Condemnation in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of suffering a terrible sentence in a court? What does it mean to dream of condemning our father, mother, grandfather, boyfriend, friend, work colleague, relative, son, husband, wife, sister, uncle, brother, pope, actor or famous singer? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a person being condemned and executed by another person? Why can we dream of a sentence for forced labor or life imprisonment? What does it mean to dream of seeing someone we do not know who is condemned by a judge in a court? What does it mean to dream of an unknown person being sanctioned and taken to prison by the police? Why can we dream of dying with a lethal injection? And dream of the date of his own death? Many people dream of being dead and do not know it. What does it mean to dream of dying and being reborn after a crucifixion? Many times it is possible to dream of dying, dreaming of being killed with a gun, a knife, dreaming of being hanged. What does it mean to dream of being condemned to death? Dreaming of the death penalty or dreaming of being subjected to a robbery, sexual harassment, a theft, a trial, an ambush, an attack. What does it mean to dream of being convicted of a crime that we have not committed? What does it mean to dream of a judge pronouncing a sentence? Have you ever dreamed of undergoing a trial and dreaming of being judged in the presence of your lawyer? What numbers can you pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we dream of being punished by a very strict judge, to try to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "Last night I dreamed that I had to be jailed for 30 years. Last night I dreamed of being sentenced to hanging. Last night I remember dreaming of being convicted of murder. This night I dreamed of being in court but I was acquitted by the judge". Being innocent or guilty in a dream, being judged, being convicted, being guilty for committing a crime or not. These dreams can be really terrible. Let's try to understand what lies behind this symbolism, the oneiric symbology of condemnation.


Being arrested for being taken to a prison awaiting a sentence. A court that judges is a judge who inflicts a very heavy sentence. Ergastolo, death penalty by hanging or by shooting or even death on the electric chair. Dreams that can be terrifying. When we are condemned in a dream then we are experiencing an extremely complicated, difficult period, a phase of our life in which our conscience is not absolutely clean. It must be said that even if we do not think of something that happened during our daily life, our brain stores everything and our subconscious at night elaborates all these details trying to make us understand something that in life instead has escaped us, perhaps for superficiality. Behind a dream sentence, behind an arrest and the judgment of a court, we almost always find a small fault that we have committed. In short, we have done something that at the moment we are not repentant but that subsequently returns in a dream to make us understand that we have done something wrong. Banally we could give an example to understand this kind of dreams or nightmares. A child does not obey his mother and his rebellion creates a climate of malaise and bad communication in the family. Here this son in a dream can find himself in a court or in a prison cell and be condemned or acquitted. The condemnation identifies the possibility that the dreamer, in this case the son, we understood his problems, he understood that he had made a mistake against his mother and the sense of guilt becomes a very severe or rather light oneiric punishment. If the child is acquitted in his dream world then he is sure he has not done anything wrong but this can be a serious mistake and represent a serious problem of selfishness. But why can we even dream of having terrible convictions? Have a life sentence, have a sentence of 30 years in cárcel and dream of not being able to get out of jail. And dream of receiving a death sentence? A judge who establishes our death by shooting or hanging.

Terrible nightmares that can make us wake up with a heart beating a thousand. Usually in everyday life we??commit small and big mistakes and the feelings of guilt can be many or even non-existent. Feeling a great feeling of guilt for having committed something to a person, translates into a dream with a great sentence like a death sentence. Many people who do this kind of nightmares think they have to die, have to be arrested or be able to commit a serious crime in their lives but in reality the situation is extremely simple. Feelings of guilt that during our everyday life remain hidden inside our mind, our heart, but which come out in a dream with all their strength driven by our very powerful subconscious, a subconscious that is extremely attentive to our real needs and that can never be underestimated because it wants us to evolve, mature above all on an inner and spiritual level. When we suffer a condemnation in our dream world, we almost always know that we have committed something wrong, that we have made a mistake and our guilt must not be underestimated otherwise we will continue to make mistakes, we will continue to commit various errors without finding a valid solution. Often behind this kind of dreams is also hidden another important meaning and that is a very strong dissatisfaction with what we are doing in life. A low level of self-esteem, a period of strong pessimism, a very delicate phase that we can not solve, to support. We are often facing a very difficult working and economic period. Maybe we think we do not have the right qualities to do something, to carry on a project or we are living a period full of debts and lack of money. All these worries can turn into our dream world with a terrible death sentence or a life sentence. In short, the dreamer thinks he can not solve his problem and this is a great surrender for him, a great defeat in real life.

Many problems, many difficulties in our life seem to be insurmountable and the only thing to do, seems to be that of having to abandon everything and be arrested without defending and being brought to court to suffer a harsh sentence, is the epilogue of a stage too complicated for us so we decide not to fight anymore. Another very important thing not to be underestimated in this kind of dreams is death. When we are condemned to shooting, hanging, electric chair, lethal injection, then we know we have to die. Death always indicates a possible change in our life, a necessary and unavoidable change that is about to come and that we must accept otherwise it will not be possible to evolve. If the conviction symbolizes a guilt that we have committed, the death of the condemned instead signals the possibility of expiating this guilt and then finding a solution, of solving a situation by changing the way of life. Whenever you dream of being condemned by someone, try to remember the places where you are, the people that are with you, the objects you see and use and the feelings and emotions you experience. If during the condemnation phase we are able to see him or her who has reported us, then we will be able to understand the problem that afflicts our soul and our daily life. So we have committed a crime and we know to which person we have committed this crime. But if instead of being condemned we see another person being condemned? We dream of being in a court and our mother, our father, our son are condemned to death by some lawyers and judges. Behind these dreams we often hide fear, anxiety, the tension related to an interpersonal relationship, to a relationship that we have with the person who is condemned in the dream world. Perhaps we think that the person has committed a fault, we made a mistake precisely to us and then our subconscious punishes these people with a terrible sentence.


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