Cellulite in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Why can cellulite be very afraid of our dreams and nightmares? What does it mean to dream of treating the cellulitis of one of our friends? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a lot of cellulite on our legs, on our abdomen or on our stomachs? Why can we dream of having a seat full of cellulite that does not go away, does not melt and can not be cured with drugs? Why can we dream of going to the doctor to prescribe drugs against cellulite? Fighting cellulite in a dream is a very common thing. What does it mean to dream of going to the doctor to remove cellulite? What does it mean to dream of doing injections in the legs and arms full of cellulite? What does it mean to dream of having a lot of cellulite, fat, fat in the face, on the neck, on the chin, on the hips, on the shoulder? Being full of a lot of cellulite can be a real nightmare for many girls, women but also for some men. What does it mean to dream of having cellulite on our body in huge quantities and not even able to walk? Have you ever dreamed of being without cellulite, completely skinny and without skin fat? What types of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace is it possible to play the lottery when in dream we discover that we have a lot of cellulite on our legs, to look for a win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I dreamed of being with a friend of mine who had a lot of fat on her legs. Last night I remember dreaming of being with my parents who wanted to give me a cure for cellulite. Last night I dreamed that I was in hospital to remove a little fat from my body. This night I dreamed of being very sad because I saw my arms full of fat, a fat I do not have in real life. I was very scared". Let's try to understand these strange dreams but they can have an important justification, a message that the subconscious wants to transmit to the dreamer.


First of all, this kind of dreams is widespread among women, among girls. Of course, even some men can make these nightmares or dreams quite worrying and not easy to decipher, to explain. In the meantime, to understand well the dreamlike meaning behind these dreams we need to start from the concept of cellulite in real life. Cellulite is a very common and widespread problem of our skin especially in the pelvic and abdominal area, in the hips, buttocks and thighs. Here we are faced with a real disease that is not just a disease that ruins the aesthetics of our body. It can cause a lot of damage to our body, for example the circulatory system because having a lot of cellulite means having a lot of fat on our body and the heart has to pump a lot more blood to spray all areas of the human body. Here we must distinguish two types of dreams. If we are women and we are afraid of having this aesthetic problem in real life, then we can probably dream of finding ourselves with legs, arms, abdomen, buttocks full of cellulite. Excess fat is a very serious problem and many women fight since their young age. Meanwhile, if the dreamer is a woman who has, in her real life, an extreme fear of getting fat or taking a few extra pounds, then here we are faced with a simple desire, or rather a fear that manifests itself in a dream. We hate cellulite and dream of being fat or even very thin and without excess skin. These dreams, you understood, including yourself, are very trivial dreams because they represent a thought that we live in everyday life. Women who take great care of their body, girls who always love being aesthetically perfect to be able to wear any type of dress, ladies who always want to look beautiful and therefore are often narcissistic and vain, can make these kinds of dreams that are not very disturbing even if sometimes, narcissism and vanity can be two qualities and negative characteristics.

But cellulite in a dream can hide other important messages that are really interesting to analyze. The second meaning behind this type of dreams refers to the low self-esteem that the dreamer can have of himself. Basically when we dream of having an aesthetic problem with our body, we risk being in a period when we do not believe in the things we are doing and therefore we have a low level of self-esteem. In fact, many women dream of being in front of a mirror and observe a body full of fat that does not exist in real life. These dreams do not mean that we are fat or we will gain weight, but simply that we are facing an extremely complicated period in which we do not believe in our qualities and in what we are doing. Obviously this type of dreams is much more important than the one described above and that stops only to an aesthetic appreciation of the dreamer, to a purely aesthetic concern of his organism. Oneiric obesity, which does not exist in everyday life, is a very strong and very worrying symbolism, especially on the rise among very young people who do not have a job and who can not find a way to improve their economic condition and here is a boy or girl who have never had a problem of weight and fat, they can dream of being obese and having difficulty walking. Pessimism, poor sense of self-esteem, melancholy, depression. All this can be hidden behind these dreams that obviously must be analyzed very carefully so as not to misinterpret and to understand if there are the conditions for a serious psychic problem. Fortunately, cellulite, fat, obesity in our dream world are not always referred to these situations. The meanings can also be very trivial. But first let's talk about men who dream of having cellulite on their body. And yes, because even very young boys or men can have strange dreams and find themselves with a stomach full of fat or particularly swollen buttocks.

Also in this case we could be in front of a man who is living a very troubling phase of his life, unsatisfactory in which pessimism takes over and does not allow to be calm, serene. Here too, self-esteem is very low and we need to find peace, decision, optimism to be able to start again without suffering negative situations. But even men can have a very manic care of their body. Here they too can be very vain, very proud of themselves, their muscles, their physical strength and when they dream of being fat then it is a big problem. Narcissism, selfishness, sense of superiority, vanity. All faults that can arise from this kind of dreams when the dreamer is a man or a boy. We can also be in front of a person who does not think about the care of his body but who is very selfish in work perhaps to his colleagues and here he dreams of having an exceptional body and therefore that is the confirmation of his strong egoism or a physical full of fat that instead represents the negative side of this selfishness that can only damage him, those who are with him and all other interpersonal relationships. Cellulite also has a meaning related to fear, to the fear of being judged negatively by a person or by people in general. Unfortunately many people think not with their brains but with that of others and therefore a child can undergo the orders of the parents and feel judged. A girl or a girl can be accused at school or at work for something and feel this judgment from friends, colleagues, at work, as an excessive burden that is reflected in a dream with a body full of fat. Here the excess of fat in a dream identifies the fear of being judged for one's own behavior, for the personal way of life that can be absolutely blameless but not accepted by the people we live and work with.


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