Count in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of seeing so many gold or silver coins? What is the meaning of dreams in which we count so much money in our hands? What does it mean to dream of seeing a bag, a suitcase full of so much paper money or stealing a suitcase full of money? Count, number, calculate, evaluate, count the money we have in the wallet. Why can we dream of counting the coins we have in our bag or in the pockets of a jacket or trousers? What does it mean to dream of finding fake banknotes or coins or counting pennies? For what reason can we dream of receiving a few or so much money from a deceased? It is often possible to dream of banknotes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 euros. What does it mean to count money and banknotes? Sometimes we can dream of paying for a coffee or something using euro cents. At other times we can dream of giving money to a dead person or seeing a deceased relative who gives money. And then some people remember to have dreamed of having little money to go shopping with. Have you ever dreamed of being together with your mother, father, grandparent, boyfriend, friend, work colleague, relative, son, husband, wife, sister, uncle, brother and counting a lot of money? What numbers can be extrapolated from the Neapolitan grimace to have fun in the lottery, when we remember having dreamed of finding so much money on the street to try to win something, following what the guide and the dream book says? "Last night I dreamed of being very happy because I received a lot of money. Last night I dreamed of being chased by a man I did not know who wanted to give me a bag full of money. Tonight I remember dreaming of throwing away a lot of paper bills. The other night I had, in my hands, a suitcase full of coins but I could not count them all". Let's try to understand the oneiric meaning of money but above all the meaning of those dreams in which we count banknotes or coins.


Unfortunately, the money appears very often in the dream world and surely you can understand why. Money is the most important tool in our life because it allows us to buy food, clothes, pay taxes, buy medicines to treat our health. So many people have financial difficulties and a lot of people, so they can dream of winning a large sum of money, finding a wallet full of money, finding a suitcase with lots of banknotes or a safe filled with gold bars or gold coins. Have you ever dreamed of counting money? Certainly each of you will have dreamed, at least once in your life, to give money, receive a check, lose your wallet or have a lot of coins as a gift but when we are counting the money then the meaning of dreams may be slightly different . To understand this kind of dreams, obviously, we need to start from the concept of money in the dream world. Money often represents power. In our society, if a person is very rich, then it is very powerful and therefore can do things that other people can not do. With money we can buy many things and realize many ideas and projects. So money as well as being a symbol of power is also a symbol of achievement. So when we dream of finding a suitcase full of money or a safe filled with gold coins, we could be in a phase of our life where we are full of psychophysical energy and we can do whatever we want, finding the right ideas to accomplish many what's this. The oneiric money does not indicate real wealth, therefore real gains but certainly signals the possibility of being able to succeed in some projects just for the security that the dreamer can have in a certain period of his life. And in fact another concept that binds very well to money is security. With money in our pockets or in the bank we are much safer, we feel a strong sense of certainty. Being without money in a dream, therefore, means feeling very weak, unsafe, uncertain and living with great anxiety.

And if the money we meet in a dream is absolutely false then we are facing a particularly difficult period of our life and in which all our certainties can suddenly collapse. For example, we can dream of finding a big bag with lots of money but discover that they are fake. So some ideas are not feasible, some projects fail and realization can not be achieved. But here, in this article and topic we want to talk about a gesture that we can do in a dream and that is a gesture that we often do even in real life. Count the money. Holding a wad of bills and counting their value. Having some coins in hand or finding a bag full of coins and counting their economic value. Why can we dream of counting even in our dreams? This attitude, this dream action is never banal but hides very important meanings that our subconscious wants to make us understand. Ambition. This word is fundamental and is the fulcrum of those dreams in which we are very careful to count the money we have found. Gold coins, silver coins, checks, paper banknotes. The dreamer counts the dreaming money. Because? Simple, its necessity in life is not only to become very rich but also to aspire to greater power, to go beyond a certain boundary. In fact, those who earn a lot of money have a small problem which is a great necessity of their own. They want to earn even more and are not satisfied with the results they have achieved. The power and success that never satisfies us, the desire to reach social positions of an even higher level. Here is what lies behind these dreams, precisely our ambition. We are not absolutely happy with the things we are doing and we want to get more. Maybe we have achieved a good social position, we have realized several projects, we have a great job that allows us to live quietly but inside us we are not satisfied yet.

But when we're counting something, maybe we're afraid that this thing will disappear. If you think very well, in the life of every day we count the money not only because we want to evaluate our real potential but also because we are afraid that someone steals our money. So we count and then, later we check if the money in our wallet, in our bag, in the safe, are always the same or not. Are we afraid of something? In real life we??may be afraid of thieves and therefore we may be afraid of losing the precious things we keep at home. In a dream, however, this fear that manifests itself with a sometimes obsessive gesture of counting money, can identify the fear of losing security but not the economic one. Even behind this kind of dreams we could also find a meaning related to feelings. Perhaps our romantic relationship is not going through a good period, perhaps the dreamer thinks that the person next to him is no longer feeling good and that his fear is manifested in a dream through the counting of money. Obviously this kind of dreams is not absolutely positive but from each of them we can bring out a beautiful message, a message that must be useful to our evolution and therefore a love that does not allow us to live calm, must be addressed and we will have to find a solution . Every dream detail is fundamental. If we are home and we count coins and try not to show us to our mother, father, brother, sister, wife, husband, then we are hiding a small or big secret. If we are at work while we count bills, then we are trying to hide some of our ideas, projects to our colleagues. We also conclude this subject by talking about those dreams in which the banknotes or coins are absolutely false, maybe paper, plastic and have no economic value. Unfortunately, these dreams are the symbol of a useless life we??are living. We are doing little useful things for our inner, spiritual evolution and therefore instead of evolving, of maturing, we are getting worse.


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