Condolences in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of going to condolences to a person we do not know? What does it mean to dream of receiving or giving kisses, hugs, caresses of condolences for the death of a relative? Why can we dream of going to a funeral where we give condolences to an unknown man? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see so many people we do not know who want to give us condolences? What does it mean to dream of receiving condolences from a deceased? Why can we dream of condolences? What does it mean to dream of going to condolences in the house of our mother or father? Have you ever dreamed of receiving condolences from your brother, sister, cousin, brother-in-law, deceased relative, business colleague, friend, son, grandfather, uncle, boyfriend, wife, husband? What does it mean to dream of giving condolences? Condolences in dreams and cry a lot. What does it mean to dream of doing or receiving condolences to a person who wants to run away from us? Why can you dream that they make you condolences and you are very sad? What does it mean to dream of not accepting the condolences of friends and relatives and therefore to refuse their visit? Which and how many numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we play the lottery if we dream of accepting condolences for the death of a dear person, to try to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember entering a great church and going to a coffin to make condolences and give my last goodbye to a dead relative. Last night I dreamed of being with a friend of mine who needed to be supported because her father was dead. Last night I dreamed I was in my house and many people wanted to condolences. This night in a dream I saw a woman I do not know who kissed me saying hello". Today we try to interpret strange dreams but they can have an interesting meaning. Certainly the condolences are not a particularly positive gesture but only a correct interpretation of our dreams can reveal messages favorable to the dreamer or not.


If you have had a dream like this you almost certainly did not wake up with a good feeling. The death of a person, his funeral, the condolences to be done in Church to all relatives, are absolutely something that disturbs our mind and our soul and also irreparably wounds many people. Meanwhile, we must say that in order to interpret these dreams we must always try to start from the concept of condolences. Condolences represent a moment of participation in the pain of a person for a misfortune, for a death, for the death of a relative, friend, colleague, animal. In fact, in our popular tradition, when a person dies, his relatives receive condolences as a gesture of understanding, of closeness in a truly terrible moment. The mourning and therefore the phase of sadness after suffering the death of a dear person, can last many years and hurt in the depths of the soul. But you must make a very important difference. We can give condolences to someone or we can receive this gesture of comfort. And indeed we must start from this word in order to correctly interpret these dreams: comfort. People who lose a relative, a colleague, a friend must be comforted, comforted because in a moment of great sadness we can not be mentally lucid. So certainly when we dream of being at a funeral ceremony, at home, in a church, at the cemetery, we must try to understand if we are experiencing a period of great despair and desolation, a moment of extreme indecision, of solitude. Usually during these dreams or nightmares the prevailing color is black, the black of clothes, the black of the place where we are. The darkness, the darkness of our soul that does not find the right peace in a difficult period. If we are to receive condolences we must first understand the reason for this gesture, so we must try to remember the face of the deceased to understand if he is a person we know or not. The meaning of the dream changes a lot in this case.

If we remember the face of the deceased person, then we must try to understand the connection that this person has with us. In the coffin we could find our father, our mother or a friend of ours. Receiving condolences for a parent who is not actually dead yet means that we will necessarily have to evaluate a change in our relationship with our mother or father. In short, since death signals a phase of necessary changes, then we must accept an evolution or involution in the relationship with the deceased person. The act of receiving condolences confirms a difficulty in the relationship that can lead to a particularly complicated period in which it will not be easy to find a solution. A friend who dies, a colleague of work, always signals a very complex phase to be faced and that should not be underestimated but related to the relationship with our friend or colleague. In essence, something is changing in the relationship that the dreamer has with this person and probably this relationship may worsen as the gesture of condolences indicates precisely relational difficulties and periods of strong misunderstanding and very deep wounds within our soul. Very often during these dreams, we can see very sad people, people who cry or even people who smile, are very happy. This difference is very important because if we receive condolences for the death of a person but we remember to have smile, to have been serene, then it is very likely that we will easily overcome the difficulty phase that can be prolonged if we cry and we are very sad . Sometimes, behind the gesture of doing or receiving condolences, another meaning is hidden, that is, to have a very sincere soul. Sincerity can be a double-edged sword because it can make us suffer a lot, in some moments of our earthly existence. Often people seem to have a very strong armor, they can appear, in their lives, very strong, strong people, but in reality they are very weak people and they have enormous difficulties in expressing their emotions.

Other meanings can hide behind these strange dreams. Many people say they have dreamed of receiving condolences during a funeral and still have serious problems in the family, as often this gesture concerns the death of a person who is part of our family. In fact, often after having made these dreams we can live a period of extreme indecision, something in our family does not work, the relationship with our father, mother, brother, sister is not optimal and we are forced to undergo a phase of extreme discomfort. Let's take a quick example to understand this mechanism of interpersonal and family relationships that do not work. Let's analyze a dream made by a man. This boy remembers having dreamed of entering his neighbor's house who had died after a car accident. The boy, then the dreamer, approaches the son of the deceased to make his condolences but notices that he is kissing, embracing and shaking hands with his brother and not the son of the deceased. Here is the awakening the trauma is very strong because the dreamer thinks that something terrible can happen to his brother. How to interpret this dream? But of course. Obviously the dreamer has a strong bond with his brother, a person who is part of his family and with whom he has been living for many years since they were very young. The dreamer is undoubtedly facing a very complex and discouraging period, a period when his morale is very low, his level of self-esteem is very low and the desire to react is blocked. The sadness that involves this man can be very strong and his desire is to find support right in his brother who in difficult times is not very present. So the dreamer perceives, in this kind of dream, a sort of lack of his brother that he still loves and this love is mutual. He wants his brother to be nearer in his sadness and his consolation is much greater than he is at present. So try to get a good message out of your dreams by taking advantage of this little example.


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