Cramps in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of feeling a big cramp that makes us feel a lot of pain on the abs? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a person who has a strong stomach cramp? Why can we dream of suffering from terrible cramps in the muscles of the legs and arms? What does it mean to dream of the amputation of the fingers of a hand that no longer moves? What does it mean to dream of seeing three men who can not walk because of severe pain in their legs? And what does it mean to dream of an unknown man or woman who can not wash her arms because of a paralysis in her hands? Dreams in which we feel paralyzed can be very scary, but dreaming of our parents or armless friends or dreaming of a child who can not walk are also very terrifying. What does it mean to dream of having a cramp that makes you suffer so much and not be able to find a solution? Have you ever dreamed of having very strong leg pains due to muscle cramps? In real life who knows how many times, maybe playing, doing sports, you had a block of a muscle, then a very painful cramp. Unfortunately this can also happen in our dream world. Dreaming of stomach pains, arms and legs falling asleep, a strange tingling in the face or feet that makes us fall and makes us lose our senses. Which and how many numbers can we play using the Neapolitan grimace to try to win a little money, if we dream of feeling so much pain because of a cramp, reading what the guide says and the dream book? "This night I dreamed of being with my boyfriend while we ran along a country road but I stopped because my legs were very bad. Last night I remember dreaming of going to the hospital because the hands were locked and did not move. Last night I dreamed that I was helping a deceased relative who could not walk because of a very strong pain at his feet. The other night I dreamed of falling off a ladder because my legs did not move". Today we analyze these dreams that can really be very scary and make us wake up with the heart beating very hard. Unfortunately, even in our dream world we can experience physical pain and having a cramp is undoubtedly an experience that many people have had.


Have you ever had the problem of cramps in your life? If you play sports you have probably suffered many times because of a cramp that is a really terrible physical event and that can bring so much pain. Cramp is a sudden muscle pain caused by the involuntary contraction of a muscle. The pain we can experience during a cramp can be really terrible, also because it can last many minutes. But why in dreams can we dream of having a terrifying pain in the leg, arm or in another part of the body? To be able to interpret these terrifying dreams that can make us wake up with enormous fear, we must start from two concepts: block and lack of expression. If we dream of not being able to walk because of the tremendous pain we feel in our legs, then we are experiencing a very complicated situation in which we can not do anything to move. We can not handle a situation, we can not find a solution, in fact we are still, stuck waiting to solve everything. The cramp then signals, very often, in our dreams, a very complicated moment of our life when we are not able to solve a situation that is haunting our thoughts. And the second concept is often connected with the first one. If we can not progress in our earthly existence, we can not move forward, then perhaps we can not express our qualities, our imagination, our creative power. The lack of trust we have in ourselves and therefore a low level of self-esteem, the lack of inner serenity that does not allow us to progress but obliges us to remain still in certain situations. Obviously this blockage we are experiencing in our lives can depend on ourselves and therefore on the lack of trust in our potential or from another person who might appear in dreams. Who is this person? With this person what relationship do we have? Let's take an example to understand this kind of dreams. A boy could be limited, in his creative expressions and his need for freedom, by an extremely strict mother and father. Here in the dream the boy while walking feels a strong pain in his leg or an arm.

This pain represents precisely the severity of his parents that does not allow him to express himself. But we could do a thousand examples to understand the meaning of paralysis, muscle pains and cramps in dreams. If we dream of being with the person we love and at some point we feel a very strong pain in a part of our body, then our romantic relationship is not going through a particularly positive and fortunate period and we risk living a love relationship full of problems and complications. Only the dreamer knows the problem that blocks his sentimental or working life. Only he can give meaning to these dreams and find a solution to his problem, identified with a very strong physical pain. Unfortunately, these dreams should not be underestimated because they always signal a very difficult situation to which we must necessarily find a solution. The details of the dream can be very useful for understanding other things. The people we meet, the objects we use or see, the emotions and sensations we experience as physical pain, the places we are in. Being hit by a cramp while we are at work is obviously the symbol of a situation that must be resolved at the workplace. One of our ideas is blocked, one of our projects does not go on because of us and because of a work colleague who has envy and jealousy. Here that physical pain is the representation of an extremely complicated phase in which we can suffer so much because we can not find an escape route. We often have to face a period of immobility, that is, a period in which we can not move forward and we just have to think about the best solutions to find in order to act when the right moment arrives. Usually cramps can hit the muscles of the legs or arms. Arms and legs in dreams always have a meaning related to work. In fact, thanks to the legs and arms we can do many types of jobs and bring home money to live.

Obviously if you have suffered from cramps in your life you know the pain you experience, a very strong and hallucinating pain. Even in a dream this pain can be so real that even many people remember to have woken up and have really had a severe pain or a simple soreness on their legs. Cramp also represents paralysis. When we can not move in a dream, then we are afraid to face a situation. Who knows how many of you have dreamed, at least once in their life, to try to escape from an animal, a beast, an unknown man or a shadow, but running or just walking was an impossible gesture to do. The immobility of life, the desire to want to escape from situations, from problems but the impossibility of being able to do such a thing. We run away from responsibilities and we can not do it, we have to tackle every problem and we must remove fear, fear, disappointment, pessimism, melancholy, all feelings that do not allow us to live peacefully. And here the cramp becomes a very strong message that comes from the depth of our soul, from its darkest part, from the subconscious, then from the deeper layer of our consciousness that wants, then, make us wake up, make us aware of the problem in order to act, react to an extremely complicated phase of our life. These dreams are not absolutely rare and in fact many men and women dream of paralysis of their body, the paralysis of a part of their body, a terrible cramp that produces a very strong pain. Sometimes a cramp can symbolize a period of extreme physical and mental weakness, that is, a phase of our life in which we are very tired and can not recover energies. Other times possible financial investments that do not produce good results, can hide behind this kind of dreams but it is only the dreamer who can understand, analyzing every detail of his dreams, the sector and the event that need to be carefully evaluated.


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