Visits of the deceased in dreams. To dream of a dead man speaking or sleeping at our side. Where is the truth? When a dear dear person, dead for many years or for a short time, visits you in a dream, you see, is it real? Is this dream a true dream meeting with the world of the dead or is it just our thought, our fervent imagination? Do the dead talk about dreams? Is it possible that the deceased want to communicate with us through our dreams or nightmares? Should I be afraid when I dream the dead? What does it mean to dream of dead people still alive, a deceased extinct, some dead who speak or do not speak in silence? Why can we dream of dead, resurrected, crying, laughing, sad, cheerful, or walking alongside us? Why can we often dream of the dead who communicate with us, who run with us or are angry, happy, at the table eating with us, shouting, killing or wanting to kill us? What does it mean to dream of living still dead, smiling, embracing, taking your hand, caressing you, calling you? To dream of dead people together with some children and who are ill, suffer and ask to pray for their souls. Why can we dream of strangers and wounded dead who are asking for help and support? How many times have you dreamed of a dead man who smiles and is happy, kissing you on your mouth, cheek, face, dancing, dressed in white or black? We often dream of deceased people like our parents, grandparents, uncles or brothers and sisters who are in the coffin or buried at the cemetery. What and how many numbers of Neapolitan grimace can be played if we dream of seeing the dead to try a lottery win according to the dream book and dream guide? "The other night I dreamed of being with my dear friend who has died for so many years and we talked about so many beautiful things. Last night I dreamed of being with a colleague and beside us we saw a deceased person but we did not know. Last night I dreamed of being alone in the house and by my side I saw a dead man smiling. This night I dreamed of eating along with a dead man who was very melancholy". To dream of talking with very famous singers and actors but who have been dead for a long time or dream of meeting a relative still alive in real life but dreaming to be dead. And still dream of sleeping in our bed with a dead woman. Let's understand the dreams where a deceased person appears. This type of dreams is widespread and often they can carry so much fear but their meaning is not always negative.


How many times have you dreamed of defeated people? So these dreams can have multiple meanings. First, one needs to understand whether the dreamer in his life had a major loss in his family. It often happens that a person who was very important for us, such as a son, a parent, a grandfather, a dear friend, and so in the dream may appear dead people and perhaps the person who has gone to a better life. Obviously these dreams mean that the dreamer still suffers a lot for the premature loss of the person he loved and hence his mind and subconscious mind make it appear in dreams. This type of dreams is really widespread and therefore simply indicates a great suffering and a memory that does not want to leave the dead person. Often we believe that his words of comfort, his caresses, may indicate something positive in our lives, perhaps a very lucky future event but in reality things are not that way. To dream of a deceased person right after she died in real life, it simply indicates a pain that is still alive in our heart and in our minds. But when we dream of meeting a dear relative who has gone to a better life and then in the afterlife for so many years what can it mean? Which message can bring such a dream? We must not forget that our mind is really very powerful and we often do not realize this. During the day we could have thought superficial and just for a moment to a person who no longer lives with us and in unexpected dreams this person appears. We could see his picture, we could hear about him from some other person, and those words, that name that apparently did not attract our attention at that particular moment, instead attracts the attention of our unconscious that in the dreams reappears that dead person for many years. Obviously, many dreams where the deceased appear are not a dream-like dream but sometimes this type of dreams can bring very important messages. In fact, several people say that during a very difficult time of their lives, they often dream of a person who, when he was alive, loved us a lot and helped us. It is essential to remember the words that this person tells us and also what she does, the gestures it accomplishes.

Any movement, word, any object we see in dreams, the places we are in, the people we meet and the feelings and emotions we experience are essential to understanding the message of the dream and the message of the deceased person. Some dreamers tell of deceased relatives who communicate in a very clear way, helping to solve the complex situations that they are facing in life. Of course, this kind of dream is not very widespread and it is rare that a deceased person helps us solve problems of our lives but meanwhile statistics tell us that this is possible. But behind the deceased in dreams we can find another important meaning, which then is a very widespread and universal meaning. The death. The archetypal symbol of death in dreams is linked to change, the need to change something in our lives. A man or woman who is dead and maybe we do not know, may appear in a dream to make us understand the need to change something that is no longer useful in our lives. Changing and ending a situation but also gathering things that we managed to sow in life. In our sentimental life maybe some problems make us think of a definitive end of love affair and we can incredibly dream that our love partner dies in a road accident. An important change in work can be represented in the dream world by the death of a work colleague or an employer. Death in dreams is therefore often linked to changes and at the end of some situations that are no longer useful in our earthly existence. And if in the dream do we really die ourselves? Keep calm. You do not have to think about dying but you just have to think about changing something in your life. Change may be necessary, indispensable and maybe you will be forced to change. Another important meaning related to the world of the deceased in dreams is related to the faith in God that we have. Often in times of difficulty, if we are Christians, Catholics, or in any case believe in God, we can dream of praying dead people or even some of the dead ask us to pray for their souls in a dream. Certainly praying deceased or praying deceased in the Church or the graveyard, perhaps in front of a coffin, means that we need support to resolve some situations that we alone can not solve.

On the night before a dream where dead people appear, have you seen a horror movie and very scary? If you are very susceptible, then you could easily dream about zombies and dead who talk and walk. Perhaps the best thing would not be to see too frightening movies. Another dream that can be very scary is that we see a dead child or even so many dead children, closed in some coffins, under the ground, or maybe walking. We have often said that dreaming children represent ourselves and exactly a part of our character, our most sensitive side but above all our most innocent part. These dreams may want to tell us to change, to abandon some infantile attitudes that are no longer useful to our inner evolution and maturation. A meaning not to be underestimated in the dreams where we see many dead or just a deceased person is what is referring to our conscience. Often a deceased person who speaks to us is just our consciousness who wants to give us useful tips to solve some problems, to settle some complicated situations. Often, in our lives, we do not listen to our inner voice because we let ourselves be persuaded by other people. But in our dreams, our consciousness, our unconscious, and the darkest and deepest side of us, the subconscious, all communicate together to help us find the right solutions. And if we dream of seeing a man or a woman who died beneath the earth, who might resuscitate? A dead person who is resurrected very often must be connected to a situation that is returned to our lives because perhaps it has not yet been solved and a definite solution must therefore be found. Dreams in which we see dead can be very scared and hardly make us feel beautiful, we often cry, we are afraid and we wake up at night with the heart that beats very hard and also run away from a deceased person who wants to kill us. What problem in our lives are we running away? What situation can we not face? These dreams put us in front of our responsibilities that must be accepted and not refused. We must not run away from our responsibilities.


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