"Last night I dreamed of a fire, a bonfire with old stuff and the flames that surrounded me. I dreamed of a fire on the beach on the beach with friends and sing songs with the guitar and we were happy. Last night I dreamed of seeing the fire in the house, I dreamed that the house caught fire and was not saved anything. Flames were frightening and very high and I even risked to burn me but fortunately run away. What is this dream? Why dream every now and then to see someone, a stranger or a friend burn alive and he could do nothing to save him? Last night I dreamed of a fire and the fire with terrible flames that devoured everything I could find. I dreamed that I was burning near a fire burning in the fireplace where the fire was burning, that my house was on fire, my burning house, which collapsed after taking fire, a powerful fire that burned inside my house". Dreaming of set, lighting a fire (to be a pyromaniac then) to a car, motorcycle, home, forest, tree what does it mean? There has never happened to dream of feeling burning inside, just as the flames devour you from the inside? And have you ever dreamed of being in Hell between fire and flames as well as between demons? What does this mean? that give meaning and interpretation of dreams like that? Let us try to understand the symbolism of fire in our dreams.

The fire is a very powerful element in nature discovered thousands of years ago and used for many things, such as for cooking. The fire, if not well controlled, it can be very dangerous, lead to fires in bursts, etc... Here is a first meaning. When we see him in the dream world then we need to think about having a very strong desire to want to express, to be implemented, wish, however, that could take us a few problems and if this dream in the fire assails us, or we burn with its flame. Generally the fire is also connected in addition to repressed desires that want to come out also and above all to sexual drives that do not find an outlet in real life. For example, see a fire peter may mean that our sexual impulses are falling.

But what other meanings brings the fire? Fire can bring destruction and then we'll see if in the act of light one hidden, set the fire to a house, for a car, in a forest then maybe we are experiencing a strong period of constriction, period in which we feel chained, locked, we can not express our potential so they can become self-destructive. We can then set fire to the place of work or set fire to one of our co-worker and this means that we are not living the good working relationships. And if incendiamo or house we dream of seeing our house catches fire and collapses and we can not do anything? These dreams may be telling us that we do not live good family relationships, often indicate problems, future quarrels with parents, relatives, children, etc...

It can happen to see the fire, something burning, the flames, in many areas in nost dreams and is always very important to remember the feelings, good or bad you feel, the places where the dream manifests himself and the people you meet . With these details you can give a more correct interpretation. For example, many may dream of being surrounded by high flames of Hell where he feels the heat on your body. Often, the hell with his demons, his monstrous creatures and the fire want to tell us that we are making a mistake, a mistake that our subconscious recognizes. On awakening let us ask, therefore, that we are committing sin and from whom.


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