The bank in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of entering a bank to kill all the people we meet? What is the meaning of dreams in which we try to enter a bank but a policeman blocks and arrests us? What does it mean to dream of talking to the director of our bank? Why can we dream of witnessing a bank robbery or can we bring and deposit money into the bank? What does it mean to dream of receiving a bank transfer or check with a large sum of money? What does it mean to dream of entering a small bank to ask to close our bank account or to withdraw all our money? What does it mean to dream of entering a credit institution but not finding the money? Redeem, deposit money or see a bank that collapses, catches fire, closes or opens or even go to the bank at night. Dreaming of doing a lot of banking, opening or closing a bank account with lots of money. In the dream world, banks can appear very often and can have very important meanings. But what does it mean to dream of being in a bank with our father, mother, brother, sister, friend, work colleague, enemy, uncle, grandfather, boyfriend, husband, wife? Why can we dream of a massacre in a bank and kill even people we know? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can be played in the lottery if at night, during sleep, we dream of going to our bank, to try to win, following what the guide and the dream book says? Dreaming of going to the bank to withdraw money or to deposit valuables in your own safe, to dream of being with a deceased relative or an actor, singer, famous person asking for a loan of money. Enter the bank and apply for a loan that is not granted to us. "Tonight I remember dreaming of burning my bank. Last night I dreamed of being in the bank with my parents. The other night I dreamed that my bank was calling me because the money was over. Last night I dreamed of depositing a large sum of money into another bank". In our dream world these environments are very widespread and we must try to understand why. So let's try to understand the causes behind these dreams, that is dreams where we can enter a bank for any reason to withdraw money, to deposit money, to apply for a loan.


Many people associate the dream of banks with the desire to accumulate money and become rich in their lives, but above all to live a very wealthy, affluent life full of every comfort. In fact, behind this thought there is a very precise justification. In fact, as we have always said, in order to interpret dreams we must always start from the real meaning of the things we see in our dream world. The bank is a credit institution and serves to contain our money, our banking activities, it is, in effect, like a large portfolio. So we need to start from this concept to face the dreams in which this institute appears. Becoming rich is the dream of many people but fortunately not all people. The bank is just this concept, this strong desire because the bank does not end up just our money but also those of many other people and then in this place you can find a lot of money, jewelry, gold, precious content, very important documents, just because the bank allows you to keep even basic objects that can play a decisive role in the lives of many people. So when we dream of seeing a big bank then probably in our life we??are thinking about wealth and we have the desire to improve our lives but this does not mean that we want to become rich but simply all this can mean that we want to improve our professional working condition. also economic, we want to improve our lives and feel more serene and happy because the bank can also mean all this and that is serenity, tranquility, security. We bring the money into the bank just because we are not sure to keep them at home, a place where a thief could steal them. And here it is possible to see a big bank and think, in fact, to dream, to improve our earthly existence. Undoubtedly this dream symbol is often connected to economic and working problems that the dreamer is facing or about to face in his life.

When we see a bank collapse and we are inside it or go to the counter to ask for our money but the clerk tells us that we no longer have any money, then surely in our lives we are worried about something, we are very undecided for a work situation , due to an economic problem, we do not know how to deal with a sudden expense or we do not know how to make a right decision. The bank that collapses, which catches fire is the symbol of a great uncertainty that we are experiencing and of a big worry that does not allow us to sleep peacefully. Many times this dream symbolism simply means that for the dreamer to accumulate money and precious objects is a fundamental thing to have power, to feel stronger towards other people, so the bank can also represent our virility, our primordial energy especially if the dreamer is a man but the lust for power is a concept present also in women. Fortunately, however, this oneiric symbol does not symbolize only the desire for power and to be superior to others. Beyond the accumulation of money, power and financial, labor, economic concerns, the bank can also mean fear, afflictions, fears. The fear of having money in the bank that is never enough, the fear of not being able to pay a loan or an installment of the house we bought, the strong apprehension of not being able to raise their children with serenity and not being able to give them all which is useful for their maturation. The bank also means all of this. Concerns about the future of the family and in this case, very often, in dreams, the dreamer goes to the bank with a person in his family, along with a son, his wife, and her husband. In fact, it is very likely to be apprehensive about economic problems related to a relative when it appears in our dreams and is present in the bank with us. Other operations that we can do when we enter a bank and head towards a counter, are depositing money or withdrawing money.

Often when we dream of collecting money from an ATM or directly from the bank of a bank, we can think of having serious financial difficulties that we can not solve and sometimes, fortunately, it is not something that coincides so many times, after having done these dreams, you can suffer a serious financial loss so it is difficult to find a solution. So if you withdraw a little or a lot of money means to be afraid, suffer economic losses, deposit money in the bank, on your bank account, it may mean that we are experiencing a period of strong self-control, a period of our lives in which the things we are doing are very balanced and allow us to live in serenity and tranquility. But the most widespread dreams in which the symbol of the bank is very important, are those dreams in which we ourselves enter it to make a massacre, to kill, shooting, all the people, the director, the employees. We can also dream of going in for a robbery with guns and rifles or we can witness a robbery and have a lot of fear. Dreams in which we witness a robbery that we do not make ourselves, can always represent some of our concerns regarding the safety of our life or the life of our family. Unfortunately, the robberies are the symbol of something that is taken from us, which is missing in our earthly existence, which we can not attain, at least in a certain moment of our life and therefore we must wait, be content with all that we are experiencing. Robbering a bank means instead feeling guilty about something we have committed against another person. If we kill a person while we are kidnapping a bank then inside us we feel a strong need to change, to conclude a phase of our life to open and take a new path but to do this we must overcome some fears, some fears, misunderstandings and uncertainties . Never forget that the sensations we experience in dreams are very important and therefore when we wake up and remember all the details of a dream or nightmare, we try to remember emotions and sensations that are the key to a correct interpretation.


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