Kiss in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of giving or receiving a kiss? What does it mean to dream of having been kissed by a woman, a child, an animal like a snake, a horse, a cat? What is the meaning of the dreams in which we kiss a dead person, a deceased for so many years or a person still alive but dying? Dreaming of kissing a dead body, a person who is about to die, but manages to save himself. Why can we dream of giving a passionate kiss or so many passionate kisses, even a gay kiss to some friend, to a work colleague? And what does it mean to dream of kissing, that is to kiss oneself, perhaps in front of the mirror? Give some kisses on the cheek, in the mouth, on the lips, give the first kiss to a boy, kiss with the tongue and try a bad or beautiful feeling, emotion, give a kiss to a stranger, an enemy, on the hand, on the face , in front of. What does it mean to dream of being rejected by a person who wants to kiss or to dream of rejecting the kiss of a child or a parent like a father or a mother? What does it mean to dream of kissing an enemy or a famous person such as a singer, actor, sportsman and photo model? What numbers is it possible to extrapolate from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery, when we remember having dreamed of kissing someone on the face, trying to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I dreamed of being kissed by a person I did not know. Last night I gave a huge kiss to my brother and my sister and we were very happy together. Last night I remember dreaming of kissing my boyfriend but he refused to kiss. This night I dreamed of not being able to kiss my husband who instead ran away with another person". The kisses in our dreams are really widespread and often carry very important messages that should not be underestimated. In fact, the dreamer must never be superficial in the interpretation of dreams in which he kisses someone or is kissed by someone. Let's understand these messages and try to provide some useful details for a better understanding of these kinds of dreams that are never trivial but can help us to understand many things that happen in our lives.


So many people may think that kisses in dreams refer only to love and to their love life but in reality things are not exactly these because the kiss, a gesture that is mostly done between two people who love each other, can also mean many other things. Of course, kisses indicate relationships between people and when we dream of kissing or being kissed we must always think of living a particular relationship with a person who can be a friend, a parent, a work colleague, a relative or even an enemy. Meanwhile, kissing someone often means that the dreamer has a strong desire to be understood by someone. In fact, in our life it can happen that we are not understood and therefore our subconscious acts by making us dream of kisses. The kiss is a gesture of affection and perhaps it is this affection that is missing from the dreamer in a certain period of his life, affection and understanding that are then afloat in the dream world and should not be underestimated. For example, a child can dream of kissing his parents but these kisses can signal the lack of communication, affection, understanding between parents and children and are not, however, the symbol of harmony in this type of relationship. A person can also make a strange dream in which she kisses a work colleague with whom she has had a divergence in the past and this dream is the symbol of the need to find harmony in the professional relationship after having experienced a bad period and here is the message it's really very clear. We must find balance, peace, serenity and open ourselves to a better dialogue with the person we kiss. To fill with a lot of kisses a person often means to have much need to communicate with it but it is not possible that this can happen in real life and therefore this necessity comes out in our dream world. We must never underestimate the part of the body that we kiss. Kissing the mouth clearly indicates the need to find a better communication with someone, the need to express something that is not yet able to express. Kissing your head or your forehead is often the symbol of the need to offer your ideas to someone, trying to make it clear that you can work together to achieve better results.

But the kiss in dreams can also symbolize betrayal. We must not forget the very famous kiss of Judas given to Jesus Christ and this kiss that has entered the history of Christian humanity, many times it also affects our dreams and here we can dream of kissing someone because we intend to betray this person who maybe in real life he is an enemy, a work colleague for whom we feel a lot of envy or jealousy. In the sentimental field it is possible to dream of kissing one's rival in love. Here the meaning is very simple. During the conquest of a woman or a man we do not want to be opposed by other people and then we will try, in every way, to defeat another suitor. Of course very often the dreams in which we kiss someone can refer exclusively to our love life that can be monotonous or absolutely involving from the sexual and emotional point of view. If two people love each other in real life it is normal that both can dream of kissing and making love because all of this is the oneiric manifestation of the feeling that these two people are experiencing in real life. However, if our sentimental situation is not absolutely positive, for example, our partner does not feel great emotions for us, the love relationship crunches, it is very monotonous, then our kisses towards the person we love, just point out the lack of a feeling that has died out, a feeling that is no longer like that of a long time ago and we need to find the way to recover a love energy. So kisses can symbolize a very beautiful period that we are living in love but also a very stressful, unfavorable period, especially if the kiss is rejected. And in fact, in a dream, the kiss can also be rejected. The refusal accentuates the problems that a couple can have, problems that may be related to the lack of understanding, to the fear of being abandoned, to the thought of a possible betrayal by the partner.

If we receive a kiss we must be very careful and we must try to remember the one who kisses us. In fact, receiving a kiss can refer to a betrayal if, for example, the kiss comes from an enemy, a colleague who is envious of us or a rival in love. Here in these cases the dream wants to make us wake up, wants to make us understand that we could fall into a trap, we could be betrayed and damaged by someone and then you have to stay with your eyes wide open. If the kiss comes from a parent, a relative, a person with whom we have a good relationship in daily life, then betrayal is not a meaning to be taken into consideration but it could simply happen to spend a good time with this person, we could make a very pleasant meeting or even receive a gift, an invitation to a party or an appreciation, a praise, a gratification. For example, some children and teenagers dream of being kissed by the teacher or a professor. Behind these kisses hides the possibility to overcome very well a question at school, to overcome a task in class and then receive a good grade. We must not underestimate then, a very important thing and that the kisses have a strong power of seduction and a tremendous erotic charge. In fact, many times to dream of kissing or being kissed, can indicate the need to develop their qualities of suitor but above all the urgent need to express their erotic power that is not expressed, remaining blocked. And since our sexual energy is in symbiosis with our creativity, kissing in a dream also means being able to live a period of strong creativity in which imagination is very important, or it can simply mean the need to regain a creative energy that is missing from so much time. So it is necessary to have sex but also need to express their creative talents. We conclude this article by also talking about those dreams in which we can kiss the dead. The deads symbolize change and therefore something is about to change in our existence if we remember having kissed a dead person for a long time. Obviously the person we kiss can make us understand in which sector this change will take place.


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