With how many names you can call the devil? What are the name of the devil? The devil has many names and in fact we can call: Devil, Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Belphegor, Demon, Memnoch". When we speak of the devil is understood evil, then the opposite of good. "When you dream the devil in black, red, yellow, with horns and a scythe 3 tips that spits fire, what does it mean? Last night I dreamed of a devil, an evil spirit, to have a demon inside and he needed an exorcist. It was a fearsome creature, tremendous and I was very scared. Last night I dreamed that a demon, devil entered into me, into my body and possessed me. Last night I dreamed of being possessed by Lucifer in Hell, to be possessed. Last night I dreamed I feel a presence wicked, malignant, in my bed, in my room, in my bedroom, in my home. I had a strange and terrible dream where the devil took possession of my body and I became very ill and he talked to my place. I often dream that a demon chasing me and I'll kill him or to be Satan himself. What does it mean when you dream of being chased by the devil, or to kill a demon? In the dream I fought and struggled". Fight and win or lose against Satan is very often in the dream world and may have important significance should not be underestimated at all. What is the meaning and interpretation given to such dreams?

The devil often recurs in our dreams, especially when we are dealing with repressed desires. When we talk about desires not only mean sexual desires but in general you want to hear but maybe not as feasible because they go against our ethics, the way we live, think and behave in real life. For example, we strongly desire a very expensive and luxurious car but we are people who do not like to show off, people who do not like to show that they are rich. Here desire in life everyday is suppressed, finds no outlet, returns in the form of a dream demon, devil. Of course, often these dreams have to do with our sexual urges that are repressed during the day, locked for some reason but it is not always the case. When we dream to kill the devil or at least we do not scare and he goes away, run away, then we will be able to hold off our drives. If the devil hurts us, strikes us, frightens us so much we are still not able to rein in our innermost desires.

Besides indicating desires, fantasies that can not occur in real life, Satan in a dream may indicate that we have a great moral force, a great physical and mental energy But we need to know how to channel it the right way lest it falls against ourselves. Probably we have projects we are working on giving 100%, and for which we feed a lot of confidence and hope. This large energy charge in a dream can turn into hell. So in these cases, the dream can bring messages favorable to the dreamer. If the devil on the other hand there is a lot of fear or even hurt us or kill us then we will not know the full power that we possess.

But dreaming of being possessed, being possessed by an evil spirit, to feel inside does that mean? Talking, uttering strange words with voice monstrous thing can mean? In real life, we will be the victim of someone, anyone wants to harm us, someone will feed envy and jealousy. Often these dreams involve working with quarrels and discussions among colleagues because we remember that Satan has the task to make trouble, discord, disagreement among humans. If an exorcist in a dream liberates us from the devil that we have within us, through a ritual, then eventually we will feel free from someone or something that up to a certain point we had done wrong, we did not bother us. So this dream is very liberating and positive. Ultimately I remind you that dream of discussing with the devil, to bargain, to talk to him is a symbol of great diplomatic skills, cunning and intelligence that can be used to risovlere many problems that concern us.


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