Being thin or fat in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of dieting and losing a lot of weight, so many kilos? What is the meaning of dreams in which we try to eat little food to lose weight? Why can we dream of eating so much fat food and becoming obese? Have you ever dreamed of seeing someone losing weight or seeing a friend, an enemy, a business colleague, brother, sister, cousin, uncle, grandfather, nephew, wife, husband, mother, father, husband or son who quickly fattens up? Why can we dream to see, meet, talk to a very fat or very thin person, without meat, skin and only with bones? What does it mean to dream of buying very thin animals or to see many hungry friends and are very thin? What does it mean to dream of being very thin or fat? Why can we dream of eating anything and getting fat a lot? To dream of being thin, of being thin, of being anorexic. Lose weight or get fat in a dream, be too obese or dream of losing weight, dream of a very thin deceased who comes to us asking for food. What does it mean to dream of finding our very fat dog or cat? What does it mean to dream of a very thin baby girl who is dying? To dream of being thin, of being anorexic. What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can be played in the lottery if at night, during sleep, we dream of going to a weight loss center, trying to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "Tonight I remember dreaming of being helped by a nurse. Last night I dreamed that I was with so many people who had to take a weight loss treatment. Last night I dreamed of having so much hunger and thirst and I was very thin. The other night I could not eat because I was without strength". Who knows how many girls and women will have dreamed, at least once in their life, to eat a lot or to suffer hunger but above all to get fat or become skinny. Very widespread dreams that of course can hide important concerns from the dreamer, even very serious psychological situations. Other times, however, this type of dreams shows quite banal messages but not to be underestimated.


This kind of dreams is obviously very common among boys and girls but also between men and women. Unfortunately, a body in excellent shape, very thin, muscular and fat-free, without cellulite, is the dream of many people, of many women and men. But why can we dream of being very thin or obese? First of all we need to understand if the dreamer has a serious problem with his body. In fact, seeing yourself thin, fat, means having a small or big problem in the relative life, probably just to the physical aspect but in a more complete and specific way to the level of self-esteem. So we have a beautiful body in real life but we dream of being very fat. Probably here we are not talking about an aesthetic difficulty, of a part of our body that we do not like, but we are talking about an inner aspect that does not allow us to live well with ourselves and with others. So, very often, thinness and obesity in a dream, represent our self-esteem that is very low. Many people do a job for which they do not feel suitable, have a not very positive family or sentimental relationship, or friends with whom there is very little harmony and here in dreams these problems turn into excess pounds or excessive weight loss. Many dreamers tell of having dreamed of being in front of a mirror and seeing a completely different body from the real one, a terrifying body. Maybe in the mirror we saw another person. Seeing in the mirror the body of another man or woman is the symbol of a period in which we are not loved above all by ourselves. So a very low level of self-esteem, the fear of not being able to cope with situations, the fear of not being able to resolve oppositions, obstacles and illnesses that continue to circulate in our lives. But why our body can be fat or thin? Generally a very fat body, then obese could also be a very positive symbol because here we are faced with abundance. The abundance of pounds, weight, can, in fact, symbolize the abundance of favorable opportunities in life, opportunities to be seized on the fly, of events that can improve our earthly life.

The mirror is our soul that reflects our needs and therefore in a certain moment of our life we??may need to have more confidence in ourselves, but a trust that is blocked and does not allow us to live positively the existence of all days and then in the mirror we see a very thin person, so a person who is not able to go on, can not solve his problems and does not open the doors to new things, to the opportunities that can renew his life. A widespread dream is also one in which the dreamer finds a very thin person who is dying along a road. In short, a beggar who asks for money or something to eat. This beggar can be a person we know or a completely unknown individual, perhaps very old, unkempt and smelly. If the person who asks for food because he is very hungry is a person we know, then we must try to understand the link we have with it. What link do we have with this person? Certainly this man or woman may need us or represent the possibility of receiving help in solving our problem. Here is an example. We dream of finding a friend of ours who asks for food. Probably this friend needs help in her life or it has a characteristic that we own and that therefore makes us understand that we ourselves have a problem to solve. In short, in this case, dreams not only help us understand the problem but also offer us the solution. If obesity in our dream world often symbolizes abundance, thinness instead symbolizes poverty of occasions, lack of ideas, loss of esteem. This kind of dreams rarely concerns money and therefore economic problems or plenty of money in our lives and only other details will offer an interpretation that goes in this direction and of course you know that every detail of dreams is very important and should not be left out.

Very often dreams are really what we see. In this case obesity and excessive thinness are a widespread problem among boys and girls. In fact, many people are obsessed with their bodies. People who are skinny and who think they are obese or very fat people who think they are very thin. Psychic problems, very serious problems that must be addressed because they can lead to diseases such as bulimia or anorexia. If the dreamer is a boy who in his real life is obsessed with a body that must be perfect, then he can dream of finding himself with a terrible physical appearance, full of scars, full of wounds, fat. Unfortunately, these situations are widespread and if you have a child who tells you this kind of dreams then you need to find a solution to the problem before it can become very real in life and even more difficult to solve. If we dream of doing a weight loss treatment, then here we are dealing with a definitely positive meaning. In fact, being obese and solving the problems of excessive weight, means being able to improve our existence, finding the right solution to the difficulties while the refusal of a cure is the symbol of a regression, an involution, not only external but also interior, to spiritual level. The obsession of having a body that is always wonderful, beautiful, wonderfully healthy often manifests itself in the dream world with a terrible aspect or with an imaginary physical aspect that should be what we desire. However, losing weight or accumulating weight in dreams almost always identifies the need to recover mental and physical energies or the need to rediscover optimism and self-esteem that we often lose during our lives because of the small or big problems we face. Dreams very educational so that we must not underestimate but from which we must draw out a useful lesson of life because the dream is an imaginary but very creative world that can open our mind, make us understand the right path to take.


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