Whales, killer whales and dolphins in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a whale swimming in the sea? What does it mean to dream of seeing a beached whale or many whales that stop and die on the shore of a beach? What does it mean to dream of seeing blue, white, giant whales or seeing the simple drawing of a blue whale? Why can we dream of many dolphins jumping happy at sea? What does it mean to dream of seeing a dead Omar or swimming with us? And have you ever dreamed of being attacked by a terrible killer whale, bad, wounded, who wants to kill us and who swallows you, eats you? What does it mean to dream of dolphins attacking, biting or playing or flying in the sky? Why can we dream of a dolphin out of the water, giving birth, talking to us but we do not understand? And dream of dolphins in black, gray? What does it mean to try to hunt and kill whales, dolphins, orcas to eat their meat? What does it mean to dream of seeing a large whale destroying a ship or sinking a boat? What does it mean to dream about whales, killer whales and dolphins? Which and how many numbers can we play using the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery if we dream of swimming in a huge sea with many dolphins, whales, orcas trying to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "For what reason can we dream of swimming together with our brother, sister, work colleague, boyfriend, friend, husband, wife, grandfather and also be together with some dolphins who are happy? The other night I dreamed of seeing a whale on the beach that was injured and lost a lot of blood. Last night I remember dreaming of being with my mother and father while we were on a boat that was being attacked by a big shark. Last night I dreamed of being bitten by a whale who also wanted to eat me. Last night I dreamed of feeding some fish to dolphins, killer whales and whales in a huge pool". Today we can understand exactly the meaning of these fish that can be very majestic but also very meek even if in our dreams they can become terrible beasts ready to attack people.


First of all we need to start from the concept that whales, killer whales and dolphins are mammals, so animals but above all they are fish that swim in the sea. In this type of dreams the sea can be an element not to be underestimated because it represents the place, the house in which these mammals live and move. So, in real life we??know that whales and dolphins rarely attack man but above all they are very sociable with it. The orca instead can attack, be more aggressive towards the man. When we talked about fish we have often said that they represent some secrets that are not revealed and that remain in the depths of our soul. These secrets can then come out and be particularly complicated to manage. Dolphins, killer whales and whales have completely different meanings. Analyzing the symbology of the dolphin we can say that it, in a dream, is very positive because these animals, besides being very intelligent and sociable, are also very clever and very funny. They can play with each other and with men and can be tamed without any particular problems. Dreaming of some dolphins that play is therefore a symbol of a possible joy, happiness, very favorable event that can come into our lives or it is possible to meet a person who will be particularly funny, strange, funny and that will bring a lot of joy in the life of the dreamer. In some cases, dreaming of playing with dolphins, dreaming of swimming with them or dreaming of feeding them, can mean the possibility of being particularly lucky in the workplace because a large sum of money can arrive but above all you can get a good professional success, sign an agreement, conclude a great deal. But we can not forget that food is the symbol of regeneration, of life, of energy and therefore offering food to fish can symbolize the possibility of evolving, maturing inwardly. In this case our vital energy improves and our spiritual evolution can benefit enormously.

If dolphins can represent a small or great joy, a good event that can happen in our life or a moment of inner serenity and great creative energy, whales can have another meaning that is almost never a trivial meaning. This immense animal but also very meek, often represents a strong desire for renewal that the dreamer feels he has to face in his life. Seeing a large whale that navigates on the surface of the water means precisely that the dreamer has understood the need to develop a way of life that leads him to renew his earthly existence. What if we dream of being eaten by a whale? Dolphins can not eat a man, they can only attack and bite him but the whales could easily swallow anyone even if they are not carnivorous animals. Being swallowed by a whale means failing to solve a situation, feeling very confused and not being able to handle a problem. This period of confusion can lead to other serious problems to be faced and therefore this dream must make us understand that we can not absolutely lose the compass but we must work and be very focused to get out of a situation that can be very ambiguous. Swimming together with a dolphin or a big whale is almost always a very positive and lucky symbol because it indicates inner well-being, serenity in dealing with your earthly existence and if the sea in which we swim is very calm then we can be sure that we will reach our final goals. We must also talk about the killer whales. Killer whales are generally aquatic mammals that are famous for their aggressiveness. In fact they are aggressive only if they are attacked by someone and by necessity they must defend themselves and their bite can be deadly, even worse than that of a shark. Since in our tradition this animal is usually seen as an animal dangerous to man, then when we dream of being at sea with one of them we must think we are in a moment of small or great difficulty.

If an orc attacks our boat or bites us or tries to attack us, we must think that we are in a very delicate phase of our life and in which our problems have reached a very complicated point. We must never forget to remember everything about our dreams and nightmares, above all the sensations are fundamental, the emotions we feel are very important but then also objects, places, people we meet. All these details can be fundamental to provide a right interpretation to the dream and here is also a dolphin, usually meek and docile animal, could attack, bite, kill in our dream world and therefore could be a problem to face, a part of our character that can not be governed. In fact, animals often represent some of our fears that we are not able to face but also our instinct or a part of our character that in some moments of our life can be indomitable. A very important element in dreams in which we see dolphins, killer whales, whales, we swim with them, is precisely the sea. It can be very calm or very stormy, rough. The sea represents our state of mind which can therefore be calm, serene or very agitated and full of misunderstandings. Another element that can help us to provide a correct interpretation is to remember the people who are with us on the boat or who swim with the fish. People in dreams often identify interpersonal relationships that can be sentimental, work, family. And here that swimming together with a person and being accompanied by dolphins who play and are happy, can symbolize a moment of extreme serenity with this person who could be a friend, a parent, a work colleague, a boyfriend. In the most profound cases and when we are faced with people who consider their soul, their spirituality in a very important way, the sea and its creatures are often the symbol of a very strong inner evolution, of achieving a better peace of mind precisely.


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