The dolls in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Why can dolls be scary in our dreams and nightmares? What does it mean to dream of talking with a doll that walks, talks and moves legs and arms and with very light, blond, white or dark hair, blacks, reds, long or very short? What does it mean to dream of combing dolls? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see some broken or burning dolls? See in a dream a doll, puppet, puppet, dummy. What is the meaning of dreams in which we see so many dolls locked in a box? Why can we dream of many children playing together with a lot of expensive dolls? What does it mean to dream of dolls made of porcelain, of cloth, of cloth, of cotton, dolls that lose blood, wounds, who die, who become alive, headless, without legs, without arms, naked, with colorful clothes, good or bad? What does it mean to dream of dolls who want to kill us? What does it mean to dream of killer dolls made of plastic, of iron, of wood? Dolls that burn or have a knife in their hands. Dreaming of seeing a big doll crying, laughing, turning head, possessed, possessed by the devil. And why can we dream of finding a broken doll in our bedroom? Dreaming of playing with a big and beautiful doll with very long hair, breaking a big doll into two pieces, buying a lot of dolls, giving dolls to children, throwing, throwing dolls in the trash. In how many shapes a doll can appear in our dreams. What kind of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace is it possible to play the lottery when in dream we see a terrifying doll, to try to win, following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember dreaming of buying a new doll for my daughter. Last night I dreamed I was in a shop and played with lots of dolls. Last night I dreamed of being with my mother and father giving me a rag doll, a very ugly puppet. This night I dreamed of burning a doll that I did not like and it was very dirty, torn, broken". Understanding the meaning of dolls in dreams is not easy, especially if the dreamer is an adult man but let's see what lies behind these dreamlike messages.


The meaning of the doll in our dreams often symbolizes various aspects of the dreamer that at some point in his life can emerge. For example, his childhood can return and be a very hard memory to overcome, a difficult pain to face just because, probably, in his childhood, he lived a terrible period, a period in which he felt little understood, in which he immediately the severity of the parents and therefore it was not serene and happy. The doll represents childhood and not only that of women, girls but also boys and men who maybe did not play with dolls but with puppets, puppets, mannequins, robots. Then the dreamer finds a doll that brings him back to an ancient memory, to a memory that is perhaps not very pleasant, related to his childhood. The girlish phase of our life should be the most carefree phase but if we have experienced a trauma then that doll symbolizes this trauma or rather the memory of that trauma not yet overcome. Moreover, the dolls do not move, they are fixed, immobile, with the gaze that does not move and this immobility can also represent a period of our life in which we ourselves remain still, blocked, we do not know what to do, which way to take, what decision and choice to make in life. Seeing a doll standing on a bed, in a closet, on a shelf in our bedroom, which perhaps stares at us with its eyes without a soul, means precisely that we are experiencing an unfavorable period, we know we have to do something but not let's move, let's wait and wait. Certainly we must distinguish the meaning of a doll dreamed of by a woman compared to that dreamed by a man. For a woman the doll in dreams can indicate her alter ego, that is, her feminine side that has remained immature and has not yet developed while for a man this object can be a sexual symbol, the symbol of a woman for whom you really he experiences a strong physical and sexual attraction in real life but this woman could be immature and therefore harm man.

Never forget that every detail of your dreams is fundamental and therefore the way in which the doll is dressed, the place where it is positioned, the person who is present and who perhaps gives us the doll, the feelings and emotions that you can try . All of this contributes to making your dream or nightmare unique and thus bringing out a single interpretation. Often the dolls can provoke a terrible sensation of unpleasantness, fear, fear in our dreams and in fact many horror movies have as protagonist a killer doll, a terrifying doll or puppet that kills, that moves, opens and closes the eyes, looks scary. In short, dolls can instill fear in a dream, especially when they have a black dress, have red or completely black eyes and do not look good looking. In essence, the fear of dolls and puppets in the dream world can also represent the fear of living a romantic relationship with a woman, if the dreamer is a man, or the fear of living a complex relationship with a female figure of their family for a woman, for example a mother, a sister, a mother-in-law, cousin, friend, work colleague. Let us not forget that dreamlike dolls are often linked to the symbolism of sex for a man as well as a possible symbol of a woman who must be loved as an object. Here the inflatable dolls are used to this thing. Man wants to have sex with a woman who is available to his needs in a total manner and without rebelling and therefore the appearance in a doll's dream means precisely the need to be particularly sexually active but above all to dominate his own woman. Do not forget if the doll is given to us by a person and then you should not forget the person who gives us the doll because it is the key to provide a proper interpretation of the dream. If a woman, then the dreamer, dreams of receiving a beautiful doll from her mother, then it is very likely that the relationship with this female figure of her family is not very reassuring and therefore the dream highlights a communication problem that must necessarily be solved.

But we have not yet talked about a very important element of this kind of dreams and that is fiction that is clearly an obvious detail of puppets, mannequins, dolls. An object of this type that appears in a dream is an object without a soul, an object that does not feel emotions and can not move, walk or breathe. The rigidity and the fiction that are two typical elements of the dolls therefore can represent precisely the rigidity of our character, the hardness, the obstinacy, the stubbornness of a man or a woman who do not want to move, remain still waiting for something that does not it will never come and it can only come if they move, they act. Sometimes that doll represents one of the faces that we take with certain people, In fact we can pretend with a person that we say we love but that we actually hate, we do not appreciate. The erotic appearance of the dolls is not only present in the dreams of men but also of women who still have their own virility that can remain hidden for a long time and come out at certain moments in his life. Dreaming of a broken, dirty doll, devoid of clothes or torn clothes, can mean, symbolize a childhood period in which violence, violence not necessarily physical but also simply verbal violence, then a mother or a father but also a brother , a sister, a grandfather, very aggressive, who could beat the dreamer or just scold him overly. And so that dirty, dirty, ripped, legless, armless or headless puppet represents the rejection of that period of life in which suffering was guarded, it did not come out but that now, in adulthood, it can become a dangerous aggression that is more amplified by the dream in which the dolls are burned because the flames and the fire indicate precisely destructive energies. So, concluding, very often these dreams indicate a side of our character that can not be accepted because it is not healthy, it is not positive but it is absolutely unfavorable to the inner development of life.


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