The nails in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What is the meaning of dreams in which we buy so many nails? What does it mean to dream of having so many nails stuck in the skin, in the legs, in the face, in an eye, in the neck, in the hands, in the fingers, in the arms, in the head, under the feet? What does it mean to dream of using nails and a hammer to hang a picture on the wall? Why can we dream of finding nails on the floor, in the wall, in the bed? And dream of shooting nails with a gun at someone? What does it mean to dream of having a nail between your teeth? And what does it mean to dream of planting or removing some big and long rusty nails? How many times have you dreamed of seeing a few broken, broken, crooked nails that do not come in, rusty, of steel, of gold, of silver. What does it mean to be with our mother, father, son, grandfather, uncle, cousin, nephew, wife, husband, friend, work colleague, brother, sister and kill with nails? What does it mean to dream of nails that can not be removed from inside a wall? Dreaming of repairing the roof of a house with very large nails is a widespread dream. What kind of numbers can we play from the Neapolitan grimace if we want to try to win the lottery when we dream of having hammer and nails in hand, following what is written in the guide and in the book on dreams? "The other night I remember having found a nail stuck in my hands and I was losing a lot of blood but I did not feel any pain. Last night I dreamed I was in a shop to buy lots of small nails to repair a piece of furniture. Last night I was hit by a nail thrown by a friend of mine who hit me in the right eye. Tonight I found a big iron nail in my bed and I risked dying". This type of dreams can be really very terrible especially when we find ourselves with a big nail or some nails in our skin and we feel pain. Even the nails have an important symbolic meaning in our dreams that should not be underestimated obviously and their presence must be considered in a set of details that contribute to extrapolate a proper dreamlike interpretation. But what is behind these objects that appear in a dream? We try to understand their meaning.


The nails are used to do many things. We can use a nail simply to hang a picture or to lock a board. Of course, the nails are often the symbol of a sacrifice and this because Jesus Christ, according to Christian tradition, was crucified to a cross using large metal nails. So the nail, therefore, could symbolize the need to face a very complex phase of our life, in which some sacrifices will be necessary. Many people say they have dreamed of being even crucified to a wall or a cross with nails stuck in their hands and feet. This Christian representation can be very scary and it is even possible to feel a lot of pain, a real pain and awakening is really a liberation. But why can we dream of being crucified on a pole, on a wall, on a cross? Simply because the period we are experiencing seems to be unsurpassed, the problem we are facing, in our opinion, is impossible to solve and extremely complicated at this point that we decide to give up and crucifixion precisely means losing, being defeated, accepting death. When we see a nail that is stuck in our body by someone we must first remember the person who performs this action and then the point where the nail is placed. For example, we can dream that our mother or our father sticks a nail into our head. The dream certainly represents relational difficulties with our parents, problems of dialogue and communication that do not allow us to express our ideas, our thoughts. A nail stuck in a foot or a hand often symbolizes work difficulties, professional problems, economic problems because the limbs of our body are essential for many types of work. And here's a wounded foot, a hand that loses blood because of one or many nails that are stuck inside, can signal work problems, professional, economic and even the pain we can feel in a dream can be so strong and look like that real to signal a great difficulty.

If a nail is stuck inside our heart then it is possible to deal with sentimental problems and probably, our love story is really complicated and difficult to solve and perhaps the best thing to do would be to close the relationship. The size of a nail is fundamental but also the number of nails we see. Unfortunately it is not easy to interpret dreams of this type especially when, upon waking, we forget many details of our dream world. The people we meet, the objects we see, the places we visit or the sensations we can experience, are very important details to interpret the dream in the best way. For example, if we dream of hammering so many times on a nail to stick it in a table or in a person's body, then the architects of our destiny are only us and the consequences of our actions can only fall on us. An element that is often underestimated in dreams, especially in dreams of this kind, is blood. See a nail that enters the skin and find lots of flowing blood. Blood is the symbol of our vital energies precisely because it is indispensable to our organism that feeds on oxygen, proteins, vitamins that run through veins and arteries through the blood. Here is that losing a lot of blood is a very widespread event and can indicate a very difficult period, a period in which our energies are absolutely not at a good level and therefore we must try to rest. Many people think that nails are the representation of our emotional and sentimental bonds but this thing is true only when we dream of being together with a person with whom we have an interpersonal relationship and therefore can make us suffer and indeed nails if they represent the emotional bonds they must also represent the problems, the contrasts, the difficulties that can arise between two people. But these objects have a thousand other meanings and that one must not leave out in the dream world.

With a nail we can also hang a picture. In this case the nail can be very useful and symbolize the need of the dreamer to have to put in his place many things of his life, something that maybe they are escaping from their hands. Even some people say they build furniture or entire wooden houses using nails and hammer. The desire to improve one's life, becoming creators of one's own destiny by being aware of the qualities that can lead to the realization of many things in life. The nail in fact blocks, makes something stable and unites. Firmness, stability, union. These three words can very well represent the oneiric meaning of the nails. But these objects can be crooked, rusted, broken or burned. A nail in bad condition signals an instability that can be work, emotional, sentimental, familiar and the other details that appear in the dream can tell us exactly what kind of instability we are talking about. However in most cases these very sharp objects that can injure and even kill, symbolize wounds of our soul, wounds very difficult to heal, to cure, inner discomfort that can also be very important and that should not be underestimated precisely because in dream manifest themselves this way. Binding situations, small or big sorrows and perhaps even a continuous thought of our past. Frustration, suffering because of situations that we live and that seem blocked during a life that has become very monotonous, very apathetic and without stimuli. Here the nails can also be the symbol of responsibility that we must accept to mature in our earthly existence and instead we reject ourselves precisely because we are still very immature. And then the nail stuck in an eye indicates to the dreamer that he does not want to see, he does not want to understand that he has to change. No one will kill us when we dream of being crucified but someone, no doubt, will want us to understand some mistakes, some faults.


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