The rabbit in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of seeing a hare, a hen, a turkey, a goose or a wonderful rabbit running in a meadow? What is the meaning of dreams in which we try to catch some rabbits that flee away? What does it mean to dream of seeing a big rabbit, white, red, black, with colored stripes, brown, small, giant? And because we can dream of finding a sick, injured and littered rabbit in the street or dead under a car, crushed by a truck. A beautiful rabbit that bites or is dying, that runs away from its cage. What does it mean to dream of bringing and taking care of a rabbit to the vet? And kill and eat rabbit meat? What does it mean to dream of killing so many rabbits to sell their meat or to dream of mating female rabbits with male rabbits? What does it mean to dream of a rabbit who can not jump on a meadow and is chased by his mother, father, brother, sister, grandfather, uncle, friend, boyfriend or work colleague? Have you ever seen a white rabbit with red eyes? Often in a dream we can observe rabbits in their stable while eating their food, fruit, salad. What does it mean to dream of a dwarf rabbit giving birth? How many of you have found themselves in a dream having to fight against a terrible and gigantic aggressive rabbit with very sharp and long teeth? See so many newborn bunnies that run away from their mum to enter our home. What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can be played in the lottery if at night, during sleep, we dream of hunting so many rabbits from our cellar to try to win, following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember dreaming of buying rabbit meat. Last night I dreamed of playing with lots of colorful rabbits with my son and my wife. Last night I dreamed that I was alone in a pet shop and bought a nice rabbit. Tonight I dreamed of shooting a rabbit in the countryside". The rabbit is an animal that can be very tender. Let's try to understand its oneiric meaning and then understand its message when it appears in our dream world.


We have talked many times about animals and their meaning in dreams. Even the rabbit is an animal but among its characteristics we find its goodness, its way of life quietly. Rabbits are always very tame and never aggressive. These characteristics are fundamental and can lead each of us to interpret very safely our dreams in which these cute little animals appear. If you have read previous articles you will have understood that animals are often the symbol of ourselves and exactly every animal can represent one of our characteristics, a part of our character, therefore a value or a defect. For example a fox can indicate cunning, a horse sense of power, a bird sense of freedom and independence, a dog can instead be a symbol of loyalty. The animal in a dream can be ourselves or it can represent another person. But the rabbit then? Its appearance in our dream world can symbolize a particular period that we are experiencing and that is a healthy period of tranquility in which things go on without any particular problems. What attracts us about this animal is its sweetness, its beauty, its very thick and smooth fur. All these qualities can be within us, we ourselves can live a period of our life in which we are very calm, gentle, not very aggressive and we prefer to spend the days without particular stressful and useless events. A fundamental aspect that should not be underestimated when we see this wonderful and docile animal in a dream is innocence. Certainly we must try to understand if the dowry of innocence concerns the dreamer or a person he knows. Perhaps we are experiencing a situation in which being innocent with other people is a very important and appreciated quality. But have you ever heard of the comparison between rabbits and men and women who are afraid of facing a problem? In some popular traditions we can hear: you're like a rabbit.

Leo and rabbit, that is force, pride, decision against weakness, humility, indecision. Men who are compared to a lion are very determined and powerful people while those who are compared to a rabbit are cowards and do not want to face life's challenges. Here at a certain point of our earthly existence we can live a complicated situation and where we should be very careful, act, be responsible but instead run away from problems, run away from responsibility and then appear, in the eyes of other people, as people very cowardly, not responsible and without a strong character. That rabbit therefore often represents ourselves in a certain moment of our life or a person who lives with us, who works with us and who is not responsible. Every detail of dreams is essential to avoid making mistakes, to avoid giving an incorrect interpretation to our dream. We must always remember the people who are with us in a dream, we must remember the objects we see, the places where we are and that we visit and all the emotions we can experience. For example, when we see a rabbit and feel a strong feeling of tenderness, compassion and almost cry, then we are experiencing a period when we have compassion for someone and our hearts are full of beautiful feelings. That animal can be the symbol of a person who is in serious difficulty, needs help and can not find a solution to his problems and we are, in fact, very sad because of its condition. Another very important thing is the color of the rabbit. We must always remember the colors in a dream. The white color in addition to symbolize innocence and purity of mind, often indicates a person we can trust and that can bring much luck, good news maybe. So the rabbit is also a symbol of luck when it is completely white. And a black rabbit? Black, we have said very often, is the symbol of a period not particularly positive but above all refers to a possible change.

The color black is often very important in dreams and a completely black rabbit that is not even very simple to find in real life, symbolizes above all a necessary, ineluctable situation, in short, a change that we must accept and that could also be positive. This hypothesis can be confirmed by the death of a black rabbit in a dream because death is the typical symbol of change, of the transition from one phase of our life to another very important and obviously new phase for us. Some people dream of finding a lot of rabbits caged, suffering, have no food and water and maybe they are also injured and they lose blood. The cage is a place used not to let animales escape but also people can be locked in a prison and this because they have committed a crime. The rabbits in the cage are ourselves or some of our characteristics that are blocked and do not find a way to let off steam in life. Tenderness, compassion, innocence, tranquility are all typical qualities of a rabbit that if closed in a cage often represents the dreamer who lives a phase of extreme discomfort in which he can not be particularly serene. Have you ever dreamed of eating rabbit meat? Surely in real life his meat is very good and precious. Eating meat is an excellent symbolism because our soul is evolving, it is maturing spiritually and this progress can be very favorable. So when we eat rabbit meat, being very hungry, our spirit is feeding on its qualities, so we are becoming softer, sweeter, more compassionate, so our heart is getting better. We conclude this topic by talking about those dreams in which we see so many rabbits born. Generally when an animal gives birth and its children are healthy, we can hope to receive good news and face a very lucky period in the job, especially if all the bunnies are white. Probably those who are in a phase of economic crisis will be able to find a good solution to the problems.


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