Prison in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of entering a juvenile prison for committing sexual violence? What is the meaning of the dreams in which we are arrested and taken to prison? Why can we dream of making a robbery and being arrested? What does it mean to dream of being in a maximum security prison, having been sentenced to life imprisonment and being able to escape with other people? What does it mean to dream of seeing so many men, women, children imprisoned or being a jailer ourselves? Why can we dream of being locked in a room in a prison in our city surrounded by policemen? What does it mean to dream of visiting a prison, a huge prison, a huge prison, a detention house and seeing so many empty cells? What does it mean to dream of being in prison for injuring or killing a person? Have you ever dreamed of accompanying someone in prison? What does it mean to dream of going to see father, friend, enemy, mother, brother, sister, brother-in-law, cousin, son, husband, wife, father-in-law, work colleagues who are locked up in jail and can not go out for years? What does it mean to dream of committing a crime and being arrested? For what reason can we dream of having to go to prison and be able to escape, run away from so many policemen, despite alarms and very high walls? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can be played to have fun winning the lottery if at night, during sleep, we dream of going to jail, following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember having entered a very large prison where I reached a friend who had been arrested for committing a robbery. Last night I dreamed I was with so many men I do not know, locked up in a cell and they wanted to hurt me. Last night I dreamed of making a robbery and the police arrested me. This night I dreamed that I was beaten up in barracks by some policemen who wanted to tell me the truth". Unfortunately this dream environment can be very scary just because in real life being arrested and taken to jail is not a positive event. Here our subconscious wants to communicate something with this kind of dreams, wants to provide messages that, in most cases, are very important for the dreamer.


First of all, to understand this type of dreams we must start from the concept, from the real meaning of prison in real life. Prison is a place of punishment but also of education, especially when we talk about boys who are arrested for committing various crimes. The jail can be very harsh for those who have suffered a long sentence, perhaps life imprisonment. Here we can start from these concepts. Punishment and education. When we dream of having been convicted by a judge for committing a robbery, a robbery, murder or other types of crime and we find ourselves in a court where we are transferred to a prison cell, then we are probably experiencing a situation of extreme discomfort, a situation in which it is possible to be really very melancholic because we think we have something wrong. In fact behind this kind of dreams, hides the difficulty of the dreamer to understand a real mistake, to understand an error that has been committed to look for a good solution. In essence, the prison can be seen as a punishment of our soul that does not allow us to progress, to mature until we understand our mistakes. Obviously we must not be afraid of these dreams that do not mean that we will be really arrested and taken to jail. We simply know that we are wrong but maybe we do not admit guilt but our subconscious, much more powerful than our mind, our thought, during the dream world brings out these misunderstandings, these contradictions, this malaise that we try to hide. A child may dream of being in jail because he thinks he's wrong about his parents, to whom he has not even obeyed. A husband betrays his wife and his conscience, at night, during dreams, shows a beautiful cell in which to remain closed in the dark forever. Punishment, repentance, inner malaise. Here are three words that identify, very often, an arrest. If the punishment that takes us to jail is very long, maybe we were sentenced to 30 years imprisonment or even life imprisonment or even worse to death, then we know we have committed a serious fault and perhaps we can not find a remedy.

Often this punitive environment can represent a very sad phase of our life in which we think we do not have a way out, a period in which our self-esteem is at low levels and we are not optimistic, indeed, melancholy, depression, apathy, idleness they are our life companions. If during the dream we remember to be locked up in a very dark, dark cell, then it is very likely to be in a period of great mental suffering, in a phase of our earthly existence in which we are unable to find a solution to our problems. Really terrible dreams that can make us wake up with a sense of great sadness, depression but never forget that dreams and nightmares want to communicate messages and messages must be a lesson for us, must serve to improve our lives, to find solutions to problems . And indeed, in our dream world, many details must not be overlooked. Every sensation and emotion we experience, every person we meet, every place we visit and any object we see and use, must absolutely be remembered in order to arrive at a very correct interpretation. Here, for example, very often the figures of the police, policemen should not be seen as negative figures in a dream but as a protection. They protect us in real life and if, in some cases they arrest us, this happens only because we have made a mistake, we have committed a crime. Another meaning that hides behind the symbolism of the prison is connected with a period of life in which it is necessary to think, to stay still, not to act but to think. He who is taken to jail has a long time to expiate his guilt, to think of his mistake and to try to avoid making other mistakes when he leaves the cell. Perhaps when we dream of being in jail, we simply need to think, to reflect on some situations, to find a calm solution to a problem that can also be important and that does not allow us to live in a calm, peaceful and balanced way.

Prison may have other dangerous connotations that must be well evaluated by the dreamer. For example, this place of punishment could denote a period in which we feel threatened by someone or something and to understand this threat from where it comes we must, no doubt, try to remember every detail of the dream. Sometimes being locked up in a cell can also mean not having any hope for the future and failing to find useful solutions to the problems that beset and fill our heads. Basically we are facing a period in which we do not want to do anything, idleness is our life partner and apathy does not allow us to act, to do something constructive to improve our situation. But first we also said that this environment can be seen not only as a place of punishment but also as a useful place to educate people. In fact, many boys, many men and women who live in prison, can work, attend classes and are therefore not abandoned but educated in such a way that when they leave the jail, they can return to live without problems, being able to easily interact with society, with other people. And so when we dream of being in prison we can think of being in a very constructive, positive phase, a period of our life in which we can create, realize, mature, evolve on a material level but also on a spiritual level. According to Sigmund Freud, the prison of our dreams is an unconscious space in which the dreamer blocks instincts, sexual desires, the most secret and reprehensible ideas. An aspect of our character or of our life that is denied and that we are able to lock up, to block, so that it can not cause any damage. From this point of view, the prison is a very good symbolism, very positive for the progress of the person who has to fight against character parts and very complex times that could damage their own evolution but also interpersonal relationships with other people. Being in dreams in jail manifests feelings of frustration, anxiety, fear, tension that do not allow us to live certain situations. Of course, in addition to the concept of punishment and education that we have expressed before, the prison is also the symbol of the lack of freedom, that freedom of thought and not only physical, which is blocked at some point in our lives and does not allow us to be what we want to be, does not allow us to live according to our true character, according to our instinct. An independence that does not find useful outlets and that can also lead to serious psychophysical illnesses.


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