The blanket in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being in bed without blankets and feeling very cold? Dreaming of sleeping and feeling very hot. Why can we dream of buying a blanket in a low-priced store? What does it mean to dream of not having a blanket and want to buy a very heavy, precious, expensive blanket? What does it mean to dream of having so many small covers, very light that are on our bed? Have you ever dreamed of sleeping and resting on a comfortable quilt, on a plaid with a very fresh lining? What does it mean to dream of being naked, getting cold and looking for a blanket? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a person who has a large colored sheet on him? What does it mean to dream of a very short blanket that does not cover your feet while you sleep? What does it mean to dream of buying lots of blankets in a cheap store or dreaming of selling blankets? And dream of burning a dirty blanket? Many people tell to wash often, in a dream, all the blankets of the family, their mother, father, brother, sister, son, grandmother, husband, wife, uncle, brother-in-law, cousin. Other people say they paint or dirty their blankets with their blood. What does it mean to dream of tearing a very short blanket or dreaming of spreading blankets of white, green, red, brown, yellow, black, light blue, pink? And dream a lot of blankets with drawings for children, for the elderly, of wool, of cotton, spread out on the balcony to dry? Which numbers can you pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we dream of being seated on a sofa with a blanket on, to try to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I dreamed of being wrapped in a hole covered and completely ruined. Last night I remember dreaming of getting a blue blanket. This night I dreamed that I was with my friends and we ate on a huge blanket on a meadow in the countryside. Last night I dreamed of being in kindergarten with many children and sons who had a big sheet on them to cover themselves from the cold". Spread blankets to dry in the sun. Give blankets new, used, old or see many sheets that move in the wind or even dress only with a blanket on. Let's try to understand the meaning of these particular dreams in which even a simple sheet could have a fundamental role.


In order to understand these kinds of dreams that are not easy to understand, we must start from the concept of deck. What is a blanket? A blanket or a simple sheet, is a cloth that we put on our body to cover ourselves while we sleep and then this object is a protection against excessive heat or cold. During the winter we can use very heavy blankets while during the summer, maybe, we do not wear any blankets because it's too hot in our bed. Protection. Here is a very important word from which we can start. Although these dreams may seem very trivial to all of you, this dream object can have an extremely important meaning and may represent the need to feel protected. In fact, a child before falling asleep can ask his mother or his father to spread the blankets and get covered. A sense of protection, a need and a need for the dreamer to be protected by someone, to find protection in a person and in relation to a very important situation, in relation to a problem that can assail his thoughts during his life of all days. Very often in our dreams we do not think about some details that we observe. For example, a woman may dream of sleeping with her man, her husband or her boyfriend and having a very heavy blanket on. This element can escape during the dream interpretation and can lead us to a wrong conclusion. That blanket, however, can represent precisely, for its excessive weight or for its enormous heat that generates, a feeling of oppression that the woman feels towards her partner. If the heat generated by the deck is very pleasant then it is possible to be particularly lucky in love and the romantic relationship can be very engaging and certainly offer the dreamer a feeling of protection, while an excessive heat that causes sweat, therefore malaise, symbolizes a relationship 'love that certainly has some problems to solve. So you can understand that even a simple sheet can have important meanings.

So in fact when we dream of being covered by a sheet or many sheets that cause a sensation of pleasant torpor or protect us from excessive cold, then the dream is very positive and we in life have the right protections while excessive heat, feelings of heaviness symbolize, indeed, a malaise that we are experiencing and that does not allow us to move forward peacefully. In fact under the covers you can also lose your breath and die. If this thing is practically impossible in real life, in dream instead many people say they have experienced a terrible experience and that of being under the sheets, immersed in the dark and not being able to pull their heads out, thus risking to die from suffocation. The lack of breath is connected with the symbol of the blanket because it represents a situation that we are experiencing and that does not allow us, in fact, to breathe, that is to live quietly. A nagging thought, a relationship of love too obsessive, based on the jealousy of the partner, a job that is too oppressive in which we can not reach the goals. Here that anxiety, stress, tension accumulate in a dream and become big blankets that do not allow us to sleep, to rest peacefully. Another widespread dream is one in which a person dreams of being naked and has no clothes to wear and at that moment, perhaps because it is surrounded by so many people, decides to wear a blanket, decides to cover his body with a simple sheet of white color. These dreams can represent many things, such as the timidity of the dreamer, his low self-esteem, the fear of not being appreciated for our qualities and when we are naked in a dream, precisely symbolize our true being, our real essence that it can be appreciated or not. But being able to find a sheet to cover the body can also be a very positive symbolism because perhaps we can find a viable solution to hide some of our flaws that this type of dreams can manifest.

When we dream of being in a situation where we want to cover our body but we do not find any blanket then we are living a period in which we do not feel protected and therefore we are exposed to dangers, dangers that can be trivial or very important. If we buy a blanket or a sheet then we are deciding to protect our life from a situation that can become oppressive, heavy, dangerous. Some people remember having dreamed of giving an object of this kind to a person. This object can also be the symbol of a union, a union that is not only connected to sentimental life but also to work, to the family. In fact, if you remember, in a double bed the blanket and sheets are very large so that they can cover two or more people. So here we are facing the possibility of collaborating with someone, working together with an individual, we can, in short, share our experiences with other people to achieve other goals. The blanket as a symbol of collaboration, as a symbol of opportunities for union. You have therefore understood that an apparently very trivial object can instead hide really fundamental meanings. If we wash a very dirty blanket, perhaps with blood stains, then we are solving some situations and we are also recovering energies because the blood represents psychophysical energies. Dreaming of a blanket too short or too long means not having found a right solution to a problem and not having found a person able to help us. But the sheets can be colored or torn. Meanwhile, finding a torn sheet or tearing a sheet ourselves, means refusing help, rejecting someone's protection, the protection we were talking about earlier. We conclude this subject by talking about those dreams in which we spread a huge blanket on the ground, on a lawn in the countryside, in a forest or in a forest and we relax over it. The need to rest to recover energy is then very evident.


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