The bell in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of playing a huge church bell? What is the meaning of dreams in which we try to enter into an immense bell of glass, gold or silver? What does it mean to dream of hearing the bell of the school, the bell of the house that rings, the tolling of a bell tower, the cowbell of a cow? What does it mean to dream to see a small bell that falls, broken, tibetan, bronze? Why can we dream of finding a bell or give a small bell to someone we do not know? What does it mean to dream of a bell that is destroyed by a strong earthquake and collapses on the ground? And being near an ancient and precious bell with our mother, father, brother, sister, friend, work colleague, uncle, grandfather, dead relative, wife, husband, son? What does it mean to dream of putting the bell on an animal, cat, dog, cow, horse, sheep? Why can we observe a large bell that beats very loud and makes a deafening noise? And break a bell, destroy a bell in a dream? What does it mean to climb the bell tower of a cathedral to give the tolling of its bell? And ring the bell of your own church to wake up the city? Be at school and ring the bell to go out first. What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can be played in the lottery if at night, during sleep, we dream of playing a small bell, to try to win by following what we find written in the guide and the book on dreams? "Last night I remember dreaming of splitting a large bell in two pieces that I had inside my house. This night I dreamed that I was alone under a glass bell and I heard nothing, no noise. Last night I was joined by the sound of a big bell and I was very scared. The other night, in a dream, someone, a man or a woman I did not know, gave me a pendant with a little bell". At least once in your life you have had dreams of this kind. Let's try to understand today, in this article, what this object can mean when it appears in our dreams or nightmares. Let's try to understand the meaning of this particular object when it appears in our dream world.


Many people say that after having dreamed of listening to the sound of a bell, they actually received an invitation from someone in their daily life, an invitation to a party, a dinner, a business meeting. In fact, the bells are used to remember something. The bell of a church rings to remember a particular event, the feast of one's own city, the beginning of a funeral rite or the beginning of a marriage ceremony. The screaming school or work bell indicates that the school or work day is over. So the bell is often connected to events that can happen in life and that can be very positive for the dreamer. But we know very well that dreams do not indicate inevitable events but rather desires and advice. This concept is fundamental because if we hear a bell ring and it refers to a possible invitation that can arrive, we must then decide to accept or not this invitation that, in fact, should not be refused, being, in most cases, an event positive for the dreamer. If we observe, in dream, a bell that does not sound but remains fixed, motionless, then our subconscious wants to communicate that it would be much better to act and not wait unnecessarily for an event that we would like it to happen in our lives. If we decide to play ourselves a bell, then we can be very determined to reach a goal, we can have the right resolve to progress in our lives, thanks, in fact, to an important determination. Many times after having dreamed of hearing the sound of a bell, of a bell tower of a church, of a small bell, it is possible to be invited to a party but above all to receive good news. In fact, many people say they dreamed of bells that sound and that they received, in the following days, some good news, very favorable news, especially in the business sector. But the bell that rings can play a very sad or very cheerful music. In fact, the bells of a Church can reproduce the musical notes and then create small melodies sad and happy.

If you listen, in dream, to a bell that generates a very sad melody, then you are living a very melancholic, pessimistic and stimulus-free period. Only in rare cases does this sound symbolize an unfortunate event for the dreamer, a non-positive event that could affect his life or that of a person in his family. If the melody we listen to is very beautiful, cheerful, lively, then we can hope to be very optimistic, we can have a high level of self-esteem and certainly receive good news and after listening to beautiful melodies we can live wonderful moments with the people we love beyond to be able to receive fantastic news. Never forget that every detail of our dreams is fundamental. For example, the objects we see and use, the people who are with us, the places we are in and the feelings and emotions. All these details can provide useful clues for a better understanding of the dream and for a correct interpretation. And here we are together with the person we love and feel a beautiful melody created by the tolling of a bell, surely means that we are going to experience a very beautiful sentimental period, full of love, complicity, much affection and relaxation. Sometimes, even if this is a very rare thing, dreaming of being with a person who can be our boyfriend, husband, wife, lover, and listen to a beautiful bell, means being able to live a beautiful event that could also be the birth of a child or the purchase of a home or the beginning of a cohabitation, of a marriage. We have said that the bells that produce very sad sounds like those of the Church when they perform religious rites, can symbolize unfortunate events as well as very melancholy moods of the dreamer but in fact here we can face a very complex situation for which we must think very well before acting, before making a very important decision. Evidently these bell tolls sound like a possible warning, a warning not to make mistakes, in order not to fall into a trap.

But have you ever dreamed of playing a small or big bell yourself? For what reason can we dream of beating on a church bell or a little bell of our house? Why can we feel the need to ring a bell? First of all, behind this kind of dreams we can find the need, of the dreamer, to communicate in a period of his life in which dialogue with other people, but above all understanding, is at very low levels. If we find a man or a woman with us we must try to remember this man or woman because this person could be the key to a correct interpretation and to understand the sector in which we did not understand, we do not feel understood by others. The bells were used by some peoples as a real alarm system. And therefore, sometimes, hearing their tolling could presage an important novelty or a danger that we must face in our lives. Here the bell and its sound warn us of a serious problem that could happen and that can be really very complicated to solve. In some cases it is the indicator of a trap, of a trap in which we could fall but which can be avoided precisely if we understand this important oneiric meaning. Generally, the bells can indicate happy events just because ancient people played these objects to announce the end of a period of storms, storms, floods or terrible famines and wars. Certainly many people can, however, confirm that hearing the ring of a bell, an intercom, a large bell, can mean the arrival of good or bad news, however unexpected news, unexpected and will be other details of the dream that can make us understand if these news will be positive or negative. In some cases, even if very rare, listening to the distant tolling of a bell, can also symbolize a reawakening of one's conscience, after a period of stasis, after a period in which we stood still, without improving our condition of life. And here we are rightly dealing with an important evolution and interior maturation.


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