The door in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of slamming and breaking a door? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see some open doors that burn? What does it mean to burn the front door with petrol? What does it mean to dream of opening or closing a door without a key and with the help of the police or firefighters? Why can we hear someone knocking on the door or at a window? What does it mean to dream of hearing a knock on a door that is already open or feel like beating, knocking on the door so hard? Why can we often dream of someone knocking on our doorstep and we are so afraid to open? Why can not we open or close a door in a dream? Failing to open a door with keys or break a key inside a door lock. How many times have we happened to dream of finding ourselves in front of a door or a big door of iron, of wood, of steel and not being able to open it. What does it mean to dream of knocking on a door but nobody opens it? For what reason can we dream of being together with our mother, father, brother, cousin, brother-in-law, uncle, grandfather, long-dead relative, sister, friend, boyfriend, son, husband or work colleague and not be able to open wide a door? Go along a long corridor and find many doors that hinder our journey. What kinds of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace is it possible to play the lottery when in dream we see a person, an unknown man or woman knocking on a door to try to win, following what the guide and the dream book says? "Tonight I remember dreaming of breaking through a big door. The other night I dreamed of breaking the entrance of a house, using an ax and a hammer. Last night I dreamed I had forgotten the keys in the car and could not open the door of my house. Last night I dreamed of hearing someone come in through the front door of my garage and I was very scared". The doors in the dream are very widespread and have a precise meaning but the action of knocking on the door can take on other important meanings that we are now analyzing. Generally this kind of dreams can really make a lot of fear and can make us wake up with a heart that beats very fast. Let's try to understand the oneiric meaning, the message that this kind of dreams want to communicate to the dreamer.


The door in the dream world has a very important meaning. The door serves to separate two rooms, two places, so it is a useful object for our privacy and to defend ourselves from prying eyes. A door can be closed or open and may also require the use of a key, a chain, a lock to unlock it. Opening a door in a dream is a very common thing. We can in fact dream of opening anything, even a simple window, the entrance of a closet, a garage. If we can open a door that hinders our path then the symbolism and the message connected with this dream, are very positive because in our lives we can progress along a career path, professional, economic or sentimental. Of course we must remember the people who are with us. If we open some doors or windows together with our husband, our wife, our fiancé, then it is very likely that we will be able to enjoy a good time in love, a period in which some difficulties can be overcome easily. If the door is already open and we simply have to go through it, then the road to success has no obstacles. The places we are in, in this kind of dreams, are fundamental. For example, if we are facing the door of our house and enter, we may need a period of great rest or during our life we??are facing a very difficult phase and in which we do not want to be diverted from our goals. If we are not able to open a closed door with a key, a lock, a chain, then we are facing an obstacle that seems to be insurmountable. The doors that are closed and that can not be opened always signal big obstacles and difficulties that we can not overcome alone, so we have to ask for help. But in a dream we can make a very special gesture to make us open a door or a window that is closed. To knock. This gesture is very common in real life but in the dream world it can represent a crucial gesture with a very important meaning.

In real life we??can knock for education, to ask permission to enter a place, in a closed room and where there is a person we want to talk to. Behind this gesture are hidden many meanings but first of all it is very likely that after having dreamed of knocking on a door or a window, we can get good news in our lives, excellent opportunities and opportunities to improve our earthly existence. In fact, many people who dream of seeing these objects open, are able to get something and are able to improve their work path. If we knock ourselves, then we ourselves can receive good news and get some professional gratification, and if we hear a knock then the meaning is completely different. In fact, even if we hear a knock on a door we may receive good news, but in the first case, the opportunities come for our merits and our hard work, in the second case the dream identifies perhaps the arrival of lucky situations and that they do not depend on our efforts and sacrifices. Obviously we must never forget that when we dream every detail of dreams is fundamental. The people who are with us, the places we are in, the objects and above all the sensations and emotions we feel are essential to interpret our dream world well and get the right message out. When we knock we can feel a sensation of fear, fear, fright or maybe we hear a knock and we are very worried because we do not know who is behind the door. Here these feelings identify some concerns that we have and that do not allow us to enjoy the good news that can come into our lives. A very strange and strange dream is one in which we knock at an already opened door. In real life, generally, we can knock at an open door when we know that there is a person inside the room but we do not know if he wants to be disturbed at that moment.

This gesture indicates a very indiscreet, polite, kind character of a person who at some point in life feels the need to move with extreme caution to avoid making mistakes or harming someone. Dreaming of a door signals, however, almost always, a moment of transition in our life, a transition from a positive period to one perhaps better or worse. The transition from the past to the future, the transition from the present towards a new phase of our life that could be an unknown factor. And then the door is used to keep thieves in, so as not to let animals or other people enter who would invade the tranquility of our home. Here is another meaning related to doors and windows. The danger. Often when we dream of hearing a knock very strongly we can feel a lot of fear and we can feel a strong tension and anxiety. Perhaps we are experiencing a period of danger, a period in which something could damage our professional and economic path and we are very worried. However this dream symbolism signals a possible goal to be reached and overcome, a threshold to cross to reach further goals and goals and therefore it is a limit that must be overcome in order to progress and improve our earthly existence. Very often when we are facing a door, we can also use a key that opens the lock or a lock that just blocks its opening. The key is a useful tool to get ahead in life and precisely to overcome that threshold that can take us from one phase to another phase of our professional life or even sentimental. According to Freud the key symbolizes the male genital apparatus that enters the female one. Here, in conclusion, we could see the key that enters the lock of a door, like a strong sexual desire of the dreamer who possesses an erotic and energetic charge that absolutely must find a way of venting in real life and the opening of the door symbolizes just the realization of this desire.


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