The boat in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being together with a person we do not know on a small and elegant boat like a boat and also very luxurious? What meaning does the sailboat or the pirate boat have in our dreams? What does it mean to see a boat sinking into the sea or failing to go on and seems to be stranded? What does it mean to dream of observing a small ship or a dinghy on a lake, on a river, which is blocked and even turned upside down? Why can we dream of an immense and long boat that enters a port passing under a bridge? Dreaming of a boat that sails safely at sea at a great speed or sinking. What does it mean to dream of being together with our fiancé, husband, uncle, relative, brother-in-law, friend, work colleague, mother, father, brother, sister on a boat? What does it mean to dream of seeing a very expensive boat full of so many famous people with singers, actors, politicians? And rowing on a white, black, luxury boat, of wood, of steel and iron, which catches fire, with very high flames, risking to drown and die? Why can we see a dead man, a dead relative for so many years who is with us on a ship that capsizes or that runs quickly or goes very slowly or that flies in the sky? Boat with people, women, men, children and animals that drown and die. Have you ever dreamed of driving a small ship or boat to go fishing away from the shore? And what does it mean to dream of seeing two ships colliding with each other? What numbers can you pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to have fun in the lottery and try to win money, when we dream of being on a boat, reading what is written on the guide and the book on dreams? "Last night I dreamed that I was alone in the sea on a very small boat completely in the dark and I was very scared. Last night I remember dreaming that a big ship came against my house and I ran away not to die. The other night I dreamed that I was driving a boat without oars but I was falling along a very deep waterfall. This night I dreamed of taking a long trip on a very expensive boat". Well today we try to understand the meaning of the boats that appear in our dreams and that can bring a very important message to the dreamer.


First of all, the symbolism of the boat in our dream world can have various meanings among which we can remember: opportunity that arrives, objective to be achieved, choice to make, ideals and aspirations that you have at a certain moment of your life, sense of freedom and independence , desire to travel, maturity and evolution. All these meanings can be pulled out of those dreams in which the boat, the ship is a very important and not superficial symbol. So very often, seeing a boat arrive in a dream, then seeing a boat coming towards us and on which we climb on board, can be the symbol of a small or big occasion that can come into our lives. This occasion can concern love but above all work and money. Obviously when we see a boat in the dream world we must remember every detail, every element, the people who climb with us and sail with us and the feelings and emotions we experience. If, for example, we dream of getting on a boat that is stuck in a port together with a work colleague, we will most likely be able to undertake a new career path, a new professional project in which this colleague will play a fundamental role. If along with us, on the boat, our fiancé, our husband, our lover, appears, then love is the sector in which some novelty will come and it will be possible, for example, to improve one's sentimental situation, to have a better relationship with the person we love. Certainly if the boat or the ship are not in excellent condition and for example they are very old, ruined, dirty, then even our romantic relationship could live a bad period or the work project, the professional opportunity that comes could be little advantageous for we. Here we dream of being on a boat that catches fire and then risk burning, dying, drowning in water, symbolizes precisely the difficulties we can find in our lives when we decide to embark on a career path. And so you need to assess the difficulties, understand the obstacles on the road even before starting the new path.

We have also said that seeing a boat in our dream world can simply mean the need to feel more free, more peaceful, more active and happy and certainly more independent. In fact, a ship sailing on the immense sea can symbolize a strong need to become independent and here a child could dream of being on a boat that moves away from the parents' house because he feels the need to start a new life without obeying the father and mother or a husband can feel the strong need not to live with his wife but to go and live with his lover and here he is with the lover on the boat. Sense of freedom, of independence, a strong desire to make a change in one's own existence. In many cases the dream, then, takes on a much more trivial meaning, that is, it can simply represent the desire to make a small or big journey in order to recover physical and mental energy, perhaps due to a great work stress. But the boat travels along a river, a lake, a sea and then follows a path. We can compare the ship to ourselves and the sea, the lake, the river and the path that is made on them, our journey through life. Surfing without problems, without making great efforts, without feeling tired when using oars, means being able to evolve, mature inwardly, spiritually in a very quick and safe way. These dreams do not bring anything concrete, such as an economic or professional success, but nevertheless indicate a great maturation of the dreamer who at a certain point in his life becomes more confident, possesses a higher level of self-esteem and can carry out any project with great determination. But we must not forget some details of dreams. For example the obstacles we encounter during a boat trip. The oars can be broken, the engine of a boat can be broken, the boat can have a hole from which water enters and therefore we risk to drown or the goal we must reach never arrives. Many people dream of sailing in a stormy sea, in the rain and with a great fog.

Clearly these trips signal the difficulties that the dreamer can encounter in his life when he has to follow a professional path. Starting a new job always involves some problems and here the boat can have complications. If the boat sinks and we risk drowning then the projects we have in mind can fail and we can suffer an atrocious defeat. A ship without a commander and drifting, symbolizes the lack of self-control, lack of determination and insecurity that can really cause many problems. Even when we dream of a boat that catches fire and burns and we are forced to flee, to throw ourselves into the water. Flames are the symbol of great energy but also of destruction. Destruction of ideas, projects for which we have worked so hard but to no avail. Another important thing must be said. Boats in dreams can also indicate a period in which our imagination and creativity are at a high level. For example, some people say they see a boat flying in the sky or a very large boat, full of people and very expensive, very luxurious. The dreamer can therefore find himself in a phase of his life in which his artistic, creative, imaginative skills are at high levels and can allow him to achieve great successes and in any case to carry forward new ideas. We must never forget the feelings and emotions we experience in dreams because, for example, dreaming of being on a ship but not knowing where to go, being uncertain, having fear, fear, means not being able to make a valid decision yet. Returning to the concept of luxurious, expensive, very large boat, it can also symbolize a great opportunity, a great professional and economic opportunity that can come or a great manhood, especially if the dreamer is a man. In fact, boats can represent male sex, sexual energies and identify a period in which it becomes necessary to be sexually active. Being away from the shore and fishing is a good sign because it indicates that we have a strong desire to attract good opportunities. We conclude this subject by talking about the pirates who can get on our ship and steal what we have. These dreams often signal the loss of our self-esteem and the fear that someone can damage our path.


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