The hat in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What is the meaning of dreams in which we lose, we do not find our precious hat at home? What does it mean to dream of wearing a strange hat in black, red, yellow, green, white, light blue, orange, brown, gray? What does it mean to dream of wearing a case to ride our motorcycle or bicycle? What does it mean to dream of losing a big, very expensive and expensive hat? Why can we dream of removing and hanging a military hat? What does it mean to dream of buying lots of colorful hats in a store? And dream of washing, drying a wet hat? Why can we dream of giving a big hat to someone or dreaming of our mother, father, brother, sister, dead relative, uncle, grandfather, cousin, mother-in-law, brother-in-law who gives us a beautiful hat to protect ourselves from the sun's rays? What does it mean to dream of finding a very ugly black priest's hat and very ruined, torn, dirty and full of blood? What does it mean to dream of a very heavy hat and a headache? Why can we dream of seeing our boyfriend, husband, wife, friend, work colleague wearing a heavy hat that burns and we can not extinguish his flames? Headdress, cap, cap, cylinder, bowler hat, tuba, sombrero, panama, straw hat. "Last night I dreamed of being with a person I do not know and who gave me a big hat of gold. Last night I dreamed that I would put a helmet on my head to go to war. The other night I dreamed I would throw away a big hat. Tonight I remember dreaming of washing so many hats that were full of stains and stank". Today we see that we understand the dreamlike meaning of those dreams in which the hat is a very present object that attracts our attention. What message is hidden behind these strange dreams? The hats can be very strange. We can see some people we know who wear weird hats we've never seen. This object in our dream world can have quite important meanings and should not be underestimated.


To understand the message and therefore the meaning of this kind of dreams we must always start from the real use and therefore from the usefulness of the hat. First of all, the hat is a very useful object especially to defend ourselves from the rays of the Sun, from the cold from the wind, from rain and snow. Moreover it can be worn because it is part of a particular type of dress. For example, the military wear helmets while the cooks wear the famous toque blance, their typical very tall white hat. So this object can be seen as an object of protection, defense but also useful for doing something. For example, if we dream of wearing a hat to protect ourselves from sunlight, from its very hot rays, maybe while we are at sea, then perhaps we are trying to protect some of our ideas, some of our thoughts or projects. In fact the Sun can dazzle, it can burn and the hat serves to protect our head. Inside our head there is a brain that thinks, that reasons and that produces ideas. So, very often, especially if in everyday life we??are not used to wearing hats, when we dream of wearing a hat, we have to think we are really very attentive to our ideas that we do not want to show to others. In essence, this object can represent our selfishness but above all our secrecy, a sense of confidentiality towards ideas that we possess and which we do not want to divulge. Unfortunately, sometimes, this type of dreams explicitly asks us not to hide our ideas, our thoughts that should therefore be shown to other people because, maybe they are very useful to improve not only our lives but also that of those we know. We can however say that putting and wearing a hat in our dream world, often symbolizes success, optimism and great business sense. Of course we must remember the type of garment worn but if in our life we??rarely wear this object while we dream of carrying it, then we could really be people who will achieve, in a certain period of our life, a good success, a good reputation and many goals.

Sometimes this object symbolizes our character at a certain moment of our earthly existence. For example, if we remember to have worn, in a dream, a big military hat, maybe a helmet that protects from bombs and shots, then maybe we are living a period in which we are too strict, rigid, austere with ourselves and with people we love or work with. Obviously every detail of our dreams is fundamental to obtain a very precise interpretation. If we dream of being with our parents and wearing a military hat then we are too strict with them. If we are with our children then we are taking a despotic attitude towards them. However, in general, this type of dreams is really very interesting and offers a very useful life lesson. But if we lose a hat that we had in mind or someone steals our headgear? Often behind these dreams hides a low level of self-esteem, little confidence in ourselves and this lack of confidence that we have not allow us to feel secure in the face of the trials of life and in front of other people. In fact, with our hat we can also hide a defect. And here, losing the headpiece means showing others, their defects, their difficulties, their weaknesses. The confirmation of this kind of dream message comes when we are in front of a mirror and we hide a head problem, hair loss, our baldness, just wearing a cap that serves, therefore, not only to design our ideas, as a sense of privacy but also to protect our weaknesses, our defects that are not only physical but above all mental, behavioral. A cap can therefore symbolize a very low level of self-esteem that does not allow us to be free in love and to woo the very person we like so much or it can indicate the extreme difficulty we have to get a job, to achieve a goal. And indeed, hats can hide our face. A confirmation of our fears.

The color of a hat in our dreams but also its shape, must attract our attention. Usually a black hat can signal a small or profound change that can occur in our lives and that can be particularly important. Black is the symbol of mourning but wearing a hat of this color does not mean that we will die or someone we know will die. Indeed, we are facing inevitable, unavoidable change and necessary change. Often colors can also represent our state of mind and that having a very colorful hat on the head, for example yellow, light blue, light blue, pink, green, orange, red, can mean a period in which we are very extroverted , cheerful, lively, passionate, extravagant and our optimism is at excellent levels. If we remove a hat in front of another person, we must try to remember that person because while in real life remove a headpiece means to have respect for those who are with us, in a dream this gesture can signal the lack of respect towards the ideas of other people. A very important meaning in which this garment assumes a particular role, is that connected with the purchase of it. We can dream of entering a store to buy any hat or we can dream of a person who gives us a beautiful hat. In these cases the dreamer may be in search of his identity because at some point in his life, he may feel lost, unreliable, very pessimistic and not have the courage to face life, to make useful decisions, to make choices. Here the dream message can be really fundamental and it becomes a lesson of life from which to learn something. And if someone gives us such an object? Something is offering us its protection and we must accept this help because, perhaps, we are facing a difficult phase of life in which we are not able to solve our problems on our own.


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