Hair in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of combing our red and curly hair? What does it mean to dream of having hair falling on the ground in the pot or in food, in the mouth, in the mouth? Why can we dream of picking up broken or fallen hair, knotted or can we see a lot of hair between our teeth? And what does it mean to dream of having our hair very thin or white, red, brown, blond, light blue, green, blue, black? Not having hair on your head is a widespread dream. What does it mean to dream of being completely bald or with shaved hair? To dream of having the hair very short, long, untidy or tidy, uncombed. What does it mean to dream of combing your hair with a strange iron comb? Having fake hair, wearing a wig, being without hair, having only one hair on the head or very long, very short hair. What does it mean to dream of the hair catching fire and we can not extinguish the flames? How many times have you dreamed of losing a few or so many hairs? What is the meaning of dreams in which we wash our very dirty hair with shampoo and water? What does it mean to dream of finding some hair in the brush, comb or dreaming of drying hair? And dream of wetting the hair of our mother, father, sister, sister-in-law, cousin, aunt, grandmother, boyfriend, wife, husband, brother, sister, friend, work colleague? Why can we dream of finding a lot of hair in the drain of the bathroom which is then clogged? What does it mean to dream that our hair has braids? What does it mean to dream of being a hairdresser, a barber, a beautician to cut or dye your hair. Burn your hair, your hair and hair. What kind of numbers can we play from the Neapolitan grimace to have fun in the lottery when we dream of having very long hair, to try to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember washing my hair using only fresh water. Last night I dreamed that I ate my hair. Last night I dreamed of being at my hairdresser to dye my hair in another color. This night I dreamed that I became completely bald". Let's try to understand the meaning of this kind of dreams that are very common among people and often have very important meanings.


Of course we all have dreamed, at least once in our lives, our hair. Behind this oneiric symbolism many meanings are hidden. Meanwhile, let's just say that dreaming of having beautiful long hair, in excellent shape and very clean, means that we are facing a beautiful period, a phase of our lives very positive, effective and in which, thanks to our strength, we can achieve many projects. If we do not have very long hair in real life or even we are completely shaved or bald, a thick and strong hair in dream can symbolize a great energy, a moment of our life where we can really do a lot of things and realize many professional projects. Dreams really very positive especially when we dream of combing and washing our hair. Their washing often represents the possibility of renewing our life thanks to numerous opportunities and great potential that we possess because, in addition, having excellent hair in a dream, means having a great creativity and a great imagination, useful for having excellent ideas for to be able to improve our earthly existence and to face various problems with such confidence. Obviously if we remember having dreamed of having very dirty hair, hair that stinks and with various problems, then we are living a difficult phase of our life, a very complicated phase in which pessimism can be very dangerous. To understand the real meaning of our hair in the dream world, we must always start from its concept in everyday life. What are the hair for? What can they symbolize? The hair is used to protect the head, the scalp and therefore can symbolize the need to protect our thoughts our ideas, our projects. Their symbolism, in this case, can easily be reconnected to that of the hat that appears in a dream. This meaning is even more true when we dream of wearing a wig that can signal the need to hide something.

Very often we can dream of being in front of a mirror but the hair we see is not what we have in real life. Maybe we are wearing a strange wig, maybe we have a cut that we do not like, maybe the color of our hair is unwatchable or different from the real color. Seeing very different hair can indicate the need of the dreamer to overturn his life that is no longer interesting and that has become monotonous. A very extravagant color and therefore yellow, red, green, blue can signal the need to find new stimuli and to face new paths in one's life. If we have very long hair and in good shape then we are living a very good period, but having very short hair does not mean having to face a difficult period. To understand the importance of a thick hair or a few hairs, we have to start from real life. People often prefer to have very short hair so as not to have to take care of a thick hair. And here in a dream this can mean the need to abandon some responsibilities that we no longer want to have. Perhaps we are fleeing from someone who is too oppressive or perhaps we are escaping from a situation that is absolutely not useful for our progress. Obviously, hair is often connected with our sense of self-esteem. Our self-esteem can be at low levels or at high levels so we can feel very prepared to face life or we can have little confidence in ourselves. Very well groomed, combed, washed and perfumed hair, signal the possibility of having confidence in the things we are doing, in our potentialities and our possibilities while very badly damaged hair, dirty hair, that stinks and even burns, symbolize a serious problem of the dreamer, a problem of low self-esteem that does not allow you to live your everyday life with tranquility and above all relationships with other people. And indeed interpersonal relationships are often represented by hair.

Sometimes we can dream of being at the hairdresser or barber to cut our hair. The hairdresser often represents a help that we can have in our life, a valid help to solve some situations that otherwise we could not solve. So very positive dreams that hide the possibility of finding a good solution for a problem that fills our thoughts. A dream really bad and that is a real nightmare, is the one in which we can not speak or breathe because in our mouth there are so many hairs that are likely to make us suffocate. The hair in the mouth is obviously the symbol of a difficulty in communication, an extreme difficulty in being able to develop a dialogue with some people who could also be present in dreams and in fact never forget to remember every dream detail, people we meet, places we visit , objects that we see and also feelings and emotions that we experience. And here is that facing our husband and not being able to talk because we have some hair in his mouth, it means having some difficulties in love, relationship problems on a sentimental level that can make the love relationship worse. If in a dream we lose all our hair while combing or while we wash, then we are living a particularly complex, difficult, energy-free period and we must also say that, in some cases, but very rarely, losing a lot of hair means having some health problem. Many men dream of becoming bald. Baldness is a disease that is often associated with stressful phases and hormonal problems. Basically, dreaming of being without hair, especially for men, can indicate a phase of strong stress deriving from a lot of work or from many problems that is not easy to deal with. Often behind these dreams hides a strong erotic, sexual desire that can not find a useful vent and that therefore makes the dreamer little confidence in relationships with women, in courtship. And here we are still faced with a period of low self-esteem as well as physical and mental fatigue.


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