The beasts in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Why can animals be scary in our dreams and nightmares? What does it mean to dream of to speak with a terrifying beast, with tremendous sharp and sharp claws, which has long legs and a man's body? What meaning does a monster dream of? What does it mean to dream of killing a scary beast or dreaming of being chased by a huge beast? What does it mean to hit so many beasts with a stick, with a knife or with a pistol? Be frightened by a monster in a dream, find a beast in the house, black, white, dead, transparent that spits fire from the mouth and wants to attack, hurt, hit many people. Why can we dream of the beasts of Satan or a big wild and crazy beast? What does it mean to dream of being in front of an animal with a body divided between man and an unclean beast with long claws? What does it mean to be killed by a terrifying monster who chases us in a dream screaming? To escape from a beast together with our father, mother, husband, wife, son, brother, sister, relative, nephew, child. Run away and defend yourself with some weapons from the attack of a scary little beast that wants to reach us and eat us. What does it mean to dream of ferocious beasts capturing a friend or colleague of ours or our fiancé who is brought into a dark and deep den under the ground or in a cave? What kinds of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace is it possible to play the lottery if we want to win money when in dream we see a terrible beast, to look for a win, following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember dreaming of killing a very scary animal that wanted to hurt me. Last night I was attacked by a beast with very long claws very sharp. I was scared and I thought I was going to die. The night passed two big beasts came against me but I could escape. This night I dreamed that I would turn into a very ugly beast with two heads, eight legs and three tails". Let's try to understand the meaning of really terrifying monsters that can appear in our dreams and really scare. The beasts have a precise meaning and their interpretation must never be superficial and banal.


When we talk about animals that appear in our dreams and nightmares, we must always think about our character, when we are living in a certain period of our life and the instinctive forces that can be very destructive. First of all the animals, therefore, represent our instinct, an instinct that can be very positive, serene, calm and create very balanced and harmonious situations or an instinct that can be very dangerous, destructive, deceptive and can create many problems at a psychological level beyond that in relationships with other people. When instinct is destructive we are not calm, we are not well balanced, we are not comfortable with ourselves and with others. In essence, the animal in our dream world is the symbol of our forces that are not used in the best way. For example, if during the day we are very nervous because of a quarrel that we faced with a person and we could not defend ourselves, in a dream this nervousness that has accumulated may appear in the form of a terrible red-eyed animal with a scary face which is precisely this great rage that we have not been able to vent during the day. Clearly these dreams must make us understand that we are probably exceeding the limit, we have reached a very complicated situation and that can cause a lot of damage if we do not find a useful solution. Meanwhile, escaping from a terrible beast that tries to reach us to bite or injure us with its claws, means precisely not being able to manage its own forces, its energies that then become uncontrollable and can not be absolutely managed. Obviously dreams are used to provide messages and to grasp lessons that must serve to help our earthly existence, in order to improve our journey. And therefore even a tremendous beast can have a favorable meaning but only if we understand its real meaning. So our instincts must be tamed, they must not exceed the limits otherwise we could live a very complicated period.

Beasts symbolize our instincts but sometimes they can indicate an event, a person, a situation that should not be underestimated because it could cause a lot of damage. To better understand the dream we must try to remember the people we meet, the things, the objects we see, the places we are in, the feelings and emotions we feel because all these details can provide a lot of information. If we flee from a beast then we are fleeing from a situation in our life that is perhaps too heavy, it is excessively exaggerated for us that we do not feel ready to face it. Escaping with a friend, a work colleague, a relative, means that this situation that we do not want or can not deal with, concerns not only ourselves but also other people we know. The beast can be so scary that we can wake up at night with a heart that beats very strong and with a great fear and this nightmare almost certainly identifies a very complicated period in which it is absolutely impossible to manage some situations that create many difficulties and place us in a state of indecision, agitation, suffering, pessimism, melancholy. Obviously a beast that attacks us can also be rejected, can be wounded, attacked and driven away with the use of weapons that the dreamer possesses as, for example, a knife, a gun, any weapon. To drive away a very frightful beast, to flee a beast, means that we can find a way to distance ourselves from a situation that is not making us live well, a situation that makes our earthly existence very heavy, hard, tiring. Basically fighting a terrible animal means having the strength to fight in life against adversities that are then faced and not avoided, running away. If the monster has two, three heads, many legs, many tails and therefore it is an unclean, infernal animal, then the situation to be faced is gigantic but above all it does not allow us to find a quick solution.

Although they may seem very strange dreams, it may happen to dream of some beasts, some animals that are very scared but who are injured and are suffering, maybe someone has even dreamed of a beast trying to ask for help, to be rescued. In these cases we ourselves are in need of help, our inner balance is put to the test and we need a great help to recover energies and to solve a problem that haunts our mind. The lack of psychic energy is even more pronounced if we remember seeing blood escaping from the beast. In fact, the blood signals very often the lack of energy, a mental fatigue that does not allow us to be serene, calm, in harmony and in balance with the world. If in a dream we can kill a large animal that tried to bite us, then we can be sure of finding a good solution to the problems of our lives and a situation that created us a lot of pessimism, many negative thoughts and worries, could easily be resolved. Fierce animals can also symbolize the arrival of good or bad news. If the animal is very calm, gentle and does not attack then some good event, some good news could come into our life, otherwise bad news could reach us when these animals are not absolutely calm but try to attack us. But these dreams are really very rare, in the sense that we can not always think of receiving good news when we see a ferocious tiger resting in peace in its den or bad news when we see or meet a terrible lion with two heads chasing us. In reality another much more concrete meaning can be found in the sexual power, in our libido which is perhaps blocked during the day and comes out, it is unleashed during the night with the appearance of scary beasts. So when you dream of a very aggressive animal it could also be that you are not living a good period on an erotic level and in fact the sexual forces are really very powerful energies that should never be underestimated.


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