The guitar in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of destroying, breaking, dropping an electric, classical, acoustic guitar that is very precious and expensive? Why can we dream of fixing, arranging the wood of an ancient guitar or can we dream of a guitar that breaks by itself? And to dream of changing the strings to your acoustic guitar? Break ropes, burn a guitar with gasoline. What is the meaning of dreams in which we see manufacturing, building, a guitar? Guitar, trumpet, drums, saxophone, violin. See a band that plays a beautiful melody. What does it mean to dream of entering a store to buy an expensive guitar full of gold and silver? Have you ever dreamed of meeting a friend who plays a strange guitar? And dream of giving a tiny guitar to a child? See, some chords, dream a manual to learn how to play. Dreaming of a guitar that plays alone. What does it mean to dream of stealing guitars in a music store? What does it mean to dream of playing a guitar of red, yellow, brown, white, black, green, blue, light blue, pink, light blue, orange? Have you ever dreamed of lending a musical instrument to a friend, co-worker, cousin, brother-in-law, brother, boyfriend, relative, parent, child, husband, lover? And how many times have you dreamed of not being able to play, being without hands and not being able to strum a big guitar? What does it mean to dream of knowing how to play electric guitar like a real professional? Dreaming of a man or a woman we do not know who sings a beautiful song using chords on a guitar. Which and how many numbers can we play using the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery if we want to win money if we dream of playing a beautiful guitar with a beautiful melody and harmony, following what we find written in the guide and the book on dreams? "Last night I remember being on a beach with some friends playing the guitar. Last night I found a very old and precious guitar inside my cellar. This night I dreamed of being together an unknown person who asked me to play a strange guitar. The other night I went into a musical instrument store but could not find the guitar I liked". Let's try to understand the oneiric message that is hidden behind a musical instrument like the guitar.


First of all, in order to understand these dreams and in particular those in which we can see musical instruments like a guitar, we need to start from the concept of music. What is music and why can it appear in our dreams? Music is an art capable of uniting sounds, noises and silences with each other over time and in space. So even silence, fear, noise can be understood as music. Obviously a beautiful melody can be more beautiful to listen than a deafening noise. Often the music in our dreams symbolizes a particular state of mind and to understand the nature of this state of mind, we must try to remember the kind of music, the kind of music we have heard in our dream world. For example, if we remember having heard a very sweet music, quiet, pleasant, then, probably, we are living a great period of peace, we are facing a situation, family, sentimental, working, very positive and does not create particular concerns. In fact, music can relax when we are experiencing a phase of extreme nervousness, anxiety, stress. So music in dreams can be seen as a cure, the care of our soul. If to dream a beautiful melody can indicate a good period of our life in which we are very balanced, a very sad melody instead symbolizes a worrying period in which something disturbs our mind, our days. Some people when they hear a very sad melody produced, played by instruments like the violin, the piano, a guitar, they think someone can die. In reality this thing is not absolutely true because melancholy music in dreams only signals a state of mind. We must always start from the real concept of an object or a situation that can then reappear in a dream. And so if we listen to music or songs very sad in our day, this happens because, probably, we are living a very heavy, complicated, unspoilt period. Instruments that play very melancholic music are often associated, in our dreams or nightmares, to death, simply because in some popular traditions, the music that is sung behind the funerals is very sad.

But let's try to understand the meaning of a very widespread musical instrument like the guitar. In the world there are many guitar models with which you can play many types of music: jazz, pop, rock, blues, rap, metal, etc ... Sometimes this musical instrument can have a meaning not very favorable, in fact it can deceive the dreamer or make sure that the dreamer deludes a person he knows in his life. When we dream of playing ourselves a guitar, perhaps we are deluding a person who believes in us and especially if the melody we play is confusing, not very happy, we risk doing much harm to this person. But musical instruments are used to express what we feel and feel inside us, inside our heart, inside our soul. A boy who wants to conquer a girl, perhaps sings a song, plays a musical instrument. Music therefore attracts, unites, conquers. A very widespread meaning when we see a guitar, but above all we play this beautiful instrument, is linked to our moods and our desire to express what we are feeling at a certain moment of our life. It is very easy to be sad for any reason and to dream of playing a melancholy melody or we are happy for a wonderful event that we experienced in real life and then remember to have played a fantastic song. It must be said that these dreams are obviously very common even among those who have never played a musical instrument but who in their dream world become very good musicians, knowing how to move their fingers in an incredible way. Of course we can play ourselves or listen to someone playing. When we play ourselves, then we must try to understand that we want to express something, a feeling, a thought, an idea. Music is creativity and imagination and often the best songs and melodies are born of chance. Here you play a very particular guitar, extremely colorful with bright colors, very beautiful aesthetically, it means being in a phase of our life where creativity is very strong, our imagination is free and allows us to express our thoughts, our ideas and our feelings.

In fact, these dreams often happen immediately before having realized a project, an idea or just before having conquered, attracted a person in love. Certainly if we remember playing a beautiful melody with our hands on a guitar, then we can accomplish something very important in our life or we are already doing something. So here we are dealing with a wonderful meaning. But many people, especially many boys and girls, dream of not being able to play the guitar. They simply can not express their feelings towards someone, they can not take advantage of their creative skills and therefore can not progress in their love, work and professional life. Unrequited love, therefore a disappointment of love, can turn into our dreams in the form of a very bad song that we hear or play ourselves. So the guitar cries, expresses our inner sadness that maybe we do not manifest in real life and this hidden pain that grows can appear in the dream world in this way. Being able to play a beautiful melody is almost always a positive thing because the dreamer could really express his feelings to a person but not only in love. In fact, we must never forget that every detail of dreams is fundamental. So even the people who are with us can help us understand the real meaning of the dream. If we dream of singing and playing with some friends, maybe around a fire on a beach, then we can spend nice carefree moments with these friends during a party or a meeting. If we play a song with our parent on our side, then the relationship with it could become more beautiful or less peaceful. All of this obviously depends on the type of melody we hear or produce with our guitar. And to dream of being with a work colleague could mean participating in a nice project that can bring very positive results. Breaking, throwing away, burning guitars means refusing to express one's ideas, opinions, thoughts, feelings and therefore refusing to live a moment of joy and creativity.


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