Burn in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being at home and burning wood in the fireplace? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a person burning another person? Dreaming of seeing their home burn, dreaming of so many high flames that do not go out. Why can we dream of flames and smoke coming out of our apartment? What does it mean to dream of burning your hair, your feet, your hands, your eyes, your legs, your fingers with gasoline or having so many burns on your back? What does it mean to dream of burning alive? And dream of burning wood in our fireplace? What does it mean to dream of burning food, cockroaches, money, a tree, a cat, a snake, a card? And why can we dream of burning a friend, an enemy, a dead relative or our father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, grandfather, brother-in-law, father-in-law, boyfriend, husband, son, wife, work colleague? What meaning can cigarette burns have in our dreams? Burning something with the cigarette, ignite, ignite, incinerate, burn, burn, flare, burn our house, the place where we work, the clothes we wear or anything . What does it mean to dream of burning something? What numbers can you pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to have fun in the lottery when we dream of burning clothes or shoes, to look for a win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember dreaming of being burned by someone I did not know. Last night I dreamed that I wanted to light the fire in my fireplace but I could not because the wood was wet. Last night I dreamed of seeing a tree that burned and nobody could put out the flames. Tonight I dreamed of burning lots of cardboard boxes and made a very big bonfire. Along with me there were many friends, relatives and work colleagues". Well, today we try to understand the meaning of the fire but above all the flames and the act of inflating something in our dream world. What is behind this behavior?


Fire is a fundamental element in our life because it serves for many things and when it appears in dream it still takes on a fundamental meaning. We must not think of hell, then a divine punishment when we dream of being immersed in a fire with very high flames and burning at very high temperatures. Obviously making a comparison with real life can certainly help us to understand the dreamlike meaning of this element. So, in our life, fire is used to roast food, to burn wood, to heat our home and ourselves, to burn useless things that then become ashes and ashes is another fundamental dream element to remember and to keep in mind. consideration for a correct interpretation of the dream. If we burn something then we are transforming, we are effecting a transformation, then a change. For example, if we cook a slice of meat on the fire, then we are turning raw food into cooked food. If we light the wood in the fireplace we are instead changing the temperature of our home that goes from cold to warm. In short, the fire, the flames, are the symbol of a necessary, inevitable, unavoidable transformation in our life. Obviously to understand very well the sector in which this change can take place, we must absolutely try to remember all the details of the dream, people, objects, places, sensations and emotions that we feel. To give a quick example and understand the concept we could dream of lighting a fire with lots of paper, cartoons, useless things and having our fiancé, husband, wife, lover at our side. In this case we are burning our passion, we are in a period in which we have, probably a very strong erotic charge that must find an outlet in love and the person by our side confirms this concept. If, however, the fire becomes excessive and risks to burn ourselves or the person who is with us, then the risk is to have an excessive passion that can turn into selfishness, narcissism and ending in arguments and arguments.

Burning food is another thing we can often do in our dreams. When we dream of roasting something that can be meat, fish, when we dream of cooking vegetables, legumes, pasta in very hot water or when we dream of burning other types of food on our kitchen, then we are changing something in our life or otherwise we need to change something that can be our attitude, our way of thinking, our fault or merit. Since food signals the need to recover energy and therefore signals an inner maturation, then burning, roasting, burning food means understanding this transformation, understanding that it is inevitable and accepting it without problems. But behind these dreams can hide many other meanings. Set fire to our home or the home of our parents or a work colleague or ignite the place, the office in which we work. These dreams are widespread and I can easily point out the need to start from the beginning, having to resume a path from the start. So in this case the flames purify, eliminate everything that is no longer indispensable in the life of the dreamer who at some point can decide to leave for new adventures and then we can witness the abandonment of the house in which we live with parents for a need independence, we can abandon a job that is no longer interesting for us, we can decide to start a new love relationship or close a sentimental relationship that does not make us happy. Obviously we must always remember the places where we are, the people who are with us, the sensations we feel and the objects we use, for example, to light the fire. Sometimes the flames that burn our clothes can symbolize the arrival of a psychophysical discomfort that may require medical treatment but this, fortunately, is a very remote element. But what does it mean if we burn our body ourselves? Maybe we pour gas on ourselves and burn the legs, the arms, the face?

When we burn part of our body does not mean that we have the desire to die, to commit suicide but in any case these dreams have quite a negative meaning because they can symbolize the little personality we possess at a certain moment in our life. In fact, behind these dreams we can hide a very low level of esteem, a self-esteem practically absent in some people when they have to face a path, make a decision, make a choice. At the moment when life places us at a crossroads, then at a choice, then we can dream of burning parts of our body, for example the legs and arms that are the symbol of work, because thanks to the leg and arms we can do many things. Burning our face means not accepting ourselves and therefore always having a low level of self-esteem but the face can also indicate our conscience. Maybe we made a mistake, we feel we have something wrong but we do not apologize, we do not remedy the mistake and therefore the gesture of throwing gasoline on the face means not having the strength to understand the errors and find the solution. Often when we commit a sin we can dream of fire and flames and in fact these elements are the basis of divine punishment and we find them in the symbolism of hell and the devil that burns the souls of those who committed sins during their earthly existence. A dream that can be very scary, especially for women, is the one in which the hair catches fire. Burning their hair is a bad omen because they represent strength and for many women they are an extremely important element of beauty. So the hair that burns can signal a very difficult period that is about to arrive and that can be full of pessimism and non-positive events. We conclude this article by talking about those dreams in which we burn a person we know. These dreams must make us understand that something has to change in the relationship with this person so that things can improve and in fact to see dine means to definitively conclude a relationship to start another path.


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