Walking in the dark in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Dreaming of the dark. Meaning of darkness in dreams. What does it mean to dream of being completely in the dark? What is the meaning of the dreams in which we walk together with a person towards a long road downhill, uphill, winding, with many curves but without light and we have difficulty going forward? What does it mean to dream that all the lights go off at home and stay completely in the dark? Why can we dream of not being able to walk on foot or by car because the road is without lighting? What does it mean to dream of being in the dark or hiding in a very dark area of??the house? What does it mean to dream to go down the stairs without turning on the light or going to the cellar but the light does not come on? Darkness of a wood, cemetery, tunnel, corridor, sky. Dreaming of seeing eyes full of flames in the dark or being immersed in a storm and rain. Dreaming of the dark by day, the darkness and then the light. What does it mean to dream of being kissed in the dark? What does it mean to dream of walking in the darkness alone or with a famous singer or actor, a man or woman we do not know, a person who has been dead for so many years or with a relative, grandfather, uncle, cousin, brother-in-law, son, wife husband? What does it mean to dream of being in a very dark, dark, gloomy, gloomy, gloomy, gloomy, opaque place and walking with a little light in my hand or on my head? Having a lit candle with a faint flame that goes out or possess a torch that illuminates a very dark street. Which and how many numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we play the lottery if we dream of walking along a street with little light, to try to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "Last night I remember dreaming of being together with a dear friend and colleague of work and together we walked along a forest path with very little light. Last night I remember dreaming of being in a house without light, without a window with my father, my mother, my sister and my brother. The darkness did not allow us to see each other in the face. This night I dreamed that I was with a deceased relative who came towards me with a small candle that illuminated the street. The other night I dreamed that an unknown man was falling into a ravine as he walked in the dark". Let's try to understand the meaning of dreams in which darkness is a very important element and we move on foot or by car right through the darkness.


Let's just say that the darkness in the dream world has a very important meaning that should not be underestimated. First of all we can say that when we are immersed in a very dark street, devoid of sunlight, lunar or even artificial light like that of street lamps or headlights of houses or cars, we are probably facing a difficult period in our life but above all we are living a phase of our earthly existence in which we are very afraid, we are afraid of something, we are afraid of the unknown, that is, of all that we do not know yet and that is why we fear and make us very afraid. In real life, in fact, when we have to face a new job, for example, we can be very decisive and optimistic or be very undecided and pessimistic. This pessimism can be reflected precisely in our dream world through a very complex path due to the lack of light. Walking in the dark is by no means very simple because you first need to know the place where we move and then you have to have an excellent sense of orientation. So if we dream of moving inside a house that we do not know or even inside our house but we hit, we are not able to walk quietly to go to another place, then we are living a period of very strong indecision concerning, very probably, a choice we must make. In fact, in most cases, when we dream of being immersed in complete darkness, almost certainly in life we??must make a choice, make a decision that is particularly complex and that does not allow us to be serene. This uncertainty of ours must be removed and here in the dream we must try to find a foothold, to find the light, to find the way to walk without bumping and reaching the goal. Very often these situations that we live in everyday life are so complicated that even during these nocturnal visions that are practically nightmares, we can fall into a ravine.

To be afraid of the unknown, to be afraid of your own future especially after losing a job, when we are experiencing a period of severe economic crisis and therefore we have some debts or when a romantic relationship is over and this thing besides make us suffer so much, makes us live in an atmosphere of great uncertainty. A student who has to face an important exam at school, a man or a woman who for the first time have to face a job interview, can easily dream of being in a very dark place, of being on a poorly lit street and where it is at all simple to go ahead and reach the goal. The fears of our life are reflected in a dream in this way. But darkness does not have to be life in an absolutely negative way and we explain the reason for our affirmation. When we speak of darkness we refer to black color and black is the color of death, depression, fear, but also of change and in fact death symbolizes the end of a situation and the beginning of another period. Here too, darkness, very often, can represent a period of changes that are absolutely necessary and must be addressed by the dreamer in order to avoid finding themselves living a phase of blocking and regression. In short, the darkness that can be very scary and does not allow us to walk, it is absolutely, in this case, a very positive oneiric event because it indicates a necessary inner evolution that can make us emerge from a very complicated period. Often when we have to make a very important decision and make a choice but we do not have the right means, we do not have the right ideas, then we find ourselves having to walk on foot or motorbike, car, immersed in darkness. But during these dreams a very important event can take place. In fact, many people say they have dreamed of hiding, taking advantage of the darkness, hiding from a terrible animal, from a shadow, from a beast, from an unknown man who wants to chase and hurt. Hiding oneself by taking advantage of the darkness can have another meaning.

You believe that nobody can notice your behavior errors. Basically we hide from something or someone who chases us because we know we have made some mistakes but we think that no one can notice these errors and therefore nobody can be able to understand where we were wrong. Unfortunately, however, hiding is not a very good idea and it is not possible to go on in life hoping not to be discovered. But many people, during their journey in the darkness of a forest, a forest, a simple country road or city, can be accompanied by someone . Parents, a friend, our girlfriend are simply the symbol of help that we can find in these people, the symbol of an indispensable support and these dreams are surely a warning not to do everything on their own but to ask someone for help, finding the solution to a problem in dialogue with those who can be the light for us. And the light, even if very small, can also appear in the darkness. How many times have we dreamed of being in the dark but to see in the distance a very small light, a little star that shines in the sky or we have glimpsed a light coming in from under a door. The light of the moon that illuminates the street, a small lamp that works and allows us to see, a torch or a candle that we find along the way and that we use. All these elements undoubtedly indicate a possible help, a support that can come into our life and that could be crucial, fundamental. Many people have dreamed, at least once in their life, to be immersed in a storm full of rain, lightning and thunder and get lost without being able to reach a shelter. Only lightning strikes night and the sky but they can be very dangerous. And here in our lives the fears we are facing can really be very dangerous if they are not resolved, if we can not find a valid solution. We conclude by saying that if in a dream we can turn on a light then we can surely find the solution to our problems and if we walk at night and the stars light up the sky and the road, then hope is with us.


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