a flame that slowly extinguishes, then we can not do anything to resolve a situation because we ourselves no longer believe in a miracle. Being able to keep the flame of a candle, light and candle burning, means leaving hope alive. If we dream of observing so many candles, then we can still have little hope and therefore we must continue to believe in a small or big support. But another element, beyond the flame, is fundamental in this kind of dreams.

The wax. Wax is the material of which a candle is made. This material can be white, black, red or any other color but the most important thing is that this wax can melt and fall on our hands, on our face, on our clothes and burn a lot. Wax in dreams can very often be compared to our suffering, to our crying of the soul. In fact when a candle due to the heat given off by the flame, melts, its wax falls along it like a tear that falls on a person's face. Here too we can confirm that the candles, the lights, the candles have a strong symbology connected with the depth of our soul, with our intimate sufferings that maybe we do not point out to other people. So this dream object can have a double meaning, ie a spiritual meaning or a material meaning. It can therefore represent the purpose of the individual existence of every man, the salvation of his soul after death, or the passions, the desires of our heart that are often love, hope, altruism, friendship, hatred, resentment, jealousy, envy. It must be said, however, that these objects can also have very positive meanings. A very banal meaning is connected to those dreams in which we see a birthday cake with lots of candles that someone has to turn off in order to celebrate. Here we can probably be invited to a party or we are going to achieve a good result thanks to our efforts. If we are sick and dream of seeing a candle with a beautiful flame, then we can hope to heal, to be much better than in the past. And it is not uncommon to dream of candles and then receive good news or conclude a working partnership, a professional project and even make great profits. Even dreaming of lighting a candle can reveal excellent messages like the fidelity of some friends or people we live with, a state of well-being, optimism, trust and the arrival of important news and very lucky events. Other details of the dream will allow us to understand even better the quality of these upcoming events.


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