Go to bed in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of having sex with a former lover? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a person who enters our bed and touches our body? Why can we dream of making love with an unknown person? What does it mean to dream of making love with your husband? And dreaming of not being able to make love because of such shyness? What does it mean to dream of making love with our son or to dream of seeing two people making love? Have you ever dreamed of sleeping with someone you have just met? And dreaming of making love with a relative or with our mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, grandfather, boyfriend, priest, priest, cousin, brother-in-law, father-in-law or even a very famous actor or singer? What does it mean to dream of going to bed with someone? The bedroom in dreams can have a thousand meanings but it is what we do inside that can really identify the message. Dreaming of going to bed with a stranger, an ex-boyfriend, an employer, a colleague, a friend, a very old woman, or an old man. Which numbers can you pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to have fun in the lottery when we dream of being in our bed with a man or a woman, to look for a winnings by following what we find written on the guide and the book on dreams? "Tonight I remember dreaming of being in bed with an unknown but very handsome man. Last night I dreamed I was on the couch and I was making love with an animal. Last night someone came into my bed and touched my body. The other night I dreamed of being raped by so many men". Dreams in which we make love with a person or dreams in which we see a man or a woman entering our bed, are really widespread. Let's understand the message of these dreams, let's understand what lies behind these dreams that can also be very important for the dreamer to eventually identify a problem, a fear, something to fix in his life.


Finding oneself in the bed of one's house with another person different from one's husband, wife or girlfriend is a very common thing. In the meantime, in order to understand this kind of dreams, we need to start from the concept of betrayal and the meaning that each of us gives to this word. For many people, unfortunately, betrayal and that is conjugal infidelity in love, is quite normal while for other people to betray means to commit a sin. This difference is very important to be able to interpret well the dreams in which a man or a woman betray voluntarily or in a casual and unusual way. When we betray a person on a sentimental level we do it for various reasons. For example, we can betray because we are tired of the relationship of love, we no longer have sexual or mental stimuli or we are strongly attracted by another person despite the relationship with the person we love is very good. In short, we can be unfaithful by chance or voluntarily. Behind the treachery dreams often hide some fears. The main fear is that of not being able to carry on a relationship of love or not to feel up to a relationship sentimentale. So if there are some misunderstandings in our married life, if we are not happy with this relationship and if we are not absolutely happy with the emotions we feel, then all these sicknesses can affect love through betrayal and we can find another woman or another man in our bed. The sexual act with a person other than the one we love does not mean that we want to betray this person in real life but we are simply not satisfied with some of the things we live with. Fear, dissatisfaction, monotony of married life. Here is what can come out of these dreams. Going to bed with a person therefore means being afraid of the continuation of our love story, not feeling ready, not being sure of the feelings we experience and that the partner feels for us.

A very important difference related to those dreams in which the person who is with us in bed or otherwise in another place and with whom we have a sexual relationship or a loving approach, is the knowledge or not of this person. Is the man or woman with whom we are having a love relationship known to us or not? Why can we make love with a completely unknown person who has a clear face? So when this happens the dreamer is experiencing a period of extreme confusion and he himself does not know exactly what the problem to be faced in his love affair. Typically these dreams represent passengers' discomfort, problems connected with small or big misunderstandings that are amplified in dreams with these scenes that can be very exciting but that can make the dreamer wake up with a very strong anxiety, thinking of having to betray in real life. Every time we find a person in our bed, a person we do not recognize, then we must try to understand the real causes that drive us to make these dreams and all this must be done analyzing our relationship that certainly does not live a good time and not necessarily on a sexual level. In fact, even a very simple communication problem can manifest itself with these dreams. Maybe sexually our relationship has no problems but the dialogue is not constructive, the way we deal with the love story is not conducive to its future development, its evolution. In dreams in which we ourselves unfortunately we can almost always see slight or immense illness of our soul related to our love life, illnesses that must be analyzed in order to quickly find a useful solution. But because sex and betrayal in a dream can be linked to fears, distressing situations, monotony of the couple relationship? Sexual energies are very powerful energies that must never be underestimated and their blockage, their difficulty in manifesting themselves, can create many problems for people. Here is a sexual relationship in dream with a person we do not know certainly identifies psychic energies that failing to find vent in real life, then they develop in the dream world.

Normally when we have a dream in which we betray, the person who is with us has a face that we know. A friend, a work colleague, even a relative or a brother or a cousin. Some people dream of making love with a priest or with a famous actor or singer and there are people who have sex with animals, but fortunately only in their dream world. When we make love with a person we know very well, for example with our brother, our sister, our father or our mother, then we are living a period in which, probably, we had a fight with this person and the relationship of love signals the possibility of rediscovering peace and serenity. So the oneiric sex represents the possibility of finding a balance with this person after maybe having faced a phase of discussion. A man told of dreaming, sometimes, to make love with his sister and felt very ashamed of all this. But he noticed that every time he did this kind of dreams, a few days later there was a lot of harmony between him and his sister. If he had quarreled with his sister, then there was a moment of peace, of tranquility, in which the hatred ended. So you are very positive dreams. However, generally when we are in bed with a person, we must try to understand what this person has that we like. Let's take a quick example to understand this concept. If we make love with our father, he probably has, in everyday life, a way of behaving that the dreamer likes and that he would like to see in his partner. A child can make love with his mother because some qualities of the woman are very appreciated and would like to see them in the woman he loves. Who knows how many girls who have a complete and satisfying sex life with their partner, dream of making love with a friend of their boyfriend or with their own friend. These dreams are often the symbol of a problem that is not addressed within the couple related to a lack, to something that is missing in our partner but that the dreamer can find in his friend. So a friend could be very kind and kindness instead is a quality that is missing in our partner. We conclude the argument by saying that sexual acts in a dream that are not voluntary but that we are forced to undergo, almost certainly indicate the need to find their own inner balance, a mental stability that otherwise could lead serious relationship problems with other people.


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