Fall in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of seeing a person fall from a ladder? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a man or woman falling, falling from a terrace? What does it mean to dream of falling from the stairs, stumbling while we are walking along a road in dreams, falling down the stairs, from the window, from a balcony of the house? We can fall for a thrust of an unknown person, from above a very high bridge, into the sea? What does it mean to dream of falling from a precipice into the fire and into the flames of Hell? Fall from a horse, walk and fall. What does it mean to dream of seeing someone fall into a ravine or seeing a plane fall? And why can we dream of seeing a bad tooth falling from our mouths together with so much blood? What does it mean to dream of seeing your hair fall or the snow from the sky? And if we dream of falling into the void with a child, our mother, father, sister, brother, grandfather, son, husband, lover, wife, boyfriend? What does it mean to dream of being pushed by a friend of ours, a work colleague, a relative or a man or woman who we do not know and fall for many meters into a very deep hole? What does it mean to dream of seeing someone shouting and asking for help fall but we can not help him? What kind of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we use to play the lottery when we dream of trying to help a man or woman who is falling from the terrace of his house, to try to win money by following what the guide and the book about dreams? "The other night I dreamed of being with a long-dead relative who told me to throw myself off a skyscraper. Last night I remember dreaming of being on a helicopter and had to throw myself down with a parachute but I was very scared. Last night I was pushed down a mountain and I could not hold onto anything. This night I dreamed of falling off a ladder and fainted". Well, today we try to understand this type of dreams that can be very scary to the point that often when we dream of falling, we wake up in bed. Let's understand the dreamlike meaning of the fall and bring out a positive message from which to learn something because dreams and nightmares always offer useful tips and suggestions to be able to live a better life.


Falling ourselves into a dream or dreaming of seeing someone who falls and dies or is not hurt. Why are the falls widespread in our dreams? First of all we have to start from the concept and meaning of the fall to understand those dreams in which we see another person who falls alone or together with us. First of all, the fall, in our dream world, symbolizes a phase of our life in which we are really very confused, we do not know what to do and we are not able to manage our forces. Very often, during a period of severe physical exhaustion, during a period of great disappointment due to a work problem, familiar, sentimental, we can dream of falling from a place like a ravine or a house. A meaning not to be underestimated when we fall ourselves is a strong sense of guilt that we can feel in life towards another person or towards a situation, an event we have experienced. Behind this oneiric gesture often hides a very low level of self-esteem and a very low desire to engage in life to achieve success and prestige. But if we see someone fall, perhaps we feel guilty about this person. In fact, if we dream of a person falling from a terrace, a plane, a precipice, a balcony or a window, we must try to understand the connection we have with this person in real life. Maybe we know this individual, maybe we work with him, maybe he's our friend, maybe he's our love partner. Understanding the link with this person can help us, without a doubt, to solve the meaning of this kind of dreams because here we are clearly talking about the relationship difficulties between two people. In short, someone we know falls into our dream world and the relationship we have with him in life, in fact changes, changes. In fact, very often after the fall the person dies and death is the symbol of a change that can take place in the life of the dreamer.

Very often we can dream of falling while we are walking along a road or while we are climbing or going down the stairs. The road represents our life path and often identifies with our work path while the stairs symbolize our professional ascent. Obviously every obstacle that we find along a road indicates an obstacle in real life, a difficulty, while the fall from the stairs symbolizes the fear of not deserving the success we have achieved. If we are not the ones who fall from the stairs or fall into a hole while walking, we can still be involved by someone who is in serious difficulty and who asks us for help. For example, if we dream of seeing our mother or father throw themselves off a ladder or just stumble and fall, then we must think we are in a period of misunderstanding with our parents who do not understand our needs, our needs. Never forget that the emotions and feelings we experience in our dreams are fundamental to interpret the dream well and therefore, since when we fall or when we see someone fall, very often we feel so much fear and worry, then we can be in serious difficulty or we are very worried about the situation a person is experiencing. Try to save a man who is about to fall into the sea, risking to drown, it means risking not being able to help a person who is facing a serious problem because we ourselves do not have the skills while being able to save this man is an excellent sign of collaboration between individuals. In fact, many people say that after having dreamed of helping a person who risked falling off a cliff or wanted to commit suicide by jumping off a very high bridge, they could start a positive collaboration with a person at a working or family level. Obviously even the places where we see someone fall are fundamental to understand the field of dream manifestation. If we are in our house and we can hold back our brother, sister, wife, fiancé, husband from a fall, then our family relationship, sentimental, can clearly improve.

One must say something very important about those dreams in which we try to save a person who is our boyfriend, husband, wife, lover. Here we are obviously faced with a sentimental problem, a relational problem that requires our intervention. We ourselves can live a rather complex love story that risks falling down, but we do not want to end this sentimental relationship and therefore we dream of saving the person we love who decided to jump off a plane, a bridge or a train , from a rock on the sea. If we can not save this person, then, probably, we will not be able to recover the relationship of love and our concerns about the end of our love story could find a good justification. A very widespread and important aspect of this kind of dreams or nightmares is the fact that when we fall or when we see someone fall, the fall occurs from a train, an airplane, a helicopter, a car or a bridge. While the means of locomotion identify precisely the tools we have to progress in life and therefore may not be sufficient to progress, the bridge takes on a different meaning because it symbolizes union. The bridge in fact serves to unite two places and is itself a place of passage. And here a person who throws himself from a bridge in a river, lake or on a very busy road, can mean the renunciation of a collaboration that can lead elsewhere, to a union, in fact, that can lead this person to progress, to an evolution of his life. Concluding this topic we can say that falling into our dreams always identifies concerns in our lives, difficulties that we are experiencing and that do not allow us to live peacefully. We live in doubts, we live with nagging thoughts for which we find no solution. Even dreaming of another person's fall indicates our personal problems that must necessarily be solved to avoid going through a period of extreme confusion, thus risking to face a regression, an inner involution.


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